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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:57 am

Erudite Necromancer Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Note: for a quick cut to the east gate, explore the Nec Guild (the Hidden) and you will find a Shimmering Portal. Talking to the portal will allow you to port to the Hidden Gate, which is in a cave, to the east of Highbourne. As most of your low level quests are out the east gate, this is a nice short cut.

Level 1
Quest NPC: Retainer Alishai
Alishai asks you to get a Tattered Robe. You can get one from Merchant Shansha for free.

Level 2
Quest NPC: Retainer Alishai
Alishai sends you to Spiritmster Phendar who binds you and sends you to Coachman Galdah.

Level 3
Quest NPC: Retainer Alishai
Exit the city and kill spiders and return with two tarantula leg tips.
6900xp & the Life Tap scroll

Level 4
Quest NPC: Retainer Alishai
Alishai will make you a new staff if you bring him the following items:
Leather Strap - Purchase from Merchant Shudan
Wooden Shaft - Purchase from Merchant Shudan
Cracked Rat Claw
17000xp and the Staff of Necromancy

Level 5
Quest NPC: Duke Morthalis
Morthalis asks you to seek out a banded kingsnake, kill it, and return with its poison sac. To find the banded kingsnake, exit the east gate and head northeast. They spawn near some rocks.
36500xp & the Rabid Infection scroll

Level 7
Quest NPC: Retainer Alishai
Speak with Retainer Alishai. She will tell you of some folks raising undead lions using necromancy. She wants you to track down and kill Rogue Lions (CON yel@7). She requests a "hollow lion fang" for proof.

There are two locations to find Rogue Lions; it doesn't matter which location you chose. The first, is out the north gate, run north up the road towards Qeynos; they spawn just past the signpost between the ocean and towards the east (Highbourne (NW)). You may have to farm quite a few to get the ntl item you need. If you run out of Rogue Lions to kill and still haven't got your drop, farm the wildlife to spawn more.

The second location, is out the east gate. Follow the mountains around to the south. Rogue Lions spawn a bit south of the road against the southern zone wall, a few others closer to the road. You may have to farm quite a few to get the ntl item you need. If you run out of Rogue Lions to kill and still haven't got your drop, farm the wildlife to spawn more.

Return to retainer Alishai and you will be rewarded with:
157474xp & the Strengthen Bone scroll, Lionskin Belt

Level 10
Quest NPC: Retainer Alishai
1. Talk to Retainer Alishai, who sends you to kill 3 Skeletal Dogs (CONs Yel). The Skeletal Dogs spawn in some ruins which can be found directly east, from the East Gate of Highbourne. You should see the ruins as soon as you enter the Stoneclaw zone. The ruins are just to the west and slightly north of the ravines. There you will see skeletal dogs roaming about. Kill, loot Bone, return to Retainer Alishai.

2. Retainer Alishai sends you to kill a Necromancer (CONs Yel) named Ganron Blackart in the ravines near Stoneclaw. Head due East again towards the ruins. When you get into the Stoneclaw zone you should see two entrances to the ravines. The left or North entrance is the one that you want. Invis to avoid the Shadow Pumas. Following the ravine, you will come across the entrance to a cave (Stoneclaw (C)). Head in and turn right again. Follow that tunnel to the end and you will see the Necromancer and his skeleton pet, and two diseased rats. Kill, loot necklace, return to Retainer Alishai.

3. Retainer Alishai sends you to Ammathor Lithkin in Qeynos for your reward. He will be in the Anagogical Order. To find him; Enter the main entrance of Qeynos, you will see a clock, go past it and on the right hand side at the back wall will be an entrance. When you get to this door, turn right (north) and walk towards the end of the hall; Enter the FIRST doorway on your left, you will see a big white tower. He is on the first floor of this library in the Anagogical Order. Speak with him and he'll read your missive from Qeynos. He sends you back to Retainer Alishai for your reward.
556,753xp & the Whitebone Dagger

Level 13
Quest NPC: Duke Morthalis
1. Talk to Duke Morthalis, he sends you to a graveyard in Druids Watch zone to get a popup, which gives you the Greyweed. From Highbourne go North until you reach the River and then go east. Keep going that way until you see a graveyard. You can only get this item when the skeletons spawn at Night. Once it becomes nightfall put on invis and start running around until you get a message box. Then, choose pick the weed. Return to Duke.

2. Duke sends you to Maryan, he's in Stoneclaw zone, east of Highbourne, go through the second valley, and it should lead right to it. If not, its to the right when coming out of the valley. He's in the middle of the town.

3. Maryan sends you to kill Spotted Lions, go outside the village, hunt around outside of the walled town toward the west mostly. You may need to kill several to get your drop. Kill, loot claw, return to Maryan.

4. Maryan gives you the book, Return to Duke.

5. Duke sends you to Guard Smirg, who is in the watchtower, north up above the prison (Qeynos Prison zone).

6. Guard Smirg sends you to kill Hagar Loftlin (CONs Yel), who is randomly wandering around outside the prison. He can usually be found to the NW of the prison on the side of the hill (west of the woodcutters camp)(Qeynos Prison (N)). Kill Hagar, loot tunic, return to Duke.
550,698xp & the Ward Death scroll

Level 15
Quest NPC: Duke Morthalis
1. Talk to Morthalis, he sends you to Fenra, who is at the Library, which is by the grocers. Fenra is on the top floor on the right as you enter.

2. Fenra sends you back to Morthalis.

3. Morthalis sends you to Maryan in Stoneclaw ravines.

4. Maryan sends you to kill a gangrenous Zombie (CONs Wht), head north till you see zombies. Kill, loot controlling collar/torque, return to Morthalis, then return to Fenra.

5. Fenra sends you to her brother, Nalej Balzia in Wyndhaven, who is by the pile of cut wood south of the coach near the waters edge (across the road from spiritmaster Tresk)(Wyndhaven SW).

6. Nalej is distrustful of your intentions, so has you perform a task for him first. Something is stealing his fish, find out what and kill it. Head SW from Nalaj and you'll find his fishing skiff. Wait until nightfall and a Brownie Thief will spawn (CONs wht@15). Kill him and loot his jar of fish, and return to Nalej as proof of your intentions. Return now to Duke Morthalis.

7. Duke Morthalis wants the letter altered by Tarly Thinhairs (a hobbit) in Qeynos. Tarly is located in the Beggar's District of Qeynos; enter Qeynos, run to the doorway past the watchtower, turn right, then take ur next right. Tarly is located back against the east wall in a little shack. He also wants 600 tunar. Return to Morthalis.
883,791xp & the Enudre Disease scroll. The robe of the Hidden

Level 20
Quest NPC: Retainer Alishai

1. Speak with Retainer Alishai to continue helping Highbourne. You will be sent to speak with Captain Meruin on the docks.

2. Captain Meruin explains that they rely on the lesser races for their lumber to build their ships, but lately no lumber supplies have been forthcoming from Farny the woodcutter, near Melton.

3. Note: Before leaving Highbourne, take 1300 tunar with you.
To locate Farny, head north from Highbourne to the river, and then go east. Melton (Druid Watch (C)) is on the north side of the river. Farny is N-NE from Melton (a two minute run), surrounded by red CONs, in a camp beside a campfire.

4. Farny wants 1300 tunar! he also sends you to kill Goretusk the boar(CONs Yel), who is usually on a hill just to the northeast of Farny, or on a hill directly south. Kill Goretusk, loot his hoof, return to Farny. Return to Captain Meruin.

5. Captain Meruin sends you to Maryan of Aviak Village in the Stone Claw zone. To find Maryan: Head east through Stoneclaw Zone, then enter Aviak Village and to the village Aviak Village(C).

6. Maryan sends you to kill Aviak Chick (CONs Wht), who roams the hills north east of the village in the Stone Claw zone. Kill, loot a No Trade Captured Aviak Chick, return to Maryan. Return star charts to Captain Meruin.

7. Captain Meruin sends you to Mayor Reivley, who is in the town of Wyndhaven. The Mayor roams around a bit, just walk up and down the road you'll bump into him.

8. Mayor Reivley sends you to kill Blinkbart Bagglebaff (CONs Yel), who is located on the side of a hill (or on the flats) just east of the wind mill and blacksmith. Kill, loot a lockbox and return to the Mayor. Mayor Reivley sends you back to Captain Murien, who sends you to Retainer Alishai.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and:
Choose between:
Power Gate, drains power from your target and gives it to your group + Decayed Wand
Blood Gale, drains hit points from your target and gives it to your group, + Scythe


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