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46 51 54 & 57 Spells

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46 51 54 & 57 Spells

Post by Ronson on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:58 pm

Level 46 spells drop at Phants, Himlar [on the top floor] or Elder Spirit [in secret room on main floor] also can drop spells or at the underwater cave in Lake Rathe, Warspine Champions, Battlewretched ghouls, & Fallen knights drop spells and there is a chance for epic armor gems.

Level 51/54 spells drop at:
*kobolds in SoM. From SoM, run straight north. There are several camps along the seashore, and several more heading straight north up a valley (with the cave to SBM).
*gargoyles (keep going further north past Kobolds).
*Envar. Farm the bottom floors.
*Geomancer's Citadel
*Lake Rathe (underwater cave)
*The named tree near Paineel (Xinnalangus), he's pretty tough to kill, wicked caster.

The 57 spells drop at:
*Xrags in EG


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