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AoF Loot Table

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AoF Loot Table Empty AoF Loot Table

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:50 am

All items are level 50


Etched rubicite ring: all/all Hp150, Dex15, Cr15

Etched rubicite earring: all/all Hp150, Sta15, Fr15

Embossed rubicite ring: all/all Pow150, Sta15, Fr15

Embossed rubicite earring: all/all Pow150, Dex15, Cr15


Elen Estel 2 handed staff: all/Healer,Caster,ALC ~ DMG 537, Pow150, Pr30, Dr30, Dex35, Sta15, Int15, AC35

Dancing Nightblade secondary: all/WAR, BRD, RGE, Caster, ALC. DMG 585, Dex25, Pr10, Str15, (possibly an AC debuff by description)

Grimbasher secondary: all/Tank, Melee, Healer DMG570, Wis25, Cha10, Pow75, Lr10, Cr5

Nubris' totem held: all/DRD, SHA, Caster, ALC. Str-40, Pow175, Dex40

Bonebreaker secondary: all/MNK. DMG 575, Sta30, Dex10, AR10

Bloodgale battlehammer 2 handed: all/Healer DMG 590, Hp25, Pow20, Ar8, Lr5, Pot10

Greensap great club 2 handed: all/Tank, Melee DMG 584, (possible a proc by the description)

Soulsplitter 2handed sword: all/Tank, RAN. DMG 683, Hp75, Sta31, Dex13, Pr10, Dr8.


Gryzwik shield: all/Tank, CL. Dur 75, Hp75, Pr30, Dr15, Ac430

Elementis shield: all/Healer, Caster, ALC. Pow120, Ac149, Dr15, Ar10, Pr15

ARMOR (forearm)

Bark scale wristguard forearm: all/RAN, BRD, RGE, SHA. Hp105, Ac53, Ar10, Lr5, Sta20, Str10

Er Atlas 2forearm: all/MNK, DRD. Hp100, Ac143, Agi30

Etched rubicite necklace: all/all. Ar45, Cr10, Fr10, Lr10, Hp-75, Pow-75

Adamas Armilla 2forearm: all/Tank, CL. Ac208, Pow150, Fr10.


Robe of Sorcery: HUM, ELF, DELF, GNO, ERU, OGR/Caster, ALC. Pow15, Sta6, Agil6, Dex6, Cha6, Int6, Ac9

Cazil Dhom robe: HUM, ELF, DELF, GNO, ERU, OGR/Caster, ALC. Pow100, Ac38, Ar10, Pr10, Int30


Illis Andren and Illis Andron boots: HUM, ELF, DELF, GNO, DWF, HLF, ERU, OGR/DRD, Caster, ALC. Pow75, Ac85, Ar20, Int25, Dex10

Adamas Caliga boots: all/Tank, CL. Ac161, Dex15, Sta35

Frightfull boots: all/Tank, CL. Ac159, Pow63, Hp18, Pr20, Dr4, Wis23, Dex5


Bark scale helmet: all/RAN, BRD, RGE, SHA. AC138, HP100, Pr15, Dr5, Str15

Adamas Galea helmet: all/Tank, CL. Ac161, Pow85, Wis20, Sta10.


Em Atlas legs: Hum/MNK. Hp100, Ac170, Dex30.


Bark scale gloves: all/RAN, BRD, RGE, SHA. Ac194, Pow100, Cr15, Ar10

Adamas Manica gloves: ALL/Tank, CL. Ac220, Hp125, Sta20, Wis5.


Adamas Lorica chestguard: all/WAR, PAL, SK, CL. Lore Dex20, Str10, AC423

Bark scale tunic: all/RAN, BRD, RGE, SHA. Ac341, Wis20, Dex10

Haunting splint tunic: all/Tank, Healer, Melee, Alc. Ac190, Pow60, Hp25, Hot5, Ar12, Dex12, Cha10.


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