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The Desert of Ro

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The Desert of Ro

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:33 pm

Overview of the Desert of Ro

The Desert of Ro is a vast and deadly desert that is surrounded by the city of Freeport, Innothule Swamp, the Commonlands, and the Timorous Deep Ocean. A variety of creatures inhabit the desert and the oasis within making it a thrilling place for travelers to adventure.

Background Lore

Northern Ro

The Northern Desert of Ro is a vast and deadly desert that lies just beyond the eastern gates of Freeport. Several inns and a few of Lucan's malitia can be found with the last, desperate reaches of temperate vegetation carpeting the flat of land just before the rise of the desert dunes. A tunnel carved into the steep ridge bordering the desert to the west, connects the desert to the Commonlands.

To the south, one will meet the sands of the Oasis of Marr, which separates the northern and southern reaches of the Ro desert. Legends speak that what is now the northern Desert of Ro was once the northern reaches of the ancient Elddar Forest - the former home of the elves who had once resided upon Antonica, then called Tunaria. This forest was said to have been the most beautiful woodland Norrath has ever seen Spanning the whole of what is now the desert of Ro and Oasis of Marr, this forest is said to have been burned to the ground by the fiery wrath of Solusek Ro.

The northern desert is host to a great variety of inhabitants, range from rattlesnakes and giant tarantulas, to the dread cutthroat pirates of the desert. It is also rumored that the unfortunate citizens of Freeport who are infected with a plague of the mind are cast out into these desert lands to die. However, many of these desert madmen have survived the harsh, unforgiving desert heat and have grown all the more crazed from it.

Southern Ro

The southern-most section of the deadly Desert of Ro borders the Innothule Swamp and the Oasis of Marr. In addition to scattered cutthroat camps, several types of dangerous creatures roam the vast rolling dunes of the desert, including the undead.

Between the dry sands of the desert and the swamp are wet marshlands. These marshlands are the home of several small encampments of orcs related to the tribe found in the Commonlands. Also within the firs reaches of the marshlands is an abandoned druid ring. Druids can use this to travel quickly to the surrounding areas.

Located halfway between the giant stone mesas to the north and the start of the wetlands in the south, is a dark elf gyps encampment. People who are on friendly teams with the dark elves may be able to find assistance and supplies here, although those who are not in league with the Teir'Dal will quickly find themselves at the merciless wrath of these hateful women.

Ortallius and Rathamana Allin

Tucked within a rocky cove carved into the steep ridge surrounding the eastern border of the desert is a small encampment guarded by Ortallius, a very stoic orc warrior of unrivaled skill. This camp is an ideal place for all adventures to come and sell their wares, as well as purchase supplies. An Erudite wizard, Rathamana Allin resides within the single tent, the wizard is rumored to be a wise and formidable man; his purpose and intent with the southern desert remain a mystery to all but himself and perhaps his orc bodyguard

Rathamana raised in the great schools of magic in Erudin. In his youth, he secretly studied the art of necromancy and eventually happened upon others who practiced the art of darkness. These magic users, or rather, necromancers, are called heretics. He learned their ways, but before he completely converted to their dark ways, he attempted to flee their circle. They caught him and through arcane means transported him to this desert. Rathamana would tell you that he would have died if it were not for a vision of Solusek Ro. In his story, he states that Solusek appeared to him and created a hole in Norrath. It was from this hole he drank and lived. Since then he calls the desert of Ro home and lives his humble life in the name of the Burning Prince, Solusek Ro.

Oasis of Marr

Within the merciless, dry grip of the Northern and Southern Deserts of Ro, the beautiful Oasis of Marr stands as the desert jewel of Antonica. It is said that one of the Triumvirate of Water, Tarew Marr, took pity on some humans who had gotten lost in the Desert of Ro and created the oasis upon a lake, much to the displeasure of The Tyrant of Fire.

With fresh, crystalline waters and tall, lush palms that decorate the shore, the oasis provide shelter to a variety of creatures, many of which are aggressive and territorial.

Among the residents of the oasis are the desert orcs who dwell upon the shoreline. They jealously guard the life-giving waters that enable their survival. Competition from the physically superior giants and the adventuring races of Norrath has made these orcs very hardy in comparison to their brethren found in the nearby Commonlands.

The native creatures of the oasis include the salt-water crocodiles, caiman and the enormous desert arachnids known as dune tarantulas. These creatures are essentially benign unless provoked. The undead of the oasis are more varied; they include ghouls, skeletons, mummies, and many others - all rumored to be remnants of elven victims killed in a fiery maelstrom that consumed the ancient forest that once existed here.


Northern Ro

The northern Desert of Ro is considered to be a great place to hunt for new adventurers sent on their way from the guildhalls of Freeport. Dorn B'Dynn, the infamous Teir'Dal cutthroat, can pose a threat to those unaware of his presence. Some travelers pay him a little heed, but they would be well-advised to, for his meager looks can be deceiving.

Wandering creatures can exact a dangerous toll on unsuspecting adventurers. They may run into a powerful mummy or even a sand giant as they travel through the desert.

Dorn B'Dynn

This Teir'Dal cutthroat resides in the northern desert and is often seen among his dervish companions at their camp near the eastern ocean shores. Hateful of all who have earned the scorn of the Teir'Dal and the cutthroats alike, Dorn has become infamous villain of the northern desert.

However well-known Dorn and his merciless temper may be, his purpose and reasons for being among the cutthroats of the desert are a mystery. A few who retained an allegiance with the Teir'Dal and the cutthroats have had the opportunity to briefly speak with Dorn B'Dynn on matters of business from Neriak. It is said that Dorn is one of the Indigo Brotherhood, but his nature and choice of companions makes this vagabond perhaps one of the oddest members of the esteemed Teir'Dal army.

Southern Ro

The region is extremely dangerous for all travelers. Roaming the desert sand are all kinds of dangerous beast from the giant beetles and spiders to various kinds of undead creatures who owe allegiance to no one and will attack anyone. There are also scattered cutthroat camps in the desert and many orc encampments in the marshlands bordering the desert in the south. Although the cutthroats are not initially hostile to adventurers, those who have earned wealth and honed their skill in the past by engaging these cutthroats will find themselves regarded with disdain and attacked by the entire camp if one is not wary.

Although not as plentiful as they are in the deep desert, sand giants roam the desert. Rumors also tell of an especially ancient and powerful cyclops that has been seen in the area.

Adventurers should exercise great caution when traveling through the area, for extremely aggressive sand giants and undead that roam will attack any traveler on sight without bias.


Terrorantula is almost a legend. It is rumored that it is three hundred feet tall and has eaten entire villages! Reports have exclaimed that it has been sighted in the Desert of Ro but few have managed to survive its deadly attacks.


For years, this behemoth crocodile was thought to be a merely a myth. Although travelers would often return to the human city of Freeport with tales of a great, monstrous beast emergency from the waters of oasis and destroying entire caravans with little effort, these reports were never believed until they grew too frequent and strident for the people of Freeport to ignore.

A small band of armed mercenaries led by a wizard and a scholar, both of great repute among the Arcane Halls of Freeport, ventured into the oasis in search of the legendary monster - to either dispose of him or permanently dispel the myth. After three days of searching and finding nothing, the mercenaries were read to give up. Suddenly the wizards' arm was caught between two rows of enormous, jagged teeth. The beast pulled the wizard beneath the waters in a brief and irrefutable proof of his existence.

Feeling outmatched in their current condition - sun-burned and horrible weary - the mercenaries fled back to Freeport to official give their story to the great scholars of the Arcane Halls. The ensuing report of the scholars finally convinced the people of Freeport that the creature, duly named Lockjaw, was in fact an unfortunate reality. To this day, Lockjaw roams the desert sands of the oasis, searching for adventures that will briefly sate his immense appetite.

Oasis of Marr

The dreaded, fearsome and incredibly dim-witted sand giants fiercely and jealously protect this region. Unbiased in their hatred for all of Norrath's races, these enormous buffoons unfathomable strength pose a constant hazard to all travelers that come to the oasis of Marr.

Like the giants, the specters that inhabit the abandoned ruined tower in the city of the oasis are malevolent to all. They are not to be feared outside the tower, however, as they stay confined to their post, lying dormant until unwary overzealous adventure incurs their wrath.

Surrounded by the gleaming sapphire waters is a single island upon which stands a mysterious tower, forever guarded by ethereal undead specters. Countless legends have been borne of this tower - legends that speak of an era long since past, when elves had once roamed the lush wilderness of the forest of Elddar. Some claim this tower to be the last standing relic of the lost elven city of Takish'Hiz, which was consumed by desert sands after the Elddar Forest, was destroyed by fiery wrath of Solusek Ro.

There are scholars who dismiss this theory claiming the tower to be of a much more recent origin. This particular school of historians speculates that the tower was perhaps built by a long-lost cult dedicated to the Prince of Hate or The Faceless. Somehow, they displease their dark deity and were consumed by the planar guardians that continue to lurk with the tower to this day.

Whatever the truth of this tower may be, and what secrets it may hold to unlocking the mystery of its origin, remain lost. The spectre guards have proven more than capable of fulfilling their duty to war away any would-be trespassers or archeologist for any that have dared to scale the steep rocking walls of the island have never been heard from again.


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