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History of the Runnyeye Goblins

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History of the Runnyeye Goblins

Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:02 pm

This book is titled "History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. I". It chronicles the history of the goblins from their creation to the exodus from their homelands.

1 GE - The creations of Rallos and The-Brell-That-Is-Not, the goblins were brought into the world. Gathering together as the One Clan, the goblins would create a society that would flourish within their cavernous world.

200 GE - The form of an enormous goblin would appear before the Enlightened Council and present itself as the Avatar of War. The Avatar would demand of the goblins an oath that would bind every following generation. In return for the oath, the goblins would be allowed continued existence.

900 GE - The first schism among goblin society would happen at the death of the Great Chief. His twin sons would fight for succession over the throne, dividing the goblins into two separate camps. Many glorious battles would be fought during what would be called the The Two Chiefs.

930 GE- The Two Chiefs would end during a duel to the death between the twins. The victor emerged from the duel and proclaimed himself as both himself and his twin. The warring camps, not being able to tell the difference between the two, followed the new Great Chief as if he were their victorious leader.

215 RGE- The Crumbling would cause the goblins to leave their home behind. Many goblins would perish during the Crumbling and those that survived would begin the Long Journey. Many years of hardship would pass as the Mass Exodus would search for a new home.

30 PC -The One Clan would see its first separation caused by the Long Journey. While passing through a system of lava channels, a group of goblins would express that they wished to settle down where it was warm. The remaining clan did not agree, leaving this group to live among the fire.

32 PC - The next group of goblins to leave the clan would come several years later. Finding an archipelago of islands, a group insisted on living upon those rock outcroppings. Again, the remainder of the clan did not agree, leaving behind that group to their aquatic existence.

34 PC - Having found a land that was never visited by the warmth of day, a group of goblins would insist that the Long Journey must stop, for they had reached the end of the world. The remainder, still resolute on finding a home, refused. As before, they left the group behind, traveling beyond that cold and icy environment.

35 PC - With more than half their numbers lost during the Long Journey, the goblins began to feel despair that they would never find a suitable home. Many arguments would arise, debating whether or not to return to their original home. With much regret, the remaining members of the One Clan would split one last time. One half would continue looking for a home, and the other half would return to their ancestral home.

36 PC - The One Clan, reduced down to nothing more than a small tribe, continued the Long Journey. After an endless travel, they would step foot upon the soil of a strange new land. Little did they know they would soon find a new home.

This book is titled "History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. II". It chronicles the history of the goblins from when they settled in Norrath to the horrible curse that befell them.

40 PC - The One Clan would spend the next several years scouting the newfound land for a place to settle. The surrounding land was filled with a bounty of food, but they wanted something to remind them of their old home.

1 MC - Carving out an intricate cave system within a mountainside, the One Clan would change their name to the Mountain Clan in honor of their new home. All would be fine for the next several decades until their continued tunneling would cause them to meet their unknown neighbors.

37 MC - The goblins would eventually be introduced to a race of short people who lived within the same mountain. For no reason other than lack of being able to communicate, the two races would wind up going to war with each other. Territorial battles would be waged for the next several years.

43 MC - Using the gifts given to them by their creators, the goblins would craft a magical device that allowed them to actually speak the high pitched tongue of their enemies. Once they realized what these little men were saying, the war stopped at once. Both of these two people shared a love for the same thing... invention!

100 MC - The partnership between the two races would continue for many years to come. As the years went by, however, the two races would come to disagreements on the methods of creation. These disagreements would escalate to full arguments. The King of the little people and the Great Chief would meet to discuss how to prevent another war.

100 MC - Both races came to the decision that the only way to prevent a new war was for both peoples to leave for new lands. Agreeing to do so, they left every last one of their marvelous devices within their homes, sealed the mountain and left.

1 RE - Seeking a new home once again, the Mountain Clan would be visited by the Avatar of War and told that the oath of their forefathers had come due. They were told to travel to a land where they were to meet other children of Rallos. With that, the Mountain Clan would find themselves soon enlisted in army of the Rallosian Empire.

1 - ? RE - The goblins would serve the Rallosian Empire for many years to come. Not fully enslaved by their gigantic counterparts, they were not as free as they had been in the past. Their role would be the part of supplier. Creating their magical devices for use by the soldiers on the front lines of the Empire, the goblins would finally come to know their true role in the world.

? RE - During the course of the campaigns across the world of Norrath, the goblins would begin to invent devices of untold beauty and destruction. The blend of technology and magic would reach its height on the day the Rallosian Empire would defeat the gods of the earth themselves.

? RE - The mighty gods of the earth would ultimately take their vengeance upon all of those that joined the Rallosian Empire. Soon after the final battle, the goblins would find they were no longer able to construct the most simple of devices. Several generations would pass as more of that knowledge began slipping away until, finally, the goblins could only survive if they stole the tools and weapons from other lesser races.

This book is titled "History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. III". It chronicles the history of the goblins from when they made a new home in the Bog Mountain to the present.

1 NR - Many uncounted years would pass as the goblins would aimlessly wander throughout the world. Not possessing any powers of creation, they could no longer "make" a home and had to find something that already existed and could support their numbers. Eventually they would find a new home deep inside a cavern.

4 NR - Soon after they settled, the goblins would be assaulted by monstrous bull-men. Having neither the size or the weapons to stop them, the goblins would retaliate with suicidal charges against the minotaur's villages. After many of these death squads would run to their deaths, enough minotaur axes were secured by the goblins to allow them to fight on even terms.

20 NR- The wars between the minotaurs and the goblins would continue until a third party would appear. A large eyeball, much larger than a goblin, began communicating with the goblins. It asked to speak with the Big King, and when the meeting was over with, the Big King announced to his people that they would be called "Runnyeye".

21 NR - With the help of the Great Eyes, the goblins would overpower the minotaurs and put an end to the war. The subjugated minotaurs were then brought before the Great Eyes and made to bow their knees to their new masters. The now mentally controlled minotaurs took no time in conquering the unassuming goblins.

21 - 600 NR - The goblins, under the mental domination of the Great Eyes, would spend many years in a cruel form of captivity. Acting as the menial labor for the Great Eyes, the goblins would be forced to perform all manner of evil actions. This would continue for many centuries to come.

600 NR - The Rending would change the face of Norrath, causing the lands to shift. No longer attached to the rest of the world, the Runnyeye goblins would find that their Great Eye masters would spend much of their time away from their minions. This would be the beginning of the end for the Great Eyes.

600 NR - While the Great Eyes would turn their attention away from the goblins to discuss their future endeavors, their control would lessen over their mental slaves. A goblin only known as Gribble would bring about a change in the way things were done in Bog Mountain.

600-650 NR - Gribble would show the other goblins the manner in which to break the chains of mental slavery. This would cause what is called the Great Purge. The goblins would begin to slaughter what they now referred to as Evil Eyes. When the numbers were reduced to such a small amount, the goblins stopped and came up with an even crueler fate. They would enslave the Evil Eyes!

650 - Now - The goblins would proceed to subjugate not only the Evil Eyes, but the minotaurs and boarfiends as well. In addition to their reverse of fate, they seemed to be able to do something they had not done in quite a long time. One of them managed to construct a crude weapon with no assistance from the Evil Eyes.

Now - To this day, the Runnyeye goblins are free of their cruel masters. It will take many years before they manage to rebuild all of their lost knowledge. For now, however, the Runnyeye goblins are free to think for themselves and pursue all manner of interests. No longer will they be forced to have thoughts not their own. They are free to rule their own lives. Yes, they are completely free.


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