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The Unkempt Druids

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The Unkempt Druids Empty The Unkempt Druids

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:21 pm

The Unkempt Druids

Throughout the Plains of Karana and the Mountains of Rathe, very small bands of human and half elven rangers and druids have laid claim to the unkempt ways. These misguided few have recently been introduced to the true path of the unkempt with the discovery of ancient scrolls believed to be a part of the missing tome bound in a living weave of moss and fern - the Writ of the Wild.

Few can decipher this tome's ancient symbols, dating back to the era when man was nothing more than groups of nomadic tribes wandering the face of Norrath. The ignorance of the tome's true words and meaning had only strengthened the thirst for the truth of the unkempt ways in these few outcast druids and rangers of the wild.

Eager to know what secrets the tome would reveal, the outcast druids of Rathe Mountains sought the hermit who dwells in his solitude in the southern plains of Karana. Believed to have been schooled in the ways of the true unkempt in the Unkempt Wood long ago, the hermit was able to translate the fragmented pieces of these ancient documents - although he would lend only a small portion of their knowledge and secrets to the curious outsiders. The hermit gave the select translated passages to the outcast wildlings and sent them away - the originals believed to remain in his possession.

With only a minor portion of the unkempt tome translation, these outcasts began to spread their passion for the wild across all of Norrath, looking to convert any child of the natural world to their cause. From the plains of Karana to the misty forests of the Faydark, the outcast druids and rangers have gained some support, forming a small and sheltered cult dedicated to the vague ways of the unkempt path that they have access to.

However, the ancient writs' words and guidance were not enough to show these curious and passionate wildlings the true meaning of what it is to be unkempt. Their ignorance may become their downfall, for now they seek to uncover the sacred Unkempt Wood where the ways of the unkempt were born.

The true followers of the Writ of the Wild are those known as Unkempt Warders, who have not wandered from their homeland of the Unkempt Wood since their founding. Little is known by outsiders of the Unkempt Warders, for they are reclusive by nature and do not seek to venture beyond the boundaries of their cherished and well-guarded territory.


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