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Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:28 pm

Overview of Freeport

Freeport is a city that is in constant turmoil. All races have visited Freeport at one time or another and from here one can board a ship that will take them to the farthest lands. Freeport is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but can be a ton of fun if you are smart and careful.

Freeport has been embroiled in a power struggle for some time, particularly between the Priests of Marr (Knights of Truth) and the Freeport Militia. The opening of the Planes of Magic, Music, and Rage caused an even greater struggle as both controlling elements of the city vied for control of the portals to the planes. All major factions in the city wanted to achieve power and to this end, they plotted and schemed. The city also found renewed threats from the Deathfist Orcs as well as other races and factions outside its walls. The Coalition of Tradefolk, among others, has been frantically trying to keep trade routes open and the economy running smoothly.

All the merchants of Freeport are required to join the Coalition of Tradefolk. If you are a merchant, I suggest you go and find the Coalition House and register. It would be best to request space in this part of Freeport, unless you like to share a percentage of your profits with the Freeport Militia.

The Freeport population has taken drastic measures to defend themselves from the coming hordes. The Freeport Militia and the Knights of Mar have begun actively recruiting new members and acquiring new weapons. The wall of Freeport has several towers and is topped with a full compliment of war machines. As is typical in dangerous times, Freeport residents have begun turning back to the gods in droves. Temples have begun to grow and prosper as donations begin pouring in.

Despite these reinforcements, Freeport has continued to experience its share of political troubles. A large den of drachnid skinwalker spies were uncovered by the Knights of Marr, which prompted a wave of panic and sparked a bloody witch hunt amongst the city's leaders. Many nobles and leaders were accused and a few were even put to the sword, although so far, of those executed, none have reverted to drachnid form after death. In addition to the strain caused by the paranoia, Freeport has found itself scrambling for resources to finance its military and defenses. Mines have been dug into the Deserts of Ro, lumber operations have spread into the Commonlands, and explorers have set sail across the Ocean of Tears to acquire much needed materials from Kaladim and Kelethin. Freeport has racked up a great deal of debt in the process, and many fear that the city will be bankrupt long before whatever looming danger arrives from Dreadspire.

Eastern Freeport

The trading hub of the world, Eastern Freeport is the port for the ships that sail through the Ocean of Tears to the continent of Faydwer. Travelers can safely board the two ships that dock here every few hours and take the long voyage to the Butcherblock Mountains. Likewise, every traveler is welcome in the city of Freeport – until they earn the disdain of Lucan and his guards, of course.

As with most cities of Norrath, Freeport has spawned many a hero and villain within its walls. The eastern gate, heavily guarded by Lucan’s militia, offers reasonably secure training for Freeport’s ambitions youth.

The eastern quarter is not alone in being dominated by Sir Lucan and his loyal militia of warriors. It houses the bustling docks that are its lifeblood, and is also the home of the rogues’ guild which traffics all the underground business. Much of the income derived by the rogues has been used to develop Lucan’s militia into one of the most powerful and fearsome in the whole of Norrath.

Western Freeport

Western Freeport is the epicenter of Lucan’s control and is the military’s most fortified area of civil defense. The militia house sits near the main gates of the city, assuring that no unwelcome intruders enter the city’s boundaries. This building is used as barracks for the militia, which acts as the city’s fairly disorganized and corrupt police.

You must go to the northern part of Freeport to find the Priests of Marr and the Knights of Truth. They used to hold this city together with their faith until Sir Lucan showed the populace of Freeport that faith in community is all that is needed. They are now a useless bunch, yet, you may find them worshipping in the Temple of Marr.

The Sentries of Passion are the paladins of the Priests of Marr. They are the guardians of the Temple of Marr and work very closely with the Knights of Truth.

Freeport Sewers

In the catacombs beneath the city slums is a secret hideout for the worshippers of Innoruuk. It is housed in the basement of an abandoned building and accessed through the thieves’ tunnels. However all deny its existence out of fear of the knights.

The leader Freeport’s underground is Pietro Zarn, a malcontent who is the embodiment of pure evil. It is well-know throughout the city that anyone who foolishly ventures into the catacombs and is not a devout worshipper of the Prince of Hate will be killed on sight.

Sir Lucan D'Lere

Lucan D'Lere was a poor child of the streets who was taken in by the priests of the Temple of Marr. The priests taught him and found him to be very agile and strong. They requested either the Priests of Marr or the Knights of Truth take him on as a squire. Gygus of the priests could not spare the trainers at the time and so the Knights took the boy. Sir Valeron Dushire, the most enlightened Knight of Truth, was one of Sir Lucan key mentors. As the boy became a man, he also became a very formidable knight.

In the year 3150, the Knights of Truth were called upon by the twin gods Erollisi and Mithaniel Marr. They instructed them to go forth across the Ocean of Tears and across the lands of Faydwer to purge the lands of the undead. It was during this Crusade of Tears that Freeport and the remaining Knights of Truth were left in the care of Sir Lucan D'Lere. He did much good and the people respected him, but he was overtaken by a lust for power. He soon began to hire mercenaries to guard the city and he called them the Freeport Militia. His militia became baser as time went on and became peopled by thieves and former prisoners.

His real downfall came when he killed Sentry Dillius, a paladin with the Priests of Marr. Lucan's divine powers were stripped from his soul and he was a paladin no longer.

Sir Lucan, is the closest figure Freeport has to a civic leader and he uses the militia to strong arm the populace and visitors out of their gold for "taxes." The Knights of Truth have made destroying the Militia and Lucan their first priority.

Lucan and his Militia now control the eastern parts of Freeport treating it as their playground and bullying the populace. It seems, though, that Lucan has turned into something even darker than simply a fallen paladin. Many believe he has become bound to his flesh by the curse of an evil god. Many have fought him and seen him die, only to see his body and bones reform form the earth. Although many may regard this as a curse, Lucan may consider it a gift.

Opal Darkbriar

Opal Darkbriar is a Dark Elf Necromancer who is the librarian at the Academy of Arcane Sciences in Freeport. She magically disguises her race and necromantic research.

Boomba the Big
Boomba the Big is known across all of Norrath for his pickle shop in Freeport. He makes the best pickles across the world. His pickle selection includes those made of dwarves, halflings, human, and even pixies. The ingredients for his pickles only come from the dungeons, so travelers need not fear him... unless they are up to no good.

Freeport has a guildmaster for each class that is available to trolls. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

* Tholius Quey – (Cleric, Erollisi Marr)
* Eestyana Naestra – (Cleric, Mithaniel Marr)
* Konious Eranon – (Enchanter, Innoruuk)
* Heneva Jexsped – (Magician, Innoruuk)
* Brutol Rhaksen – (Warrior, Innoruuk)
* Nexvok Thirod – (Wizard, Innoruuk)
* Venox Tarkog – (Cleric, Innoruuk)
* Romiak Jusathorn – (Enchanter)
* Lorme Tredore – (Magician)
* Master Closk – (Monk)
* Valeron Dushire – (Paladin, Mithaniel Marr)
* Opal Darkbriar – (Necromancer, Innoruuk)
* Elisi Nasin – (Rogue)
* Pietro Zarn – (Shadowknight, Innoruuk)
* Cain Darkmoore – (Warrior)

City Resources

Freeport provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, and fishing gear.

You'll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, jewelcrafting, pottery, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

Places of Interest

Freeport hosts a number of different buildings including several shops, taverns and guildhalls.

Western Freeport

Academy of Arcane Science

Beyond its military strengh, Western Freeport is also home to the great minds and scientists of the city. The Academy of Arcane Sciences, an odd floating building, rests in the heart of Western Freeport. This structure serves as the guild house for all magic users. The magicians of Freeport are loyal unto themselves, choosing to remain as far as possible from the conflict between Lucan and the Knights of Truth. Lorme Tredore, Master Magician runs the Academy.

Temple of Marr

The Temple of Marr is the holy ground of the priests and priestesses of the twin gods, Erollisi and Mithaniel Marr. It nurtures Freeport’s most valiant of protectors and honorable of citizens. Predictably, these goodly knights and clerics are detested by Lucan’s militia; the larger portions of the city beneath his control, although not outright hostile are barely tolerant of their presence. The young pupils of the temple must venture to either the western or eastern gates of the city to hone their skills of blade and faith.

Lead by Eestyana Naestra ,the high priestess of Mithaniel Marr the god of Valor, the temple works closely with the Knights of Truth in their attempts to cleanse Freeport of the filth that corrupts it; both sects struggle selflessly to bring law and order to the people.

The Hall of Truth

The Hall of Truth is the home of the Knights of Truth. These knights were once the great defenders of the city. Sir Lucan was the last great knight to hail from that soon to be extinct brotherhood. These knights insist on patrolling their own streets. The leader of the Knights of Truth is a war-hardened paladin named Veleorn Dushire and the high priest is a man by the name of Tholius Quey.

Marsheart’s Chords

Marsheart’s Chords is the east chapter of the League of Antonica Bards. All of Freeport’s young bards begin their training at this guildhall. Caskin Marsheart is their leader.

The Vault – Bank of Freeport

Controlled by the Knights of Truth, The Vault and its keeper Nethan Roah are perhaps the only two things in Freeport a stranger can truly trust. Nethan can usually be found in the vault inside while two tellers, Soris and Peran, help customers. There are two Knights of Truth on guard here at all times. Anyone can store any amount of money in The Vault and feel secure that it will be there when they get back.

Theatre of the Tranquil

Built by the League of Antonican Bards, the bard guild operating out of Freeport and Qeynos, the Theatre of the Tranquil offers some of the best plays and concerts in all of Norrath. The Theater was built with the help and blessing of the Ashen Order and dedicated to Quellious in their honor. The bards of Freeport are also known as the Choir of Lore.

Groflah’s Forge

Groflah is a good man as well as a fine weaponsmith. His shop offers weapons, clay, and sharpening stones as well as other smithing supplies.

Hogcallers’ Inn

This inn offers a variety of alcohol for sale inside and the use of a brew barrel outside.

The Emporium

The Emporium, a scrubby little shop with an illustrious name, is run by a grubby gnome named Svinal Wyspin and his brother Lystyn. Svinal is a fixer who, despite his haggard and almost gruff demeanor, is very fond of adventurers. He buys old equipment of all sorts and “fixes” it before reselling it for a healthy profit. Svinal believes he is a master craftsman and takes offense at anyone who denigrates his work. However, many young adventurers are encouraged to visit this shop, for his wares – although not the finest in all of Norrath – are very suitable for those still in the first steps of their training.

Tassel’s Tavern

If you are seeking rations for purchase, look for Tassel’s Tavern. Good food and spirits.

The Jade Tiger’s Den

This secluded establishment offers a variety of food and other goods for sale.

The Ashen Order

The monk’s guild of Freeport, the Ashen Order is the training ground of the Freeport Monks. Lead by Puab Closk, it also offers throwing weapons and other supplies.

Torlig’s Herbs and Medicines

Torlig’s Herbs and Medicines is owned and operated by Torlig Mudel, who runs the shop with his wife Olyna. Torlig is an alchemist by trade and offers several rare and many mundane herbs and potions for sale. Torlig is an honorable man who asks fair value and has little patience for scalawags who haggle over price. However, Torlig is also a businessman who wants to make a profit and is not above selling several nasty poisons to the Rogues’ Guild – for a fair price of course.

Dismal Rage

Lead by Pietro Zarn the Dismal Rage is an evil band of Innoruuk worshiping necromancers and shadowknights who have made Freeport their home. It is said that Pietro was guided by Innoruuk when forming the Dismal Rage.

Galio’s Meat and Mullet

Galio sells various meat products in his shop that he operates within a smith house where Falia Frikniller offers a variety of armor.

Western Freeport

Eastern Freeport, with its plethora of bustling inns, taverns, and shops, is the dingiest portion of the city. Many abandoned buildings and shanties are crammed together and filled with crooked merchants, thieves, travelers, vagrants and smugglers.

Hallard’s Resale

Hallard’s Resale is a shop that deals with weapons that are less than average. You will find many aged weapons begging you to shine them up and make them great once more. They will gladly pay you top dollar for any rusty weapons.

Coalition of Tradefolk

The Coalition of Tradefolk is made up of the combined merchants of Freeport. All merchants of Freeport are required to belong to this official group. If you are a new merchant to the town, you should report to the Coalition house. Even with its structured organization, the Coalition is split between legitimate and illegitimate business folks.

Freeport Inn

This inn offers a place to rest for weary travelers. It also sells a variety of food and traveling supplies.

The Port Authority

The Port Authority runs the city’s main boathouse and nautical supply store which is manned by a hardy old sea dog by the name of Tarker Gardund. Tarker is gruff sort, but this human’s wealth of local knowledge can prove invaluable.

Leather and Hide

Merchants here offer small and medium leather armor and patterns for sale.

Freeport Militia House

These guards are the Freeport Militia, the most highly trained warriors ever to grace this city. Any man who does not obey their commands shall suffer severe consequences, by order of Sir Lucan D'Lere. If you wish to serve in their noble ranks, you must first speak with Captain Hazran. He can be found in their headquarters in the west side of the city. It is called the Militia House.

Armor By Ikthar

There is no doubt that Armor By Ikthar is the finest place to purchase armor. Ikthar is very well known worldwide for his fine work. This human’s helms are known as the finest in Norrath and are priced accordingly. Other merchandise is more affordable because it is mostly crafted by his apprentice, a young boy named Kif. His wood shop contains a small wing made out of stone that houses his forge. Located near the border of northern and southern Freeport, the shop shows signs of decay and vandalism.

Chops and Hops

Another one of Freeport’s many taverns, Chops and Hops offers a variety of alcohol. Bakers can also make use of the oven inside.

Gord’s Smithy

This weapon shop, run by Gord Smith, sells various weapons and other goods. A forge can be found on the outside.

Trader’s Holiday

Merchants here sell a variety of goods including blacksmithing supplies, books, and alcohol. A brew barrel and an oven can also be found inside.

Velithe & Bardo’s Imported Goods

This establishment offers alcohol imported from across the world, blacksmithing books and other various supplies.

Freeport Arena

The Freeport Arena is a fine place to test one's mettle and from time to time they even have public executions there. It is maintained by the Steel Warriors, the warriors’ guild. The warrior guildmaster, Cain Darkmoore, is a seasoned veteran of many battles, both personal and epic. He is a hearty soul with the utmost skill in blades of all kinds; although where he places his loyalties in regard to the city’s fractious political situation remains unknown.

Grub ‘n’ Grog Tavern

This tavern is located in the military section of Freeport. It offers alcohol and basic food. A brew barrel and oven can be found inside.

Seafarer’s Roost

Run by Gregor Nasin and his wife Elisi, the Seafarer’s Roost is a cheap but dangerous inn. Unbeknownst to her husband, Elisi is the Guildmaster of the Rogues in Freeport. She takes note of any patrons who seem to be carraying more wealth than they could possibly need, and might help them out by reliving them of some of it. There is a trap door in Elisi’s room tying into the network of tunnels the rogues have built beneath Freeport.


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