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The Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule

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The Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:34 pm

Overview of the Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule (Accursed)

Once considered a desirable place for eager and ambitious adventurers to explore, the Temple of Cazic-thule has become dark and vicious, due to a recent infestation of The Faceless’ minions. Now it is rumored to be as deadly as the Plane of Fear itself. Any adventurer who wishes to enter this enormous structure, hidden within the depths of the Feerrott, is advised to do so only when they have attained significant power and are with the company of dependable allies.

The Tae Ew lizardmen who patrol the temple were given a gift by their lord, The Faceless, as a reward for their zealous loyalty - the gift of his very touch. With that came a boost to their intelligence, making them all the more formidable in battle. Wandering lizardmen guards and priest are eager to join the fight, and adventurers should be on the look out for them, lest their attentions result in the lives of all concerned. To make things even grimmer, they will often bring with them a small army of their brethren to greet irreverent adventurers.

It is said that The Faceless himself sent many of his planar minions into the temple, which only heightened its infamy throughout Norrath. All inhabitants of the temple are powers unto themselves and not to be trifled with.

With the taint of The Faceless having completely overcome the temple of Cazic-thule, many relics and artifacts have been introduced. Successful adventurers will likely find many a treasure here - treasure rumored to have been forged by the power of The Faceless himself through his most adept priests and knights.

No one knows for sure how the pyramids were built out of heavy white marble blocks foreign to the continent, but some believe Cazic-thule himself transplanted them as a gift to the residents of Alliz Tae Ew.

The overgrown jungle is constantly trying to overwhelm the temple. A high moss covered wall, cracked with age, encloses the temple, presenting a formidable obstacle. The structure is further fortified by poisonous plants, clever traps, and the dense jungle foliage which camouflages the temple almost to the point of invisibility.

Background Lore

The Cazicite tribe of lizardmen was founded by patriarch Tool Haslick who channeled the Lore of Fear, Cazic-Thule, and foretold the coming of the great Cazicsitic Plague, which eliminated its victims by tuning their insides into ooze. It is believed that Cazic himself inspired Haslick to become the first cannibal of his race. Since other members did not approve, Haslick and his followers fled the colony and settled in the Lost Temple.

While the cannibalistic Tae Ew appeased their deity through worship and by obeying his wish to spread his infamy across Norrath, The Faceless reached down to his loyal followers in appreciation. He granted unto them increased vigor, power, and blood lust - all useful to ensure the destruction of those who would dare enter his scared temple.

It is thought that when he blessed the Tae Ew, a rift opened upon between the Plane of Fear and the primal world wherein many planar beings flooded into the temple. Some believe that this breaching of the mortal and divine realms represented the fulfillment of Haslick’s ancient prophetic vision. Whatever the truth, it is no mistaking that these loyal temple guardians are incredibly lethal despite being displaced from their native domain.

Over time Cazic-thule began to increase his watch over the temple. Eventually, the Tae Ew begun to experiment with necromancy and their rituals slowly became ever darker and more grotesque. Through use of dark magical portals, they performed several rituals that brought forth denizens directly from the Plane of Fear.


The temple is populated by Cazicite priests and cannibalistic lizard people known as the Tae Ew, and is protected by deadly traps. Rumors of a huge treasure hoard deep within the temple makes it a much sought-after site for adventurers.

The Temple of Cazic-thule is an attractive locale for the brave adventurer. The Tae Ew present formidable adversaries to the most seasoned of warriors, wizards, and priests enabling rapid progression of skills and personal growth.


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