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Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:04 am

Spell NameLevel
Clever Thought1
Eroding Mist1
Group Cleverness1
Minor Distillation1
Return Home1
Unstable Mix1
Unstable Mixture1
Unstable Mixtures1
Hardening Agent3
Minor Tonic3
Acidic Bond4
Acidic Mix4
Acidic Mixture4
Acidic Mixtures4
Alchemical Bond4
Fire Spray4
Minor Infusion4
Crude Refinement5
Tainted Infusion5
Crude Sublimation7
Focused Intent8
Group Focus8
Minor Purification8
Static Field8
Volatile Mix8
Volatile Mixture8
Volatile Mixtures8
Caustic Mix12
Caustic Mixture12
Caustic Mixtures12
Corroding Mist12
Creative Thinking12
Group Creativity12
Lesser Distillation12
Lesser Tonic12
Crude Quickening13
Badger Form15
Faulty Refinement15
Sickening Infusion15
Acidic Fastener16
Alchemical Fastener16
Explosive Mix16
Explosive Mixture16
Explosive Mixtures16
Ice Spray16
Lesser Infusion16
Corroding Mix20
Corroding Mixture20
Corroding Mixtures20
Group Intent20
Honed Intent20
Klick'Anon Cocktail20
Klik'Anon Fire20
Lesser Purification20
Poison Field20
Static Discharge20
Student's Knack20
Surefall Potion20
Fortifying Agent23
Consuming Mist24
Fulminant Mix24
Fulminant Mixture24
Fulminant Mixtures24
Group Ingenuity24
Ingenious Thought24
Poisoned Infusion25
Acidic Adhesive29
Alchemical Adhesive29
Corrosive Mix29
Corrosive Mixture29
Corrosive Mixtures29
Poison Spray29
Electric Discharge30
Moradhim Cocktail30
Moradhim Fire30
Teacher's Knack30
Applied Intent34
Detonating Mix34
Detonating Mixture34
Detonating Mixtures34
Group Application34
Ice Field34
Greater Refinement35
Venomous Infusion35
Frosty Mix37
Frosty Mixture37
Acerbic Mix39
Acerbic Mixture39
Acerbic Mixtures39
Greater Distillation39
Group Inspiration39
Inspired Thinking39
Scouring Mist39
Neriak Cocktail40
Neriak Fire40
Professor's Knack40
Shocking Discharge40
Pertrifying Agent43
Acidic Anchor44
Alchemical Anchor44
Greater Infusion44
Meteoric Mix44
Meteoric Mixture44
Meteoric Mixtures44
Static Spray44
Superior Refinement45
Virulent Infusion45
Icy Mix46
Icy Mixture46
Volatile Sublimation47
Dean's Knack49
Direct Intent49
Fire field49
Freeport Cocktail49
Freeport Fire49
Greater Purification49
Group Direction49
Inventor's Knack49
Qeynos Cocktail49
Qeynos Fire49
Virulent Mix49
Virulent Mixture49
Virulent Mixtures49
Jolting Discharge50
Summon Returning Potion50
Alchemic Condensation51
Pure Refinement54
Toxic Infusion54
Group Prodigiousness55
Kinetic Mix55
Kinetic Mixture55
Kinetic Mixtures55
Major Infusion55
Prodigious Thought55
Wasting Mist55
Freezing Mix57
Freezing Mixture57
Acidic Hold60
Alchemical Hold60
Create Transformative60
Cunning Intent60
Group Cunning60
Infectious Spray60
Lightning Discharge60
Miraculous Mixture60
Septic Mix60
Septic Mixture60
Septic Mixtures60
Serpent's Heart60
Transmutive Mixture60
Wonderous Vaccination60


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