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History of the Vah Shir

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History of the Vah Shir

Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:03 pm

The Prophecy

Before the beginnings of Kerran Civilization, each Kerran roamed their own territory as did the beasts of the wild. Soon the lands became too small to divide, and so four of the eldest Kerra journeyed to the very top of the highest peak in the Stonebrunt Mountains to seek out more land, one from each direction.

When they reached the top, they met and began to speak to one another. Kajek, the first to arrive spoke first, and he said "I am the first to have found this peak. And so the land is mine." Shir the second to arrive and largest of the four spoke next, and he said "You are the first, but there is no more land, and so we will fight. The victor shall take this land" Karani and Shahar were females and spoke as one, and they said "We will share this land with the victor"

But Kajek was wise and he said to the three "You say there is no more land and so we must fight. Perhaps the spirits can show us if this is indeed the last of the land." And so they agreed. Kajek made fire and called to the spirits to show them the truth. He chanted to the spirits until night when the moon came forth and Kajek glanced to the skies and placed his staff upon the fire. The crystal stone within his staff began to glow and upon the moon the image of Shir could be seen. And Kajek spoke "Up there lies land. If you are truly strong then that land is for you and this is my land." Shahar and Karani agreed "He is right and we will share this land with Kajek as the spirits foretell." Shir turned away his head as if to leave. It was then that the voice of the spirits cried out. "You must share the land until the journey to the farthest land of the nights sky can be made by the children of the beast. It is on this land that the chosen ones will become the warriors of the great spirit. It is on this land that the destiny of the chosen ones shall be proclaimed."

The four nodded in acknowledgement of the wise spirits. Kajek howled to the spirits "It will be so, but it was Shir who had wished to slay me. From this day his kin must seek council with the three that wish for peace." The reply of the spirit came forth "It shall be so until the wise one steps forth from the rocks and the mist. It is then that all shall be as one."

And so went the prophecy of the Kerran. The lands were divided among the four. Kajek took the Stonebrunt to watch the passing of the land and learn. Shahar took the fruitful plains to the north. Karani who could swim took the islands. And Shir took what was left, the barren lands.

The Splintering of the Four.

As time went by, the four great kerrans of the prophecy had children. It was then that Partha Shir, son of Shir, stepped forth on a day of mist to claim leadership of all kerrans under him. But the children of Kajek, Shahar, and Karani lay claim that the prophecy called for the rocks and the mist. Nairu Karani, daughter of Karani, proclaimed that the mist is the water and the rocks are the islands and it was her kin that would be queen. Kiara Shahar chose not to speak for she was wise. Faern Kajek had the wisdom of his father and said the wise one would come from no tribe but unite them all as one.

Time passed and the moon left the sky. This did not please the children of Shahar, Karani, or Shir.
Great anger took hold and battles raged for many years. Thus began the splintered ages.

The Splintered Age

Much suffering had been felt during the time of the splintered tribes. In battle Partha had been mortally wounded. In remorse for what he had done to cause such blood, Partha tore the fangs from his mouth and gave them to the wisest of his sons, Ratha Shir, and spoke to him. "You are not my heir, but you are the wisest of your kin. You must show these to your brothers and tell them they must battle no more. You must lead them with wisdom." But when Ratha had done as his father had asked, he was slain by his eldest of brothers in secrecy. The years of war and death raged on.

Safra, daughter of Faern Kajek, went to the Shir to ask for peace once more. It was then that Vahaan, son of Partha, was taken by her beauty. Vahaan and Nairu agreed to peace for Vahaan was nearby when Partha had spoke to his uncle Ratha. But he was the youngest of his kin and knew they would slay him for his thoughts. Vahaan took the fangs of Partha and Nairu journeyed with him to the lands of Shahar to ask the spirits for guidance. Many years passed and many kinsman lay slain upon the fields. On the day that the moon returned, the mists rose from the great veil. Kejaan Kerrath stepped forth from the mist with Vahaan and Safra at his side. "It is the wise one!" They cried out. The Kerrans saw that this was good, but some Shahar and Karani took their leave and vanished to the lands. All that chose to remain were united as one as the prophecy claimed. The golden Age had begun.

The Kingdom on Odus

Kejaan chose the wildest from the clan of the Shir, those who were outsiders of their kin. From them he made his nobles and warriors. Kejaan took the wisest from the clan of Kajek. From them he made his shaman and advisors. Kejaan took the quickest from the clan of Shahar, from them he made his hunters and farmers. The children of Nairu, the Karani, became the servants of the kingdom. United, the Komiyat Kerrath prospered for many years. Kejaan built his palace of gold within the claws of the four fingered paw.

The Furless Ones

On the lands of the vanished Shahar, a new civilization emerged unnoticed. They were the furless ones who had come from the sea. They had built their homes of large white stones in the lands of the golden mist. They could call forth spirits of fire and of earth, beings of water and air stood as warriors by their side. They did not speak to the beasts as the Kerrath would but could bend them to their will. They were at war with the furless ones who spoke to the dead. Kejaan heard the anguish of the spirits of the dead and went to speak with the furless ones who spoke to them.

He asked them to lay down their magic for it had harmed the ancient spirits. Many days passed and Kejaan returned sickly and pale. They would not listen to his words and the aching of the spirits burned his very heart. Kejaan returned to the mist and his son Vah stepped forth as the king.

The Shifting

Vah gathered his strongest, the nobles, the Shir. He sent the weaker ones away from the kingdom and back to the wild. Vah called to the shir and proclaimed this was prophecy, but none understood. Vah called to the spirits in the unknown tongue. None could move, the time of the shifting was at hand. The spirits wailed around the city of the Shir. The furless ones that disturbed the dead gathered at the gates, pursued by the furless ones who commanded fire, earth, air, and water. A great mist enveloped the city of the Shir and Vah cried to the spirits as loud
as his voice permitted.

When the shifting had ended, they found themselves in the darkened lands. The land and the air had changed and the voices of the spirits could not speak their tongue. Vah cried out to the Shir "Hear me and know that I am your kin, my blood is of yours and you are my people." He pulled forth the fang of Partha and spoke the truth of Ratha's death. With the fang he spilled his blood upon the ground so that all could smell that he was kin.

When it was learned that Vah was a true Shir, they took his name as their own and honored him for finding their land. The prophecy had unfolded and they were united as one on the farthest of lands under the leadership of Vah. Filled with pride that they were indeed the chosen ones, the Shir called out the name of Vah to the darkness as a challenge to all who would stand in the way of their destiny.


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