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Dark Elf

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Dark Elf

Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:27 am

  • Flash of Daggers 1HP attack buff
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
10 Add Abilities: Flash of Daggers (6) Level: 6

  • Blood of Innoruuk AR boost
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
15 AR: 25 Level: 6

  • Shroud of Hate SELF damage shield
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
25 Add Abilities: Shroud of Hate (6) Level: 6

  • Elven Reflexes melee stat boost
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
20 AGI: 5 DEX: 5 AGIMax: 10 DEXMax: 10 Level: 6


Dark Elf Master Class

  • Chosen Only the most twisted Dark Elves become true chosen of Innoruuk.
Cost CM Name Stats Requirements
200 DEXMax: 25 INTMax: 25 AR: 50 HP Factor: 1 PoT: 20 Off Mod: 1 Def Mod: 1
Level: 55 Spent: 500

75 Add Abilities: Innoruuk's Aura (60) Innoruuk's hate wraps the target, causing anyone to strike it to become enraged. Level: 60
Targetable Taunting DS (useable on pets as well)

75 Add Abilities: Spite (60) Innoruuk's spite is deadly. Level: 60
4000 Damage (Near Unresistable), 2000 Heal and a 4000 Power Drain/Fill


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