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EQoA & Other Links!

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EQoA & Other Links!

Post by Ronson on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:55 pm

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     * Allakhazam.com Good zone map with printable version. Common Quest data
     * Allakhazam Beastiary
     * Allakhazam Item list: Search here to find where those rares drop
     * Mac's E-Books (some content from Singz old site)
     * EQOA Official EQOA Website. Forums worth checking as Developers post here.  
     *Team Josh - Awesome up-to-date CM caluclator
     *Home page for TeamJosh: info on master crafted armor, hunt and gathers & abilities

Additional Lore:
Everquest Lore
Everquest II Lore

*Blackpearl's Forums
           *Blackpearl's website
           *Cosa Nostra's website
           *Order of Echelon's website
*Council of Eternal Shadows website
*Old Times video's of Raid mobs
           *The High Council, website
*Cryptic Souls website
*Raiders of Tunaria website
EQoA pictures of just about every mob, character model, and weapons can be found here.

EQOA MP3 Complete (Ripped from disc) Thank you Jeremiah!

If anyone would like to update any info you can e-mail me at ronsoneqoa@suddenlink.net or send me a message on PSN to Ronsin

A thank you to those sites that served our community for years, and have now gone:

           Cryptic Souls, Singz, Hodstock, Questmasters, eqoaaddicts, EQoArealms, Vikinggamers, & crgaming


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