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Cleric Empty Cleric

Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:06 am

Spell NameLevel
Cleric Defence_activeDivine Protection1
Cleric Defence_activeDivine Protection effect1
Cleric ScalesDivine Wisdom1
Cleric HealMinor Healing1
Cleric GateReturn Home1
Cleric Profile_LightningStrike1
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseMinor Blessing3
Cleric Defence_activeCourage4
Cleric Profile_LightningFuror4
Cleric Defence_activeGroup Courage4
Cleric Profile_LightningLord Nuke4
Cleric HealMinor Curative4
Cleric HealTide of Health4
Cleric HealWave of Health4
Cleric Profile_LightningHoly Shock5
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseEndure Ailment7
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseGroup Endure Ailment7
Cleric Damage_over_timeBrand of Woe8
Cleric Profile_LightningDissipate8
Cleric Damage_over_timeMark of Woe8
Cleric HealMinor Antidote8
Cleric Boot_stickyRoot8
Cleric Defence_activeCenter12
Cleric Profile_LightningExpunge12
Cleric Defence_activeGroup Center12
Cleric HealLight Healing12
Cleric HealTide of Recovery12
Cleric HealWave of Recovery12
Cleric Skeletal_ArmWard Death13
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseEndure Affliction15
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseGroup Endure Affliction15
Cleric HealLesser Antidote16
Cleric HealLesser Curative16
Cleric Profile_LightningSmite16
Cleric Damage_over_timeSmite Death16
Cleric Damage_over_timeBrand of Pain20
Cleric Defence_activeDaring20
Cleric Defence_activeDisease Ward20
Cleric Red_CrossField Dress20
Cleric Defence_activeGroup Daring20
Cleric HealHealing20
Cleric Profile_LightningHoly Bolt20
Cleric Damage_over_timeMark of Pain20
Cleric WandRevive20
Cleric Damage_over_timeTurn Undead20
Cleric Phys_stat_decreaseWeaken Death23
Cleric HealAntidote24
Cleric HealCurative24
Cleric Damage_over_timeDisrupt Death24
Cleric Profile_LightningVexation24
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseGroup Ward Affliction25
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseWard Affliction25
Cleric WandResuscitate27
Cleric Defence_activeBravery29
Cleric HealGreater Healing29
Cleric Defence_activeGroup Bravery29
Cleric HealTide of Life29
Cleric HealWave of Life29
Cleric Profile_LightningWrath29
Cleric Red_CrossBind Wounds30
Cleric Damage_over_timeDisable Undead30
Cleric Defence_activePoison Ward30
Cleric Phys_stat_decreaseEnervate Death33
Cleric HealGreater Antidote34
Cleric HealGreater Curative34
Cleric Profile_LightningTempest34
Cleric Damage_over_timeTorment Death34
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseGroup Resist Affliction35
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseResist Affliction35
Cleric WandResurrection37
Cleric Damage_over_timeBrand of Agony39
Cleric Defence_activeGroup Valor39
Cleric Profile_LightningHoly Word39
Cleric Damage_over_timeMark of Agony39
Cleric HealSuperior Healing39
Cleric Defence_activeValor39
Cleric Defence_activeFlame Ward40
Cleric Damage_over_timeHarm Undead40
Cleric Red_CrossQuick Stitching40
Cleric Phys_stat_decreaseRebuke Death43
Cleric StunDiminutive Glance44
Cleric HealMajor Antidote44
Cleric HealMajor Curative44
Cleric Damage_over_timePersecute Death44
Cleric Profile_LightningVengeance44
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseAbsorb Affliction45
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseGroup Absorb Affliction45
Cleric Damage_over_timeBrand of Anguish46
Cleric Damage_over_timeMark of Anguish46
Cleric WandReviviscence47
Cleric Damage_over_timeCondemn Death48
Cleric HealDivine Healing49
Cleric Red_CrossFirst Aid49
Cleric Defence_activeGroup Resolution49
Cleric Defence_activeIce Ward49
Cleric Defence_activeLightning Ward49
Cleric Red_CrossRemedy49
Cleric Defence_activeResolution49
Cleric Profile_LightningRetribution49
Cleric HealTide of Glory49
Cleric HealWave of Glory49
Cleric ScalesBanish Unlife50
Cleric Damage_over_timeDestroy Undead50
Cleric Phys_stat_decreaseCensure Death51
Cleric Defence_activeDivine Intervention51
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseConsume Affliction54
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseGroup Consume Affliction54
Cleric Physl_stat_increaseNife's Warding54
Cleric Profile_LightningAvenge55
Cleric HealFaithful Healing55
Cleric Defence_activeMark of Faith55
Cleric Damage_over_timeTorture Death55
Cleric HealVital Antidote55
Cleric HealVital Curative55
Cleric WandDivine Reclamation57
Cleric WandReclamation57
Cleric Damage_over_timeAnnihilate Undead60
Cleric Damage_over_timeBrand of Sorrow60
Cleric HealCelestial Healing60
Cleric HealCure Mystical Plague60
Cleric Damage_over_timeExorcise60
Cleric Defence_activeGroup Order60
Cleric Profile_LightningJustice60
Cleric Damage_over_timeMark of Sorrow60
Cleric Defence_activeOrder60
Cleric HealPurifying Winds of Nife60
Cleric Defence_activeUnited Faith60


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