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Innothule Swamp

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Innothule Swamp

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 3:53 pm

As the stench of evil pullulates throughout the region surrounding the home of the trolls, the denizens of the Innothule Swamp surface to see the rejuvenated swamplands.

Background Lore:

Connecting the Southern Desert of Ro and the jungle of Feerott, the Innothule Swamp serves as a dangerous stone upon any traveler's path, for the trolls of this region are disdainful of nearly all but their dark allies of the Teir'Dal and the ogres of Oggok.

Trolls are not the only things that one must be wary of, however. The frogloks that make their home in Guk come to the swamp's surface to hunt and fish. Frogloks are generally peaceful unless provoked. The kobolds, on the other hand, are vicious and will attack most on sight.

This swamp is a great area for young trolls to begin adventuring. They will find that the despised frogloks carry many things on them such as weapons, armor, and coin. Such brutal dealings with the frogloks will bring much praise to any young troll from those back home in Grobb.

Ancient tales speak of an evil pact between the rulers of the planes of Fear and Hate that spawned this murky wetland. In homage and pride of this legend, the trolls who have inhabited these swamplands for eras have named this dank region Innothule. Upon the northeastern shore of the swamp, the troll village of Grobb resides - protected by a constant watch of trollish warriors and guardsmen.

Spiraling upward like the twisted, gnarly fingers of Innoruuk himself, willows and other dreary swampland trees are generously scattered across the terrain. A thick layer of brown and emerald, mossy slime blankets the earthen shores and the trunks of the swampland behemoths. Several mounts of damp, moldy earth rise up from the shallow waters, carving a chaotic and awkward path of solid ground.

The swamp is teeming with all sorts of vile creatures, including tribes of trolls who seek to make any travel through the swamp a one-way trip. Young frogloks are a common sight as the frogloks of Guk often come to the rich waters of Innothule to use as a breeding ground.

Kobolds have also settled in Innothule swamp over the passing decades, finding plentiful bounty of snakes, fish, and other swamplands creatures to make the constant threat of the territorial trolls worth risking.


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