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History of Norrath III

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History of Norrath III

Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:01 pm


An elven child was seen playing in the woods of Kelethin. She sang an old song concerning a strange maiden and an wonderous beast. A local drunk well known in the area wandered past the child as she played. When he heard the song she was singing, he showed obvious discomfort and left very quickly for the nearest tavern mumbling that he needed a drink badly. A stranger appeared in Kelethin. She was a warrior maiden who seemed unfamiliar with the town or area even though she was a high elf whose home would normally be in nearby Felwithe. As she passed through the town she was seemingly amazed by all she saw; she in turn amazed others as she was accompanied by serveral of the normally shy and reclusive fairies of the Faydark. Eventually finding herself in the same tavern as the drunk who had earlier come across the elven child, the maiden heard the drunk mumbling the song the child had been singing. As she listened a strange feeling overcame the maiden. Though she could not say why, the song seemed to be about her and when the drunk mumbled about the beast of silver, she knew without knowing why that she must find this beast. Unfortunately before she could get much information out of the drunk he passed out and it was apparent that it would be some time before he recovered enough to answer further questions. The maiden was compelled by a force she did not understand to seek out the beast, so she asked all she could find if they knew of such a beast and its whereabouts. The maidens questions uncovered that the beast sounded like a unicorn and several adventureres reported having seen a unicorn in the forests of lesser Faydark. The maiden pleaded wth those adventurers so earnestly and so intensely that they agreed to take her to the forest and help her find the unicorn so that she could see if this was the beast she sought. After much searching in the forests of lesser Faydark the maiden and those with her found the unicorn, but it would not let the party approach. Finally the maiden alone stepped forward and approached the unicorn. To the surprise of all, the unicorn let the maiden approach it. As the maiden put out her hand to gently touch the unicorn there was an immense flash of light that passed between beast and man. Throughout the world the word "Yesss" was heard by all and a bond was formed between unicorn and maiden as the tears of Tunare rained upon the world.


Carson Macabe and Lord Tethys called together all the ambassadors of the good races in Highkeep. It was revealed that the letter taken from the body of the dark elf ambassador revealed a plan for a dark elf army to attack Highkeep, capturing that fortress and cutting Antonica in half. Once this was accomplished, the elves would have an easy time of overcoming Rivervale and Freeport. The lords met and tried to make plans for countering the dark elf plan. However due to internal concerns there would be no help from Qeynos, Erudin or even Freeport. The dwarven ambassador indicated that help from the dwarves was also unlikely. Galeth Verdeth of the paladins of Tunare appeared, accompanied by his pupil Firiona Vie. Galeth indicated that the king of Felwithe had authorized the paladins to assist in the defense of Highkeep but the rest of the Felwithe forces had to stay at home in order to keep the orcs of Crushbone in check.


Firiona Vie accompanied by Equestrielle, her unicorn companion, received word from Galeth Verdeth her teacher that he would like her to meet him in Felwithe. Galeth gave no reason but would not take "no" for an answer. Firiona and Equestrielle head to Felwithe but upon arrival the unicorn refused to enter the city. Firiona reluctantly agreed to leave her companion behind, but as if by magic, other creatures appeared and accompanied her in the unicorn's stead. Firiona entered the town accompanied by a wolf and several fairies and other animals. As she made her way through the city, several merchants came out of the stores complaining about the smell and pressence of the animals near their place of business. Galeth appeared and calmed the merchants, inviting them and Firiona to accompany him to the King who was throwing a city-wide celebration. Firiona and Galeth arrived at the party being thrown by the king. Firiona felt a bit awkward in a large crowded city and kept to herself and out of the center of things while Galeth went to join the King. A bard, hired by Galeth, asked permission to sing a song for the gathering. Upon being given permission, the bard sang a song of a child, who had been abandoned as a baby, who was raised by another upon the death of her mother. During the song the King became more and more agitated, as the bard sang of the child being the chosen of Tunare, the King could stand no more. He struck the bard and ordered her to be silent, that he would hear no more of these prophecies of "the child". A chill wind passed through the party. Silence fell and a spectral form appeared. Galeth immediately recognized the form as that of the dead queen. The spectral shape approached the King. It spoke to him of their daughter and his betrayal. The spectre of the dead queen told the King that their child lived and that he could no longer fail to recognize her, that Tunare herself demanded that he find and recognize his lost daugher, with that the ghost departed as mysteriously as it had arrived. The shaken King shouted that his lost daughter must be found. At this point Galeth called forth Firiona Vie and revealed to the King that she was his lost daughter who had been spirited away from his wrath at the death of his queen. Galeth had raised and trained Firiona and now the King's daughter stood before him. The repentant King welcomed Firiona and proclaimed to all that she was indeed his daughter and a princess of Felwithe. The gathering and the world itself were astounded when a voice seemed to fill the world stating "Know that Firiona Vie is the chosen one of Tunare". The King brought Firiona to the throne and father and daughter were reconciled once more.


The forces of good led by Carson MaCabe and Lord Tethys sent out recruiters to find whatever assistance they could to help defend Highkeep from the coming dark elf attack. Carson sent a party of adventurers to meet renowned champions in Freeport and escort them back to Highkeep to prepare for the fortresses defense. Both good and evil sent provisioners throughout the world buying the items they would need to equip an army. The dark elves sent emissarys to the trolls and to the orcs of Crushbone to ask assistance in their coming attack on Highkeep. The dark elf ambassador to the Splitpaw clan was called home to act as one of the dark elf generals in the coming battle. Many small skirmishes erupted as forces from both sides came into conflict with each other and tried to find as much information of the other side's plans as they could. Both sides sought as many allies as they could find and the armies of good and the armies of dark swelled as adventurers were found to aid in the coming conflict. The dark elves were finally prepared for their war. Lanys T`vyl, Laarthik and the dark elf army set out from Nektulos on the march for Highkeep. Hearing that the dark elf army was on the march, Carson MaCabe and his allies formed their army. Carson stayed in Highkeep to lead the forces that would defend the keep itself while Galeth Verdeth, Firiona Vie, and Lord Tethys along with the dwarf Tubr Broadaxe set forth with the army of good and entered the Kithicor Woods to hold off the dark army and keep them in the low lands. As they marched to Highkeep the dark elves left portions of their army behind them to guard the path back to Neriak should the battle go badly. The dark elf army entered the Kithicor woods and as they marched on Highkeep the army of the defenders came forth to meet them. As the two armies met in a clash of steel and fury the cries of the dying could be heard for miles. At the peak of the battle Lanys T`Vyl and Lord Tethys met in battle. After a long and fierce combat, the valiant Lord Tethys fell to Lanys's sword. Seeing Lord Tethys fall, the army of good renewed their attack with vicious fervor. Galeth Verdeth engaged Laarthik and his pupil Firiona Vie engaged Lanys. As these four fought, the armies themselves engaged around the combatants in a chaotic ballet of singing steel and magic. The battle raged on with neither side able to turn the tide. But as the battle raged, Lanys slowly began to fail, Firiona Vie pressed her attack, enraged at the death of the gentle Lord Tethys. Lanys faltered and fell wounded. Laarthik seeing Lanys fall made a furious attack on Galeth and the beat the paladin of Tunare back. Laarthik then took out the powerful goblin stone. He held it high, and channeling the power of the stone called upon Innoruuk, Prince of Hate and father of the dark elves. Laarthik was consumed in flame as the energies of the stone cascaded around him and his screams of agony and rage became loud enough for the God of Hate to hear in his far away plane. The ground began to tremble and the clouds gathered in angry darkness over the woodds. A portal of swirling darkness appeared and plunged the woods into an inky blackness. Innoruuk, stepped out of the portal and set foot on Norrath. He found the body of his only daughter sorely wounded and crippled. He was so enraged that mortals would dare to harm his only child that he called down a curse on the woods that had seen Lanys's defeat. Innoruuk took up the limp form of Lanys and called forth his servant Hate. Hate, abeast of pure, unadulterated anger and vile purpose stepped from the shadowy portal and bowed before it's master. Innoruuk ordered it to kill all he could find. Innoruuk, with Lanys in his arms, returned to his plane of hate with his daughter's crippled body, but the energies of the stone that had called him forth had opened the door to that plane forever. The shadows of hate would fill the Kithicor woods and curse it for eternity. The undead of Innoruuk's plane would wander the woods at darkness when the portal was strongest as the door to the plane of Hate would stand open allowing passage between the plane of hate and the world of Norrath forever.


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