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Overview of Felwithe

Northern Felwithe

Felwithe is the home to Norrath's Koada'Dal and has bred many an esteemed hero. Paladins and clerics are the pride of this city. Boasting elaborate guildhalls of unrivaled beauty and majesty, together their guilds form the Clerics of Tunare.

Travelers who frequent this city, have maple opportunity to purchase Koada'Dal wares and crafts, and imbibe the finest wines in all of Norrath in the hamlet's many taverns.

This royal lakeside hamlet was founded after the destruction of the ancient forest Elddar on the continent of Antonica. It was named after the Koada'Dal hero Alissa Felwithe who led her people to Faydwer in those dark years and helped to secure the Greater Faydark as the new homeland of Tunare's Children.

The city was built by the Koada'Dal with the assistance of dwarves; its construction is a combination of beautiful and delicate magical elf work and earth dwarven labor. Buildings mix unpainted heavy wooden support beams with plain white-washed walls. There is a "fantastic" quality fostered by multicolored paints, the liberal use of gems and precious metals, and mysterious magical carvings.

Many shops, taverns and inns accommodate the constant influx of visitors. These establishments also outfit and supply the steady flow of adventurers that emerge from the guild halls of Felwithe.

A crystalline moat surrounds the whole of Felwithe. Just beyond the moat to the south, an enormous white marble gate leads out to the Greater Faydark forest. The passage south can be found beyond the small pond that empties into the moat.

Southern Felwithe

The southern region of Felwithe houses all three arcane halls and has been outfitted to accommodate each of these separate practices. Spells, reagents, and supplies may be found here for each of these studies, making the acquisition of such items a mere, quick trip back to the alcove and tower.

The arcane keep is heavily guarded by skilled knights appointed to their posts by King Tearis Thex himself. These knights will strike down anyone who has earned the disdain of ill will of the Koada'Dal for any reason. Those of dark nature are advised to remain as far from the walls of Felwithe as possible, else they meet a sure and quick fate.

Beyond the grand white bridge and the waterway that overlooks the temple of Tunare lies the quiet northern region of the fair Koada'Dal city of Felwithe. Here Felwithe's magicians, enchanters, and wizards reside, endlessly studying the countless ancient tomes that survived the horrible devastations of their former homeland of Takish'Hiz now ruined at the bottom of a desert grave.

A single shop resides in this small alcove carved from the waters of a crystalline pond. This shop, built into an overhang of ivy-draped earth, supplies the young apprentices with reagents, spells, robes, and other supplies that any aspiring arcane pupil needs to survive in the dangerous wilderness beyond the city gates.

Across from this small shop, stands a single white marble tower that magically sits atop a deep pond. To enter this tower, one must but step upon the glowing platform that will transport one into the otherwise inaccessible arcane hall.


Felwithe has a guildmaster for each class that is available to High Elves. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

General Jyleel - (Paladin)
Tynkale - (Paladin)
Yeolarn Bronzeleaf - (Cleric)
Tarker Blazetoss - (Wizard)
Niola Impholder - (Magician)
Kinool Goldsinger - (Enchanter)

City Resources

Felwithe provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear.

You'll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for jewelcrafting, baking, pottery, fletching, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Northern Felwithe

Cathedral of Fortitude

This luxurious structure is the paladin guild hall. Secret tunnels can be found within the walls and they wrap around the city. Within this great hall, young paladins will find their guildmasters Tynkale and General Jyleel.

General Jyleel:

A General in the Koada'Vie, the elite paladin organization of the Felwithe Defenders, Jyleel trains and monitors the new recruits. In times of war, General Jyleel has proven to be a valuable asset to the defense of the keep, leading the stalwart Felwithe Defender s with courage and remarkable strategic and tactical skill.

Chapel of Tunare

The clerics of Tunare worship in this large chapel build out of emerald stones. On the interior, golden pillars shaped like tree trunks rise to support the canopy of gold and emerald leaves and branches. Yeolarn Bronzeleaf is the high priest of Tunare here.

Yeolarn Bronzeleaf:

The High Priest of Tunare in charge of running Felwithe's Temple of the All Mother, Yeolarn's is unsurpassed in his zeal to protect the Koada'Dal and Fier'Dal from their enemies of Tunare's children. As such, he is an important asset to Felwithe's defenses against the dark forces of the Teir'Dal. Clerics of all ranks are often charged by Yeolarn himself with tasks concerning the disturbing plight of the Teir'Dal. Outsiders often mistake Yeolarn's fervor against the dark elves as hatred fort he Koada'Dal twisted brethren. To the contrary, Yeolarn would like nothing more than to remove the taint of Innoruuk from the Teir'Dal and return them to the goodly elven nations.

Faydark's Bane

This sturdy wooden weapons shop is owned and operated by Tolis Fearnone. Tolis is a great warrior and has led many battles in his time against the orcs of the Faydark. He is known for his well crafted longswords which are a favorite of most rangers on Norrath.

One of the most notable shops is Faydark's Bane, a well-built wooden building owned and operated by Tolis Fearmone, a then-young King Tearis Thex knighted Tolis after he slew a horde of orcs threatening Felwithe during its construction. Now old and gray, Tolis is know for his well-crafted longswords, favorites of Norrath's elven swordsmen.

Emerald Armor

This wood and plaster building is home to Dalin Silverkale, the local armorer. Dalin's chainmail is sought after by adventures from all over Norrath. Merchants can be found here selling swords, fletching and smiting kits, fletching supplies, leather armor and patterns, and a pottery wheel and kiln are located outside.

Tovania's Venom

This is the most popular tavern in all of Felwithe. It is owned by a bard by the name of Quenon Muselender, who happens to be very talented with a harp and plays in the pub often. The name of the pub comes from a potent green liquor served here. Tovania is a legendary emerald dragon said to live in the Greater Faydark.

Traveler's Home

The Traveler's Home is a large inn run by an Elf family led by Vool Freegraze. Vool and his wife Tosia along with his daughter Feol run the inn and take good care of its customers.

Beyond Faydark

Rolyn Longwalker is a map maker by trade and an adventurer by birth. Rolyn has traveled the length and breath of Norrath even venturing down to the ruined port of Firiona Vie on Kunark. Rolyn's maps are some of the most accurate that can be found and she is a font of historical information.

Shop of All Holds

Merchant Gly Sorintal runs this small but elegant shop where just about anything can be found, from cheap weapons to armor to herbs to clothing. It is also a one stop source for tradeskill supplies.

Felwithe Keeper

This is the city bank.

Bait and Tackle

Merchants here sell fishing supplies like fishing poles, fish bait, fish scales, and more.

Felwithe Fish House

This tavern offers Fish Wine, Fishcakes, fresh fish and other food and drink items. An oven can also be found inside. Outside, a merchant sells jewelry metals and rare gems.

Southern Felwithe

Keepers of the Art

The magical academy, Keepers of the Art is head by a council of three of Koada'Dal's most skilled magic users, each representing one of the magical arts practiced by high elves.

This jewel encrusted building serves as guildhall and research center for the Wizards, Magicians, and Enchanters of Felwithe. Constructed of the finest marble and adorned with precious jewels, metals, silk tapestries, and magical runes, the tower houses the guildhalls of the three arcane practices of the Koada'Dal. The foyer of the tower is a large, circular room with three glowing teleport platforms stationed beneath the respective banners of each of the magical guilds. A young apprentice must step upon the teleport pad that is beneath the banner of their corresponding study to reach their appropriate study hall and guild master.

Niola Impholder:

Niola Impholder is the magician representative on the arcane council. She often sends her students on menial tasks such as the gathering of magical components for the more experienced magicians. This practice is not to degrade the pupils, but to enhance their understanding of the master/servant dynamic, as they will one day summon a variety of creatures into servitude.

Kinool Goldsinger:

The enchanter on the Keepers of the Art is Kinool Goldsinger, Kinool grants his pupils many freedoms compared to the other masters, believing that too many rules would hinder their creative application of enchantments. This, however, does not mean that Kinool is a lenient teacher. While the most dedicated and apt are well-rewarded, he can also be highly critical of his student's progress.

Tarker Blazetoss:

Tarker Blazetoss represents the art of wizardry on the council. Tarker is blunt in speech, manner, and instruction, keeping his lessons short, and offering his wizardry pupils much time for study and contemplation. Taker is an ideal mentor for the art of wizardry, which requires discipline, and intense study to safely practice, and does not require the leadership skills of a magician, or the creativity and social graces of an enchanter.


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