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Werebeast Cm's

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Werebeast Cm's

Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:21 am

  • Bite Our teeth are exceptionally sharp and your jaws exceptionally strong. Even when in normal form you can inflict a serious bite wound.
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
20 Add Abilities: Bite (30) Level: 30

  • Lycanthropic Regeneration Due to your lycanthropy your wounds heal faster than normal and you are able to enter a meditative state to heal at an exceptional rate.
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
40 HoT: 10 Add Abilities: Lycanthropic Regeneration (35) Level: 35

  • Lycanthropic Rejuvenation Due to lycanthropy you replenish your mental power at a faster than normal rate and by entering a meditative state can replenish your power exceptionally fast.
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
40 PoT: 10 Add Abilities: Lycanthropic Rejuvenation (35) Level: 35

  • Lycanthropic Resistances Your lycanthropy causes you to be highly resistant to most forms of damage but fire is your bane.
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
100 FR: -25 CR: 25 LR: 25 AR: 25 PR: 25 DR: 25 AC: 100 Level: 45

  • Defensive Instincts Your strengthened instincts have made you exceptionally aware of impending danger thus harder to surprise or catch off guard.
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
20 Def Mod: 1 Level: 30

  • Combat Senses You have trained your acute lycanthropic senses to aid you in battle.
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
20 Off Mod: 1 Level: 30


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