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Eternal Knight of Mistmoore

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Eternal Knight of Mistmoore Empty Eternal Knight of Mistmoore

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:50 pm

The Story of Aludian
Written by Eternal Knight Aludian of Mistmoore

The location is the Steamfont Mountains. Normally, gnomish workers from Ak'Anon are toiling away at their windmills, tinkering their gadgetry to sell all across Norrath. However, there had been news that a dragon had been sighted near Ak'Anon. Many adventure seekers and curious onlookers ported to the area to see a dragon, many people seeing one for the first time.

The dragon was considered small, and had a blue color to her. Adventurers from all across Norrath attempted to slay the dragon, with no avail. That was when a Teir'Dal lord appeared, and wounded the baby dragon, causing it to fall out of the sky and into the adventurers. That is where this chapter of the story begins.

The Teir'Dal identified himself as Lord Galendore. He was being confronted by a Fier'Dal named Ayorin Skyarrow. Ayorin had a bow strapped across her back, and glared menacingly at the floating Galendore.

The onlookers crowded around the two, destroying any shot that Ayorin could have against the Lord, however it also impeded on the progress of the Lord getting to the wounded dragon. Lord Galendore glared at the crowd standing in his way.

Ayorin Skyarrow redrew her bow, cocking the arrow. She aimed it towards the back of the dark figure before her. "Step aside, shadowed one," she said. "I know not why you have come here, but this battle was fought and won by the soldiers of this land."

The crowd pressed onto Lord Galendore, asking many questions all at once. "You have many unanswered questions," he began. "Perhaps if you moved aside, they might be answered."

The crowd did not hear him, as they were more concerned with trying to figure out what kind of white armor the Lord was using. Several asked why Ayorin was even there.

Lord Galendore motioned everybody to back away from the scene. "It seems that these mortals have ears that don't hear," he whispered.

"What am I doing?" she yelled. "I am taking what is rightfully mine! The Lord seems to think this battle is his, when it is not. It is the birthright of the Elven race, to protect Faydwer. This beast has come, part of the awakening of the wurm."

The young dragon raised her head slightly, glancing nervously about. Ayorin continued her speech.

"We must unite against this...as evil will abound the lands once they have awakened. The awakening is happening slowly, this daughter of the wurm is the first to come!" Ayorin looked around the crowd, who were screaming questions about Veeshan, the wyrmqueen. "Hush!" she yelled, "...Or we shall awaken more of them! We must protect our lands from dragonkind, and pray to Tunare that the Wurm Queen does not rise again. You fight, you train, you prepare yourselves. Unite and protect one another. I do not know where the wurm will rise, but you must not say her name!"

A shout rang out across the lands, in Lord Galendore's voice. "You all seek answers to your questions.. as do I, but no one will get what they seek until you back away."

"Aye," Ayorin agreed. "Back away and let me face the Lord here, so I may prevent him from taking what's mine!"

The crowd did back away some, and gave them a small circle of freedom. Ayorin looked into Galendore's eyes.

"Who are you to dare take away the glory that is rightfully theirs?" Ayorin asked. "I will not stand by and allow this grotesque display of dishonor to continue! Show yourself, so that you may be rightfully judged."

Lord Galendore turned away from the dragon, releasing his sword, still implanted within the claw. Raising his right hand to his face, the shadowed figure drew back the cowl draped over his face to expose his darkened features. Ayorin Skyarrow gasped as she stared into the haunted eyes of the Teir'Dal before her, her fists gripping her bow and arrow tighter as her skin flushed with anger.

Lord Galendore gently pulled back the ebon cloak from his ghastly white armor. A lightly etched symbol of a skeletal dragon encased within a ring of fire and roses becomes visible, and then fades back into the armor as a series of veins.

"Blessed Tunare," Ayorin prayed. "What vile being stands before you now." She stared motionlessly at the symbol upon the Teir'Dal's chest, her eyes swelling with tears as she spoke her plea to the Great Mother.

Lord Galendore walked up to the Elven woman and leaned towards her ear. In a barely audible whisper, he spoke, "Lest you wish to be among your companions, lying dead upon the grounds of these hills, speak no more nor move a muscle."

Lord Galendore straightened up, pausing for a moment to watch as horror and pain flooded into the woman's face, her bronze skin drained to a ghostly white, the only indication that she was not of stone, but a living creature. He turned back to the dragon, his brow twisted with irritation as he began to speak with the dragon once more.

"You would not be so lucky as to have a quick death, milady. Now, if you would be so kind as to give the location of the shard you hold so dearly?" the Teir'Dal lord inquired.

The young dragon lowered her head to the ground, resting her chin upon the wet grass. "I know nothing of which you speak, dark child," she began. "That secret is kept within the minds of only the elders. If you wish the answers to your question, then seek them, if you should be so bold."

Suddenly, Lord Galendore swiftly twisted his blade within the dragon's claw, a smile upon the Teir'Dal's face at the sound of her snapping tendons and breaking bones. The dragon lifted her head from the ground, clamping her huge jaws together to prevent another cry of pain.

"It would be a most wise chose on your part if you were to cooperate," he began. His teeth were visibly clenched in irritation, and his voice grew louder. "If you do not know the exact location of this shard, then give me the names of those who know!"

The young dragon snickered softly as she placed her chin back to the ground, her eyes glazed with pain as she stared up at the Teir'Dal. "I cannot tell you what I do not know. Be done with it, dark child, there is nothing more to discuss."

The Teir'Dal looked at his sword in the claw. "Very well, spawn of scale. You have proven what little worth you have, I shall waste no more time with you." He then swiftly pulled his sword from the dragon's claw, blood spurting from the gaping wound. He raised the blade above his head and took a single step forward, ready to strike the neck of the fallen dragon.

But he forgot about the Fier'Dal, Ayorin Skyarrow, behind him, who had her bow cocked at his back. She slowly released her bow, letting it fall to the ground as she glares at the Teir'Dal, his back to her as he tortures the dying beast. She shouted across the land, "Vegadas, my brother, your death shall be avenged this night!"

Lord Galendore turned to the young elf, and swiftly attacked her with all of his rage. They fought, with the crowd closing in on the battle, taking sides, trying to help or hinder either fighter. "Vegadas! I fall at your side! I fall for the Mother and to the evil, I perish," was shouted by Ayorin, just before her body fell to the ground in a crumpled heap.

Lord Galendore kneeled down to the corpse of the elf. Sliding his sword into the back of her leather shirt, Lord Galendore held the leather tightly against his sword as he wipes the blood from his blade. He stood from the corpse and turned once again to the dragon, ignoring the taunts from the surrounding crowd. He glared at those in the way, and hissed, "Back away." He motioned impatiently to those in his path.

"As you have failed to cooperate this day, I am afraid that your life upon this world is forfeit," he said to the dragon, raising his sword above his head. He took one step forward as he prepared to strike upon the dragon's neck.

"At ease, Lord Galendore," said a voice out of nowhere. Suddenly, Lord Mayong Mistmoore appeared, hovering in the air. "The child can not help that you do not ask the right questions." He placed his hand upon Galendore's shoulder, making his way to the fallen dragon. He bowed to the dragon.

Lord Mistmoore began to address the dragon. "Forgive me, milady. I realize how much of a disappointment this must be to you, to awaken and only a few moments thereafter find yourself in death's hand. Your pain shall be brief, but not without a few more moments upon this world."

"The immortal Lord sends henchmen to do his own work?" the dragon hissed. "Pathetic you are, Lord Mayong Mistmoore. It is quite an enigma why the Ring of Scale has not yet disposed of you."

Lord Mistmoore chuckled, "'Tis a pity that you see it this way, milady. Enough of the meaningless insults, yes? There is something of more importance with which I require your assistance."

The dragon hissed once again, "The immortal lord, who has fought the Children of Scale for countless years, now turns to the aid of one fledgling of that same brood he fights? This day is filled with strange events, indeed."

Lord Mistmoore looked pointedly at the dragon, seeming like he was wasting precious time. The shard, milady. Tell me the tales and rumors of which you have heard."

The dragon lowered her head once again to the ground. "Rumors of which I have heard regarding this shard you seek? I know of only one rumor, but it is only a rumor, and should not be confused with fact. The Lady Vox, when she was cast out from the Ring, marked a traitor to her own, was said to have fled with the shard as her final revenge up on the Ring. It is said that she clutches the shard within her own claw. That is all I know of the tale, do with it what you will."

Mayong Mistmoore raised his hand, motioning of Lord Galendore to approach. "Galendore, there is a man who I wish you to seek - someone of great power as well as being eminently expendable," he ordered.

Galendore nodded. "Where would one find this man, milord?"

"He has taken a brief residence within Dagnor's Cauldron. We will need him to retrieve a shard. For what reasons, he need not know. The reward for his assistance and success shall be great." Mayong Mistmoore turned back to the dragon, who was nearly unconscious from the wounds she had suffered.

"Thank you, milady, for your cooperation. Unfortunately, you must take your leave." With that, Lord Mistmoore bowed, and attacked the dragon with dark magic. The dragon, being healed by the crowd of onlookers, finally closed her eyes in death.

Mayong Mistmoore turned his head from Lord Galendore and faces the crowd, eyeing the individuals as they scowl at the vampire and his Teir'Dal minion. "Make use of the services of these mortals about you as the man you shall be seeking is not one to be underestimated. Be swift, Lord Galendore, as our time grows short."

Tendrils of darkness rose from the ground and into the air, engulfing the vampire in their twisted coils, hiding him from sight. Rising nearly fifty feet into the air, the tower of shadows began to break away and then disappeared, the man encased within the shadows now gone from sight.

Lord Galendore shouted across the land, "Those who seek glory, for any reason, and your intents matter not, step forward! Those who wish to prove themselves shall be rewarded greatly! Step towards me now, seekers of glory, and you shall find your treasures at the hands of Mistmoore!"

A band of adventurers followed Lord Galendore as he ran out of the Steamfont Mountains. Running through Lesser Faydark, and then Greater Faydark, the group stopped at the wizard spires. Galendore surveyed the glory seekers. Nodding in approval, he pointed toward Butcherblock and decreed, "Onward!"

Upon entering Butcherblock, Galendore encountered a brief lupine aura. The crowd had a difficult time keeping up with him, but they met up with him inside his intended destination, Dagnor's Cauldron.

The group traveled down the path that lead to the Cauldron. The sun was up, and the area was mostly empty, except for Galendore's group of glory seekers. Lord Galendore surveyed the crowd as they reached the end of the path, and called out.

"Aludian, would you step forward please?" he asked. "I have a small task for you."

I gasped, hearing the muttered prayers to the respective deities of the onlookers. Several onlookers questioned his choice of a Druid, and others just patted me on the back as I attempted to calmly walk in front of the Lord.

Galendore looked into my eyes. "These mortals, I assume they are your comrades, yes?"

I looked around me at the onlookers, which consisted of people from every race and wearing many guild tags on their armor. I look into the Teir'Dal Lord's eyes and say "Yes these are my friends" Lord Galendore seemed uninterested in my words. "In any case, they cannot be trusted, nor can you for that matter. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to ask your assistance Aludian." I nodded slightly, and he continued. "I can not go any further into this area, for reasons I shall not discuss with you. Seek out Kivgor Illbriar and tell him that a proposition is to be made of him. I expect to see him here shortly, so do not fail me lest you incur the wrath of my master. Go now, and do not return here until you have Kivgor at your side."

I nodded, and turned toward the Cauldron before me. I whispered Kivgor's name as I chanted Tunare's name across the lands. To the left of the entrance, he was tracked. Several of the crowd was already there when I arrived, having never actually been in this area of Faydwer before.

Kivgor Illbriar was a stout dwarf, with a long black beard that covered his face. "What is all this?" he yelled. "What the bloody 'ell?"

"Kivgor Illbriar!" I yelled, trying to make my way through the crowd. "I am Aludian". I have a message. There is a proposition that must be made of you by Lord Galendore. Please, there is little time." I looked around nervously.

Kivgor Illbriar peered into the crowd with his good eye, his upper lip curled in a sneer, and exposing the remains of stain, yellowed teeth. "Lord Galendore, eh? What the 'ell does e' want?"

"I know not his intentions, he does not trust me fully," I added.

"Well, it can't 'hurt to try, can it?" he said, with his scruffy voice bringing out the hidden letters in his words. "Alright, I'll go with you, Minion of Mistmoore. But, watch yer backs and yer pockets. If this is a trap, I wunt think twice abut slittin' yer throat." I nodded in complete understanding. "Lead the way, aye. I hope your kind has the smarts to lead me to the Lord."

"This way," I said, heading back to the entrance of the Cauldron. Lord Galendore was waiting for our return. He nodded towards the filthy dwarf standing among the crowd.

"Lord Galendore, I present Kivgor Illbriar," I decreed, and then backed off to attempt to become an unbiased historian once again.

Galendore peered through the crowd. "Kivgor Illbriar, would you please step forward? I have a small business proposition for you."

Kivgor Illbriar pushed his way through the crowd of people. He then paused, turning his head to the ground. He opened his mouth, and a deep gurgling emerged from the dwarf's throat as he spat his tobacco onto the ground. Galendore raised his head slightly at the dwarf, a sneer of impatience crossing his brow. Kivgor wiped his jaw with his forearm before proceeding towards the Teir'Dal.

"These lil' buggers tell me that ye wanted to 'ave a meetin' with me, for a .......business proposition or something t'that effect? Aye?" the dwarf asked. He reached into his pack and pulls out a small, black, leather pouch. He then reached into the small pouch and pulled out a small bit of tobacco, and placed it between his lower lip and jaw.

"Yes, they have informed you correctly, Kivgor," Galendore replied.

Kivgor Illbriar raised an eyebrow to the Teir'Dal, puffing out his red cheeks as he spat a bit of brown juice onto the ground. "Yeah, yeah, I already got that part, but WHAT exactly ye want me t'do? And 'ow much are ye goin' t' be payin' me?"

"It is a small task and shouldn't be too far out of your league," Galendore began. "There is a family relic that is dear to my master, something that is even older than he. Unfortunatly, this treasure has fallen into the grasps of the White Lady, Vox. Your task, if you choose to accept, is to retrieve this shard from the dragons lair."

The dwarf raised his eyebrows in surprise towards Lord Galendore, opening his mouth to speak, but he is interrupted by the Teir'Dal's words.

"We have heard greatly of your abilities, as well as that of many others. We sought you first, as we have great faith in you, Kivgor. If you do not accept this task, then we shall ask another, although in truth, you prove to be the one of most worth."

Kivgor looked inquisitively at Galendore. "That be true, dark one?"

Galendore grinned wickedly as he said, "Aye, Kivgor, every word."

The dwarf closed his jaw, turning his head as he scanned the area around him. "Alrighty then, I'll take up yer little job."

Lord Galendore nods in approval towards Kivgor Illbriar and extends his hand for the dwarf to take. "A wise choice, Kivgor," he said. Kivgor then reached out to take the hand of Lord Galendore, forcefully shaking the Teir'Dal's hand.

Clouds then spread over the sky, concealing the rays of the sun from the waters of Dagnor's Cauldron. The light was now a murky gray, and shadows began to rise from the corners of the lake, coming together over the Dwarf and Teir'Dal as a towering pillar of darkness. Stepping out of these same shadows, a tall figure approached the dwarf. It was Lord Mayong Mistmoore.

"Excellent. You have done well this day, Galendore," he said. He turned to the dwarf, who was staring curiously at the vampire standing before him. "And you, young Kivgor Illbriar. I welcome you to my services. I assure you that you will not come to regret your decisions."

Kivgor turned his head to the side once again, letting out another spit of the brown fluid from the tobacco beneath his lip. "I takes it this be the big boss, Lord Mayong Mistmoore 'imself, eh?"

Lord Mistmoore grinned evilly at the dwarf. "I am he of whom you speak," he replied.

"So," Kivgor said, while chewing his tobacco, "when will ye be 'avin me go on this little treasure hunt for ye?"

"Immediately," Mistmoore said with a smile.

Kivgor Illbriar raised an eyebrow, turning his head and glancing quickly around the area. "An' ye want me t'go.....alone? or will I be accompanied by-"

Mayong Mistmoore motioned to the dwarf to cease his words. "No, Kivgor. You will venture alone, as this is a task requiring much stealth and skill. I feel it would be best for you to go alone due to the nature of this task."

"Oh, all right then. I'll fetch yer trinket. Any particular time ye want it back?" the dwarf asked.

Mayong Mistmoore flashes a gentle grin of amusement towards Kivgor, and said once again, "Immediately."

Kivgor Illbriar spat one last time, barely missing Lord Galendore's steel boots. He flashed a toothy grin towards Mayong, throwing down a small potion, the glass bottle shattering as it hits the ground. He was then surrounded by a massive cloud of smoke and dust, fading from view as the smoke is blown away with the wind.

Lord Mistmoore leaned toward Galendore. "Somehow," he said in a hushed tone, "I do not feel that this dwarf will be as successful as anticipated. Your thoughts, Galendore?"

"He has promise," Galendore replied, "but I believe his ego and overweighed vanity would prevent him from succeeding."

Mayong Mistmoore lowered his head in thought, grazing his chin with his hand. For a moment, he paused and then turns his head to Lord Galendore. "Galendore," he began. "Send for the priestess, as well as Khasra. They shall accompany you to the caverns of the north where you will ensure the dwarf's victory."

Galendore bowed, and replied, "Immediately, Milord."

"Galendore, one more thing before you go," Mistmoore called out. "These mortals," he said, waving his hand in the direction of the crowd. "Which of these mortals has been of greatest service to you this day, Galendore?"

Many of the onlookers in the crowd immediately stepped up, declaring that they were the one person whom helped the most. Lord Mistmoore eyed the crowd as he spoke to Lord Galendore, searching the minds of those around for Galendore's answer.

Galendore pointed straight ahead, through the crowd to me with my parchment outside of the horde. "That one milord, Aludian I believe is his given name, One who isn't too bright, but has provided as much help as can be expected from a mortal."

Obviously, not the type of criticism I am used to seeing, but when Lord Mistmoore looked in my direction, the only thing I was worried about was the chill that crept up my spine.

Lord Mistmoore kept his eyes upon the one Galendore indicated as he whispered a series of words to the Teir'Dal in a language unknown to any who dwell within his realm and time. I am fluent in nineteen languages on Norrath, and I could not even begin to decipher their meaning.

The words "traitor" and "dark one" were being hissed in my direction, while disgust was being brought up from the others at not being chosen. I let out a deep breath as the dark lords approached.

Galendore approached, and dropped his hands to the elaborately embroidered belt around his waist. He stopped in front of me, nodding in respect as he removed the belt from his waist.

"Aludian," yelled a voice from the crowd, "would you embrace this darkness?" "Aludian, use your head!" yelled another.

Galendore ignored them, and gently folded the belt in half, keeping his eyes locked upon mine as he outstretched his arms in offering of the belt.

"Will you step openly into the arms of evil, Aludian?"

"I am unbiased in all affairs Norrath, at least I try to be," I replied. We do not discriminate between dark and light."

I grasped the belt, which looked like a Runed Belt, from Lord Galendore. I looked at the belt, held in both mine and Lord Galendore's hands. It is true, about the war between Mistmoore and Tunare, even if it does come from a dark one. It is a gift. I took the belt from his hands, much to the surprise of the onlookers. They muttered things about their loss of respect for myself. Lord Galendore then spoke up and said, "On behalf of Mistmoore, you are thanked for your services this night." He bowed.

Mayong Mistmoore closed his eyes and lowered his head as he thanked me. From behind a mask of shadows, the vampire opened his eyes, staring into my eyes. It was the scariest moment of my life, as those eyes showed to me how cold and dark he really was, and that no matter what he said now, I was a marked elf. "I shall not forget your services to me, mortal child." He raised his head as he walked towards me, stopping only inches from me. My blood curled as I felt his vampiric chill that close to me, noting that he had no need to breathe.

Mayong raised his wrist up to his chest, his dark robes folding down his forearm. "A gift, child," he said, flashing a gentle smile of endearment.

An onlooker shouted across the land, "Aludian has abandoned all that is good in accepting gifts from these dark lords... I fear for his very soul!"

Mistmoore ignored him, and continued. "As I shall not forget you, neither shall you forget me." My hands started to tremble, as he lifted his other hand to his wrist, slashing violently across the blue flesh with his claw-like nails. My head jerked back during the slash, followed by blinking my eyes several times to make sure what I was seeing was real. He reached into the folds of his robes, withdrawing a small vial encased within a bat's skull to the open wound, allowing the vial to completely fill. He then lowered his wrist, still holding the vial up to me.

I closed my eyes for just a second, then opening them wide once again. "Let this be a gift to you," he said, "a gift of the most personal nature." He raised his head, tilting it slightly to the side as he speaks, his voice now trembling with strength.

"A warning to you, child," Mistmoore began. "To accept this, is to do nothing, but to drink of it, is to pledge yourself to me. Eternity's Knight, forever you shall be." He grinned sadistically at me as he stretched the vial to me.

I looked at the vial, filled with vampire blood, and my hands shook as I reached toward it. "There is no commitment in the reception of the vial, only the drinking of its contents," he reassured me.

My hands came inches to the vial, in his hand outstretched to me. As I trembled to take the vial from the dark one. I tilted my head back, and in one swift motion drank of the vial of Mayong's blood. I could feel his strength enter me as I now have his blood rushing inside of me every battle "Very well," I could hear him say as he left. The crowd thinking that I was now a Teir'Dal.

I noted one thing as they left. Mayong would be back. I could feel it now.


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