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Crescent Reach

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Crescent Reach

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 3:55 pm

Crescent Reach is a city of stone built within a cliff face with a large crescent-shaped crevasse in its front, called The Hollow.

It was once an ancient ogre city called Nokk. When the Circle of the Crystalwing - the six dragons who defied the elders of the dragon's Nest to create a new race - sought a place to start a new race, they found the old city. It has now been adopted by the drakkin who have quickly made it their own. The drakkin culture shows in their organic items made with cloth, leather, plants, and colourful natural dyes that reflect their own vibrant colourings.

Main City Area

The main city area is fully equipped for your tradeskill and specialty needs. You'll find quest givers, tradeskill quest masters, tradeskill crafting objects, supply merchants for baking, pottery, jewelrcrafting, fletching, tailoring, blacksmithing, alchemy, poison making, research, tinkering and item augmentation.

The city also provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, and merchants that sell potions, backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear.

Guildmaster Hall

The Guildmaster Hall is where you can find Guildmasters for each class and spell and tome merchants.
Scalesinger Veshma - (Bard)
Savageclaw Uluanes - (Beastlord)
Ragefury Qenushi - (Beserker)
Silverwing Elushar - (Cleric)
Moonreader Ewera - (Druid)
Dreamseeker Ellowind - (Enchanter)
Lavacaller Aenda - (Magician)
Clawstriker Yusi`ru - (Monk)
Bloodreaver Riza`farr - (Necromancer)
Pridewing Veshdule - (Paladin)
Leafchaser Leilu - (Ranger)
Whisperwalk Maroline - (Rogue)
Blacktalon Teel`qa - (Shadow Knight)
Spiritwatcher Ahnkaul - (Shaman)
Commander Menaulus - (Warrior)
Firetongue Ethantis - (Wizard)
Background Lore

The Circle of the Crystalwing, Dyn`leth, and the Creation of the Drakkin

When Veeshan laid her brood on Norrath, she also entrusted a very powerful gift to them -- one of her scales. This scale was imbued with a magic that ultimately tied all dragonkind on Norrath to Veeshan's species. It held magical properties that are unknown to all but the dragons. This artifact was placed in the lowlands of the Nest where it stayed, protected and guarded by a dragon, Lethar.

The dragons kept a protective shroud over the Nest while the lands around them began to be populated by the races of the gods. The Elddar elves nearby, created by Tunare, built their city, Takish-Hiz in the Elddar Forest and drew the jealous eye of Solusek Ro. He greatly resented Tunare's prosperous elves and chose to ruin them. He raised the spine of the world to create the Serpent's Spine Mountains which, over time, changed the weather of the the Elddar forest so much so that it dried and became sand -- the desert of Ro.

But Solusek Ro's act affected more than just the elves. Veeshan's scale that rested in a great shrine built by the dragons was raised beyond the protective veil the dragons of the Nest used to hide themselves from the world. Lethar, the strongest of the five dragon guardians of the scale, had great selfish ambitions, as dragons often do. Once the shrine, the scale, and Lethar left the protection of the veil when the Serpent's Spine was raised, he claimed ownership of Veeshan's scale. Resistance to his claim was lessened as two guardians, Sothgar and Glenicae, were crushed to death by the great rocks and stones that rushed over the landscape during the cataclysm. The other two were dealt with as Lethar used the scale's power.

The scale and Lethar became bound to one another and, now outside of the veil, Lethar learned to use the scale to draw the power from any dragon that came near it. No dragons could defeat Lethar or break his bond with their precious mother's scale. The dragons have continued over many centuries to return the scale home and now they are even more desperate to see its return. Now, the dragons believe the scale's power can lift the curse on the Nest.

After a decade of being the sole guardian of the scale in Ashengate Temple where Veeshan's Scale remained, Lethar realized he required a minion or child to do his bidding while he protected the scale. In those years, soon after the Serpent's Spine Mountains were raised, some Elddar elves remained in the mountains when their kin fled to Faydwer. Lethar knew it was only a matter of time before he found a suitable mate from the lone Elddar elf village. A young, curious female Elddar elf named Veldyn attempted to determine the truth of a village myth about a black dragon who lived in the mountains and set off to explore. In her travels, she met and was seduced by Lethar who greeted her with an illusion -- appearing as an Elddar elf himself. It was not long before Lethar's son was born and named in part after his father and his mother -- Dyn`leth, the first elf-dragon child.

Lethar's parenting, pride in his uniqueness, and the power of the scale combined to create an evil disposition in Dyn`leth. His character was even darker than his father's. Over time his greed and desire for power superseded his father's and his interest in the scale become an obsession. He came to threaten his father and promised that he would destroy the scale if Lethar ever interfered with his ambitions. While Lethar was ambitious, he knew of the greatness and importance of the scale and would continue to defend it. And so this conflict between father and son has continued for many years.

Since the giants were driven out of the valley by the curse of Rallos Zek many decades before his birth, Dyn`leth held sway over most of the inhabitants of the western regions of Spine Peak. His charm and threats forced almost all creatures to obey him. And so the lands have remained for centuries. But now things have changed.

One year ago, six dragons, born in the Nest but living beyond it, returned to their home to see the devastation of their birthplace and their birthright. Together they proposed a solution which caused great conflict among their parents. They had learned many years ago that Lethar had a created a being of his own blood -- a dragon child of sorts, but with elf lineage. This small group of dragons proposed they do the same and create of new race of mortals that could represent them and grow powerful enough to restore Veeshan's scale with the help of all mortals. This race would be born much more quickly than the 100 years it would take to lay and hatch any egg. It also ensured, in some way, that dragon blood would live on even if the Nest were completely destroyed. This small number of dragons proposed to imbue humans with the magic of their blood to create a dragon-touched race of humans.

The greater dragons of the Nest, Rikkukin, Yar`Lir, Tirranun especially, vehemently opposed the proposal of these extremists as defying dragon law and cast them out. The six dragons settled in the lowlands of the Serpent's Spine Mountains in an old abandoned ogre city called Nokk and carried out their plans, creating the drakkin -- a half-human, half-dragon race.

They called themselves the Circle of the Crystalwing, defining themselves as the future of dragon kind. The dragons are:

Venesh the Greenblood

Draton`ra, Master of the Void

Keikolin, Bringer of Enlightenment

Mysaphar, Seeker of All

Atathus the Red Lord

Osh`vir the Windspirit

Venesh, Draton`ra, and Atathus shared similar philosophy and differed from the other dragons. Their plans for a new race did not involve cooperation. They would selectively kidnap and steal away the human children they felt had the properties they desired in their new offspring. Keikolin, Mysaphar, and Osh`vir chose to cooperate with humans and have their blessing when it came to selecting humans to be touched by dragon magic. The city they adopted became known as Crescent Reach.

The Circle of the Crystalwing that left the Nest to create its own race as Norrathians entered Darkhollow was troublesome indeed. This was the first time in Dyn`leth's life he'd ever felt a threat. But, as he often did, in every change he looked for opportunity. The new race the dragons created quickly moved from threat to prey. Using the controlling power of Veeshan's scale, the knowledge he'd gained from his father, and the understanding gained from being born from the scale, Dyn`leth found a way to tap into the dragon blood coursing through the drakkin. It wasn't as strong a connection as with a true dragon, but he found that he could influence them in subtle ways with the Scale of Veeshan, leading them down the path he chose.

But Dyn`leth's tyranny was about to be challenged.

When Norrathians combated the protector of Solusek Ro's blood in the Takish-Hiz ruins, the earth shook and cracked. A mountain path from Highpass Hold to the Serpent's Spine Mountains was revealed. Norrathians would soon pour into the mountains and complete the Circle of the Crystalwing's plans even sooner than the dragons expected.

Together, drakkin and all Norrathians would join together and bring balance back to the world.

The First Drakkin

After Venril Sathir's curse was released into the Nest and destroyed the dragon eggs, it was clear that the future of dragonkind was in danger. With the next generation of dragons lost forever, Veeshan's bloodline was in jeopardy. Six dragons who were children of the Nest proposed a plan to their elders -- the creation of a race to protect dragons and the Wyrmqueen's bloodline, something they had seen done once before.

The six dragons were scoffed at by the elders of the Nest, but they were so adamant with the idea that the elder dragons ordered their exile so their ideas would not gain a foothold. To the elders, it was unthinkable. The six left the Nest and ignored the decree of the elders. They settled in the nearby Serpent Spine Mountains to carry out their plan to create a new race to protect the existence of Veeshan's bloodline on Norrath. They would create a race of dragon-touched humans and call them Drakkin which means "Dragon Child" in the language of the elders.

They called themselves the Circle of the Crystalwing, defining themselves as the future of dragonkind. The six dragons in the Circle: Venesh the Greenblood; Draton`ra, Master of the Void; Keikolin, Bringer of Enlightenment; Mysaphar, Seeker of All; Atathus the Red Lord; and Osh`vir the Windspirit.

In human form, the dragons traveled to Freeport and combed through the taverns and inns, looking for the right humans to suit this new race. The honorable dragons found many who sympathized with their plight and plans and agreed to help right the wrongs that mortals inflicted on dragons of the Nest by unleashing Venril's curse. Many humans considered it a great honor. The darker dragons were not so willing to negotiate and simply took the human subjects they desired. Each human taken was touched by the magic of a single drop of dragon's blood across their cheek.

In only a matter of months, the dragon-touched humans began to experience changes, a coming-of-age that became known as the Awakening. It is then that the latent strengths they inherit from their dragon bloodline surface and they have a burning desire to better understand them. Their hair takes on new texture and color - the same colour as the dragon who touched them. Parts of their skin show small, toughened scales, and runic patterns representing their new race began to show on their face, torsos and legs - all in the color of their dragon progenitor. Delicate horns appear in patterns on their foreheads. They are the essence of beauty to most who see them.

As their new traits develop, the drakkins yearn to meet their parents. They find themselves on a pilgrimage into the Serpent Spine Mountains. Their final destination is the ancient abandoned ogre city of Nokk, now alive with drakkin who call it Crescent Reach.

As they enter the Dragon's Grove of the great stone city where their parents await them, their human past is lost forever. It is from their parents that the drakkin learn their purpose – to live and grow stronger to protect the future of Veeshan's bloodline on Norrath. With their new identity affirmed, their drakkin life truly begins.

A council of six -- the first children of each dragon -- represent the dragons within the city and do the best they can to manage the new race's affairs. They are as follows:

Osh`vir's representative (blue dragon - female): Councilmember Reakash (female)

Atathus's representative (red dragon - male): Councilmember Ithakis (male)

Venesh's representative (green dragon - male): Councilmember Lizzrel (female)

Draton`ra representative (black dragon - male): Councilmember Vakk`dra (male)

Keikolin representative (gold dragon - female): Councilmember Myjinn (male)

Mysaphar representative (silver dragon - female): Councilmember Heshyrr (female)


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