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Level 60 Gem Drops

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Level 60 Gem Drops

Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:22 pm

Here's the info I have on the 60 drop locations (other levels below):

lvl 60 gems
king cepheus (Erud's Crossing, out in the water near moots)
queen lacerta (see above)
shiran harpy queen (spawns in the back left side of the harpy cave, the mob to the right is her place holder)
Saftemoot (in the moot cave, spawns in the middle)
Jal'Raeth Patriarch (Envar)
Jal'Raeth Bishop (Envar)
Vorin (Envar)
Prophet of Envar (Evnar)
Tal'Thir (Envar)
Overseer (Geomancer's Citadel)
Overlord Xrag (Elephant Graveyard)
Son of Xrag (Elephant Graveyard)
Bone Sentinel (Elephant Graveyard)
- The Plegund
-geomancers citadel, overseer
-halial high priestess on kerra island
-wisewoman on kerra island
-queen lacercia in water north? of safemoots
-cyclops fortress?
-harpy queen

lvl 60 materials
-Brown Split hide of Kolbolds
-Platinum Ore chunks in EG Pariahs
-EG eyeballs drop hide
-envar basement drops platinum ore

I'm not 100% sure how accurate this information is.

lvl 50 gems ----------------
-?hidden room to the right as you enter in phantoms temple, ancient one drops
lvl 50 materials ----------------------
-?lady vox

lvl 40 gems ----------------
-named kappa outside of black market(rahfael->ninja turtal)
-Trezn in lizard temple s/e of arc, right room of captain, chair guy placeholder
-?antextet king in w or c ogre ruins, chair guy placeholder
-dawn maiden in south arcadin

lvl 40 materials ----------------------
-?named halial shaman on kerra -?kappas


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