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Storyteller Abilities

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Storyteller Abilities

Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:00 am

Storyteller Abilities

Too old to continue his adventures across the land of Norrath, the Storyteller has passed the time in Baga Village by recounting his feats to others. But people can only hear the same stories so many times and the Storyteller needs new tales to tell.

You are now able to earn faction points with the Storyteller for seeking out new stories to tell him, and these points are redeemable for special rewards. You can purchase everything from new abilities, to armour and weapons, even some charged items or special food/drink.

The Storyteller is located in Baga Village (NE) next to the well, or west by the river (he roams between the two locations). His special merchants are just to the west by the river.

Basically, you will receive faction from the storyteller. You get a faction stone from cashing in your faction with one of the storyteller merchants. Faction stones can be turned into faction again by talking to the storyteller/or spend your faction stone with the merchant.

So far, stories you can get faction for are:
Quest Faction Repeatable

Quest Faction Repeatable
Theatre Bizarre
Acts 3 and 4: The conclusion… or is it? Higher-level adventurers can help Sabrina and a new director in town. The storyteller has an affinity for the theatre, so he will surely be interested.
Temple of Light
Something's just not right here these days. If something is reeking of deception, trickery, and ancient relics of power, it's likely a dark elf is involved. Crack the code to find out what's going on with a secret society and spill the details to the storyteller.
75 No
Highpass Investigator (The Illusionist)
Something is up in Highpass with high ranking members of the guard. Higher-level adventurers can unravel the story and decide who to trust. Their decisions will affect the way the quest ends. The storyteller wants to hear the tales of deception no matter which way it was finished.
50 / 25 No
Book of Neriak Book of Qeynos
Windbreaker Pick up a strange book and it will interest a strange scholar. Adventurers level 20 and higher will be able to help translate an old and mysterious tome. The storyteller just happens to absolutely love old and creepy books!
25 Yes
Panieel (Kerran escapee)
This is the classic escape tale for higher-level adventurers. Help the leaders of a slave uprising to freedom and gain possession of a very powerful artifact (though only for a short while). You'll will want to find out how this one ends and why you end up being compelled to do something against your will. Your tale is of much interest to the storyteller.
Evil'ution: The Highbourne Quest for the Ring
Madrias is an odd individual, but has been pretty keen on helping you unlock the potential of a powerful ring; though, it won't be easy. Starting at level 20, he will tell you how to improve and enhance the ring. You just have to wonder what his motivation is for helping you...and the storyteller does too.
240 No
The Dawn Maiden
The Dawn Maiden: Madness is spreading, and the very existence of Arcadin is threatened!
25 Yes
Miscellaneous Faction:

Mistmoore ks group +25 faction (TY Gonzales)
Nagafen ks group +25 faction
Cazic Thule ks group +50 faction
Lady Vox ks group = 25 faction
King Daran ks group = 25 faction
Veeshan's Bulwark ks group
Veeshan's Talon ks group
PoS Constructs (Zkug reminds us that only the SPAWNER gets ST faction, not ks grp)
Scales from Bulwark: 100 faction
Highpass: Fzal Fingergnaw, Nizbrei Bloodbreath
(spawn along with other picks, on hp road) Lvl 60
Chiktar Hive (Iz'lkx, Ix'maz, Ma'zikx,Xzx'is, Shh'zika) in Chiktar Hive, Krikik, Hazak, Chikik, Queen, do NOT give ST faction]
Update: These Chiktar suckers seem to have taken a break...haven't seen them in several months now (Jan/08)
Urglunts Wall @ the gate, Nunnies House, or the other house you can find the following named cyclops (CONs lb@60) for 25 faction: Guh Stonthro, Gragh Skulsplit, Khya Flintnails, Durga Thundafut. Khya is a caster, and all have high hps. (TY Tygari)

Lower level toons can gain faction by killing:
Sid Akista quest (log in hp)
Cyclops: Gragh Skulsplit (urglunts wall western most house)
Darvor Manor: Gnoll Fort on the river, Ahsleg +25 faction
Darvor Manor: Blackburrow Dungeon, Abyssaxis (lvl 44) +25 faction
Darvor Manor: Blackburrow Dungeon, Growl Thornpaw
Bhark Mudpaw Yip Snageltoof (lvl 44) +25 faction
Deathfist Citadel (c), General Gnarr
Freeport: Crocs, Lil Snapa (spawns on the back of the island) +25 faction
Freeport: Crocs, Old Fangtooth (spawns in pond lvl 32)+25 faction
Highpass: Gurig (lvl 23), Bzinel (pickclaw lvl 23), Fhaziini (lvl 23) +10 faction
Highpass: Kagriggle (lvl 20), Griegle +10 faction
Runnyeye: very bottom, Oveed the unwashed (lvl 30ish)
Sunnyvale: Mari Hesper (lvl 29), Jonathon Hesper (lvl 32) +25 faction
Sunnyvale: Kieran Douglas (lvl 34), Tristan Daren (lvl 34) +25 faction
Sunnyvale: Jake Jenkins (lvl 34) +25 faction

These smaller mobs all provide +10-25 faction with the storyteller and are repeatable.

Rewards ranging from 25-375 points do not have a description. The 400 points(ability) do have a description for what class its for. Be very careful, read before you buy - you can buy an item for a class that you are not (ie. waste your time) and then not be able to exchange it.

  • 10 point Merchant (Elf): Can buy forms for show only (no stat changes)
  • Forms:
  • Leopard (healer)
  • Minotaur (tank)
  • Panther (melee)
  • Scorpion (caster).
  • Forms can be traded back to Zego the Junk Collector as long as you memorized the spell and it's in your spellbook. He'll take the spell away and return you your 10 faction points. If you buy a form outside of your class, you're screwed, so read carefully.

  • 25 point Merchant (Human) Lvl 40 :
  • Fairy jug 5 charges, summoms lvl 35 fairy Familiar, heals 675 when you're at half health then dies.
  • Steam Suit 5 charges; Iron Golem Form 70AC
  • Spirit Shield 5 charges; summons lvl 30 Spiriti; attacks when you get hit, dies after the attacking mob is dead.

  • 125 point Faction
  • Augur's Tunic-Caster (12Agi 12Cha 25int 50POW 98AC)
  • Charlatan's Gloves-Tnk/Melee/Alc(23Sta/Dex 50HP 95AC 75Dur Lvl55)
  • Gloves of Divination-Healer/Alc(23Wis 23Int 98AC 50HP 65Dur)
  • Helm of the Thaumaturge-Caster(12Sta/Dex 25Int 50HP 65Dur)
  • Mercenary Armguards-Melee(23Agi/Dex 50HP 146AC 75Dur)
  • Seer's Bracelet-Healer(12Sta/Dex 25Wis 50Pow 65Dur)
  • Medic's Boots-Tank/Cl(23 Wis/Cha 50Pow 121AC 80Dur)

  • 175 Point Faction
  • Dagger of Shielding-Tank/Caster/Melee-NO Monk ( 15 All Resists, Sai graphic, 65 Dur, 400 Dmg, 1HS, Secondary, Lvl 60)
  • Exploding Shot Bow -Tank/Melee-No Monk (25 Agi/Dex, 100 HP, 65 Dur, 680 Dmg, Lvl 55)
  • Force Burst Totem -Caster (12 Int, 75 Pow, 65 Dur, 405 Dmg, 1HBm Secondary, Lvl 50)
  • Greater Charged Pike -Tank/Melee-NO Monk (25 Str/Dex, 125 HP, 75 Dur, 654 Dmg, 2HP, Lvl 55) (Only hits once, regardless of class)
  • Heavy Hammer of Frostbite -All/All (22 Wis/Sta, 75 Dur, 650 Dmg, 1HB, Secondary, Lvl 55)

  • 150 point Faction
  • Flawless Cathartic Belt-Healer(25Wis 150Pow 25PoT 14AC 65Dur)
  • Flawless Regenerative Belt-Tnk/Cl(25Sta 150HP 25HoT 26AC 85Dur)
  • Flawless Rejuvenative Belt-Melee/Alc(25Dex 20AC 25HoT 150HP 75Dur Lvl60)
  • Flawless Restorative-Caster-NO Alc(25Int 150Pow 8AC 25PoT 75Dur, Lvl60)

  • 200 point Faction
  • Biohazard in a Bottle -Alc(12Dex/Int 25Wis 50HP 25 Rng)
  • Book of Fables-Wiz(25Dex/Int 100Pow 20AR 510Dmg 1HB Sec 65Dur)
  • Book of Legends -Mag (25Agi/Int 100Pow 20AR 510Dmg 1HB Sec 65Dur)
  • Book of Lore -Cl (25 Wis/Cha, 100 Pow, 20 AR, 510 Dmg, 1HB, Secondary, 65 Dur)
  • Book of Myths -Drd (25 Dex/Wis, 100 Pow, 20 AR, 510 Dmg, 1HB, Secondary, 65 Dur)
  • Book of Sagas -Nec (25 Sta/Int, 100 Pow, 20 AR, 510 Dmg, 1HB, Secondary, 65 Dur)
  • Book of Stories -Sha (25 Sta/Wis, 100 Pow, 20 AR, 510 Dmg, 1HB, Secondary, 65 Dur)

  • 300 point Faction by Bustehouder
  • Martyr's Breastplate -Tank (22 Str/Sta, 364 AC, 80 Dur)
  • This breastplate saps your health in order to aid your fellow Companions (power and heal to group)
  • Bustehouder says: You take 100 extra dmg a swing on top of the mobs normal damage and it gives 50 power 50 heal to the group per swing.

  • 375 Points Corrections by Bustehouder
  • Frostwind -Tank/Melee/Drd-No Monk (22 Sta/Wis, 75 Dur, 700 Dmg, 1HS, Secondary, Lvl 55)
  • 150 cr proc 20 cr debuff root
  • Hatecrux -Tank (35 Str, 100 HP, 595 Dmg, 1HS, Secondary, 75 Dur) Harbinger -Tank/Melee-No Pal/Monk (-10 Sta, 150 Pow, 20 Int, 24 Dex, 65 Dur, Bow, 650 Dmg, 50 Rng, Lvl 55)
  • Stormsoul -Tank/Melee-No Monk (20 Str/Dex, 5 Agi, 125 HP, 75 Dur, 595 Dmg, 1HS, Secondary, Lvl 55) 300 LR proc 30LR debuff 30
  • Lifescourge -All/All (-20 Sta, 24 Int/Wis, 150 Pow, 1HP, Secondary, 65 Dur) 20 dr debuff

  • Luxury Merchants open at 400 faction
  • Form Spells (Level 60, 1 Recast, 5 Cast, 120 Pow Cost) No visual graphic. Can buy a visual graphic for 10 faction points (no stats).
  • Archetype/Form Effect
  • Tanks Minotaur's Persistance 12HP Factors (TY Yado)
  • Healers Leopard's Elegance 50 Dex, 50 Cha, 50 Wis
  • Melee/Alch Panther's Alacrity 50 Dex, 50 Agi, SoW (Breaks when you attack), 2 off mods (TY Eternalydead)
  • Caster Scorpion's Pestilence:
  • 50 Dex, 50 Int, 25 Pot


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