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Misty Thicket

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Misty Thicket

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 3:52 pm

Halflings across the world of Norrath rejoice as the hills of Misty Thicket flourish into a new paradise. The new Misty Thicket will be going live with the Game Update on Thursday, July 5th. Read part of the lore of this area and view a photo gallery look at the changes that were made:

Background Lore

Misty Thicket is a small forest neighbouring the dungeon of Runnyeye Citadel and the Halfling city of Rivervale. It is a relatively safe for hunting and is a great source of food for the Halflings who live nearby. Yet there are few smaller bands of somewhat aggressive humanoids who live in the woods and often pose minor problems for the people of Rivervale.

Just outside the small cavern entrance to the town of Rivervale, several earthen huts are dispersed about the flat, sparsely-wooded area of the thicket. These are merchant huts where tradesfolks make a living selling their wares to adventurers and purchasing materials that could perhaps be of potential use.

The forest itself is split into two sections by a large stone wall known as the Wall of Serillis, and formerly known as the Great Wall of Cetelt. The wall serves as a barrier to protect the citizens of Rivervale from Clan Runnyeye who inhabit the nearby bastion.

A famed human adventurer name Cetelt, who had retired to live in the area of Misty Thicket, set his followers to build the great wall. Some say he had them do it out of his great concern for the halfling people, as the wall protects them from the goblins of Clan Runnyeye. The goblin citadel can be found on the other side of the wall - called the "bad side" by the Halflings. Others, however, seem to think that Cetelt devised the project as a "make-work" opportunity for his followers who, to Cetelt's chagrin, continued to follow him throughout most of his lifetime, begging him to fulfill their need for a hero and leader. The wall was later dedicated by the local halflings to Brell Serilis , one of their chief gods, along with Karana, and Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane.


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