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aka Highbourne

Overview of Erudin

Resting upon the cliffs overlooking the Vasty Deep lays Erudin, the grand, clean white city of the High Men of Odus. High white marble walls and towers surround the city which is perched on a high cliff above the magical waters of the Vasty Deep. Its people thirst for knowledge, love art and music, and detest violence. Most of the city of Erudin is surrounded by very steep, rock cliffs that the rough waters of the Vast Deep break upon the constant force.

At the tip of the peninsula in front of the castle there is a natural outcropping of large rocks that forms a safe harbor in which the Erudites have built a dock, lighthouse, and watchtower with a small walkway up the cliffs to the city towers. The docks service the two ships, the Maiden's Voyage and the Golden Mermaid, that sail between the cities of Qeynos and Erudin.

In Erudin city proper, the bustling merchants, tradesmen and High Men go about their daily business. Residing in a grand courtyard of meticulous kept stone walkways and beautiful gardens is the merchant area. Few of the buildings in this portion of the city are composed of wooden materials. Many stone paths run between the various merchant shops, the library and inn. This area is well traveled by the general population and visitors to the city.

Erudin city is sophisticated, clean and beautiful. It features cobblestone streets, numerous lampposts, baskets of flowers, exotic caged birds, public fountains, and well-landscaped park. It also contains a library, college campus, music hall and arboretum where flowers and herbs are grown. Every building is ornate and constructed from clean, smooth stone.

Across from the park is a colorful merchant area, bank and social club where chess is played, ideas are exchanged, and lofty arguments and discussions take place. This portion of the city includes the paladins and clerics of the Knights of the Deep, a temple dedicated to Prexus, the Ocean Lord. Built of cobalt and marble, this gray behemoth is as meticulous and grand as the surrounding city area, and is the primary source of Erudin's militia.

Away from the center of the city is the humble temple of Quellious where Erudin's peacemakers, who preach and follow the reaches of The Tranquil, are forged.

Although the High Men have earned a reputation as an aristocratic society, perhaps even snobbish at times, the city of Erudin posses little thread to most outsiders unless wrongfully provoked. However, Erudin is a peaceful city of goodly denizens that detest evil and they will strike down anyone of evil nature on sight.

Every sentinel in Erudin carries a High Guard battlestaff. The creation of these weapons is the duty of the Deepwater Temple and the Temple of Divine Light.

Erudin Palace

The palace of Erudin is accessible only from within the city walls. One must step upon enchanted glowing platforms to enter the palace proper. The city's great officials and minds reside here, as do the three main halls of arcane practices acceptable within the walls of Erudin.

Constructed of marble and the finest materials found on the whole of Norrath, the palace is a beautiful sight to behold. Banners of silk and tapestries of unrivaled beauty adorn the walls of this great wonder of Odus. Within the center of the palace resides a grand pool of clear, azure waters fueled by an enchanted fount. These waters run throughout the whole of the palace, adding to its enchanting ambiance an almost seductive feeling of calm and peace.

Within the palace you shall find the High Council which is the governing body of Erudin. The overseer of this council is the guildmaster of the Gatecallers, Markus Jaevins.


Erudin has a guildmaster for each class that is available to Erudites, except necromancers. Erudite necromancers are considered heretics and not welcomed in the city; they are exiled to Paineel. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

* Leraena Shelyrak – (Cleric - Quellious)

* Depnar Bulrious – (Paladin - Quellious)

* Lanken Rjarn – (Enchanter)

* Markus Jaevins – (Magician)

* Gans Paust – (Cleric – Prexus)

* Weligon Steelherder – (Paladin - Prexus)

* Ghanlin Skyphire – (Wizard)

City Resources

Erudin provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, armor, weapons, shields, and fishing gear.

You'll also find a Priests of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects including a special Erudin Forge, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, jewelcrafting, pottery, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

The merchants of the city sell many goods and since the High Men are scholars of unmatched repute and talent, many arcane scrolls and components may be bough here that other cities of Norrath are lacking.

Erudin hosts a number of different buildings including several shops, taverns and guildhalls.


The Temple of Divine Light

Serving the will of Quellious the Tranquil, the clerics and paladins who follow the ways of Quellious consider themselves the Peacekeepers and call the Temple of Divine Light home. The temple is a white marble building, easily the brightest and cleanest looking building of the guilds. The temple is run by Leraena Shelyrak a young priestess, dressed in a long white robe, whose father was killed in a war when she was just a little girl. She is now committed to converting others to a peaceful way of life.

The Deepwater Temple

Led by Lord Weligon Steelherder, the Deepwater Knights are the clerics and paladins of Prexus. The guild hall, the Deepwater, is a blue and gray stone building with white and blue marble floors. The building has deep blue colored banners on the walls and has a walled in training area. The main hall is a shrine to Prexus, the Ocean Lord.

Erudin Port Authority

Run by Reko Saltamer this is the main headquarters for booking passage to Qeynos. Merchants here also offer several different types of containers for traveling. Outside the building, baking and tailoring supplies can be purchased.

Erudin City Library

"… for knowledge is the greatest quest of all." – Erud, Father of Erudites, Founder of Erudin. Within this marble building, citizens and travelers can found many tomes and scrolls.

City Armory

Blacksmith Jagen Kindlor is the owner of this armory and offers various chain and plate armor. Smithing supplies can also be purchase inside and outside the shop. The building is white brick with three forges, one Erudite forge, one regular forge and inside for the use of the shop's owner and his assistants use only.

Erudin Surplus

This shop is a general store owned by Borge Finleather. Citizens and traveler scan find the basic needs of adventuring in this shop.

The Vasty Deep Inn

Run by Luren Renthalis, The Vasty Deep Inn offers a place for travelers to rest. There is no place for visitors to rest within the palace.


BlueHawk's is the town's local hangout. It is a large, wooden building, with the BlueHawk family crest banner hanging on the outside walls. Goeard BlueHawk is a friendly man who runs the bar, and is loved by all. His wife Helia cooks up simple, but excellent, food in a small kitchen for the patrons Goeard brews up a supply of various drinks. The restaurant is usually very quiet, and often many people are found studying here. Inside and outside the shop, crafters can make use of an oven, brew barrel, pottery wheel, kiln, and a loom.

Cartography – Reihan's Travel Shop

Adjacent to BlueHawk's, Cartographer Reihan Wilhemson runs his travel shop. Reihan is a master artist and creates maps of the finest quality and detail. Reihan has traveled to all the places he has maps of, and guarantees the accuracy of his work. Though his maps are beautiful draw and well sought after, he currently only offers containers for traveling.

Erudin Palace<

Tower of Crimson Hands

The Crimson Hands produces the greatest wizards in all of Norrath. The guild tower has a study hall, a resting and meditation area, and the private study of the Head Wizard Ghanlin Skyphire which also serves as a meeting room when he calls a meeting.

Tower of the Gatecallers

Those who enter the circle of magicians call themselves the Gatecallers and can be found in this tower. The guild tower has a study hall, a resting and meditation area, and the private study of the Head Magician Markus Jaevins, which also serves as a meeting room when he calls a meeting.

Tower of the Craft Keepers

Those Erudites who study the circle of enchanting are called the Craft Keepers. The guild tower has a study hall, a resting and meditation area, and the private study of the Head Enchanter Lanken Rjarn, which also serves as a meeting room when he calls a meeting.

Erudin City Office

Judge Monosty runs the Erudin City Office and is the town official who knows all about the history, land for sale or rent, and he also doubles as the town's civil court judge. Erudin's prison, run by Warden Lius can be found in the basement level of the city office.

Warden Lius

Warden Lius is in charge of Erudin's prison, where those who have committed crimes within the city are held. Punishment in Erudin is merciless to those who break its laws – a simple process know as "hollowing" is imposed upon the most vile of criminals, in attempt to maintain the peace out of fear of the city's justice system.

Warden Lius oversees all prisoners of Erudin and personally gives the orders for the hollowing of those criminals worthy of such punishment.

Bank of Erudin

The Bank of Erudin located on the lower level of the palace. The bank manager is Agryn Moonfield. Banker Tyrena Monosty is one of the daughters of Judge Monosty, the town official that runs the City Office. There are always at least three guards on duty there at all times at the bank.

Agryn Moonfield

Agryn Moonfield is the manager of the Bank of Erudin, found in the bottom level of the palace. He is a good, kind man who is entrusted by all of Erudin to handle the vast amounts of money and periods treasures that are given to him for safe keeping. Many of the guild masters of Erudin will send their pupils to Agryn for Vasty Deep Water in Exchange for their guild coins proving that they are indeed citizens of Erudin and students of the guilds they calm.
aka Highbourne

Sothure's Fine Gems

This jewelry shop is run by Jeweler Sothure Gemcutter. Sothure is an artist at cutting gems and making and fitting jewelry, and loves his work. He keeps his shop extremely clean and everything inside it is sparkling.

Vials of Vitality

This shop is run by Sharin Denuen who offers a variety of unique potions and trinkets. Merchants in the main entrance offer various gems and jewelcrafting supplies.


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