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Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:36 pm

Part 1

Overview of Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King

When Solusek Ro raised the Serpent Spine Mountains, one clan of hill giants was trapped in the valleys and marshes that were created between the sheer mountains. The vast mausoleum of Frostcrypt was carved into the ice and stone of the mountain on Icefall Glacier, built to house the honored dead.

The giants of Valdeholm have always revered their dead. Kings, queens, soldiers, priests and even common folk were buried in the great crypt, carved out under a frozen lake. Giants live long lives, and in the days of their dominance they had little need for open battle, so deaths were few. Each time one of their kind passed on, they were given rites by the priests, fitted with attire appropriate to their station, and placed upon a litter. They were then carried down to the tomb by a procession of mourners and priests. The procession arrived would stop at the statue of Rallos, then move on to the appropriate wing of the crypt. The body was laid upon a stone table along with any appropriate tools needed in the afterlife (weapons, trade tools, etc.) Then the family would walk past the body and place with it any other items that they wanted to travel with their loved one.

After resting in state for three days, the body would be placed into a slot along the wall of the crypt and a metal nameplate would be affixed to remind every one who was resting there.

Then came the curse of Rallos Zek cast upon his own giants because they refused to participate in his war on the Plane of Earth. When King Beltron Wulfnor - the king who turned his back on the war - was being taken into the tomb, the voice of Rallos Zek was heard. The dead king's body rose up and attacked the procession. As each person slain, they rose again as Shades of Zek and turned on those that still lived. Few survived that day, but the current king - Odeen Wulfnor - was one of them, and he will never forget that evil day.

The upper portions of the tomb are damaged from the battle and other battles since. The royal areas remain untouched by battle because even the undead giants hold their royalty in high esteem.

The undead have added on to the tombs in an attempt to make it feel more like a home. These sections are made purely from ice, though in all other respects look just like the architecture of the rest of the tomb.

The front portion of Frostcrypt is hewn of ice and seems worn and basic. Deeper within Frostcrypt is the home of the Shades. The Shades are frustrated and tormented by the curse put upon them, built onto Frostcrypt, attempting to create a new city for themselves - to do what they can to feel normal. They feel their curse will end, once they kill the remaining traitors to Rallos Zek = all of their kin in Valdeholm.

Stone tiles cover the ice in most places. The only exceptions are where they have been damaged by battle or where the giants built beautiful skylights in the roof. These skylights use magically clear ice to transport sunlight into the crypts, lighting the tables where the dead are laid out to rest in state before entering their final resting place.

Currently the Shade King rules the crypt. His followers are the Shades of Zek and the zombie minions made from the corpses of their ancestors. The Shades sent war parties to assault the city every evening, and hide within the crypt during the day. No living giant has set foot inside the tombs since the day the curse turned their king into the Shade King.

Harfange the Black

As the first and most respected leader of the Krithgor giants, Harfange was a force to be reckoned with. His stature was greater than most giants and his gruff, booming voice made him easy to rally around in battle. Woijuh, his trusted, loyal wolf, was always by his master's side and followed him faithfully into every fight.

Harfange was a righteous giant with an unwavering belief in justice. He was the loudest proponent of battle prowess and skill, all the while supporting the magic and politics required to build and run a city of somewhat unruly warriors. Easy to trust, the giants took to following his lead easily. Under his reign, Krithgor was built - a great city and monument to giants which was later overrun by all the races of the Rallosian Army -- something House Harfange took great offense to.

A New Ruling House - Fridleif

When King Haruld the Young of House Harfange died in his first battle, there were weeks of ceremonies in his honor. He was praised for his bravery and skill, for he had defeated overwhelming numbers during the battle against the gnolls encroaching on Krithgor. However, one giant was not sorry to see his cousin go: Fridleif Vernund, head of House Fridleif, had spent more time celebrating than mourning, knowing he would soon be called to compete for the throne. Fridleif was known to be cold-hearted and calculating. His ability to completely ignore the emotions that could drive others to distraction was what made him powerful. He easily took control of the rituals of ascension, fighting only three battles to earn control of the kingdom and gain his seat on the throne. There was never any doubt that he would be the one to start the second lineage, though it is widely accepted that this common belief was created as part of his own subtle plan to rule.

Ascension of Wulfnor

As time passed, kings changed. Each heir-apparent fought others for the right to ascend. When King Cadwall the Victorious of House Fridleif died when his brother led an uprising against him - which got them both killed - the lineage of the throne came into question once again. Many Krithgorian giants were relieved that new blood would be brought to the throne because the wars of the bickering brothers had taken its toll on them all.

Among the giants, there was an almost unilateral hope that the great gladiator, Wulfnor Olaffun, would fill the great throne in Valdeholm. For many years, Wulfnor proved himself to be an outstanding negotiator and motivator of the people, even when their true rulers were not. He managed to forge a calm in a city that had begun to divide itself between the brothers.

Wulfnor was the thread that held the giants living in Krithgor and Valdeholm together. An elder loreseeker by the name of Pruglar nominated Wulfnor, something which had never been done. Not a single challenger to the throne stepped forward to challenge him for the crown, and thus, Wulfnor and his house became the next rulers of the Krithgor giants.

Part 2

Additional Background Lore

Muddy Royal Scroll - Letter to Odeen Wulfnor, King of the Krithgor

As translated by Librarian Hemfar:

Letter to Odeen Wulfnor

My son. My heir. The hour of my passage into the void grows ever nearer. I have high hopes for the afterlife. Never fret or weep for me, but do learn something from my years as King Beltron Wulfnor of Krithgor. As my last breath leaves me, the crown will become yours to bear. Wear it well, my son. There is no greater example of Rallosian courage and strength than in you.

There is much to tell you in so little time, so pay heed. I must explain why I commanded our Krithgorian giants to stay behind when Rallos Zek mounted the second assault upon the Plane of Earth. You have asked me many times to explain how I could dare defy the Warlord. Now I shall.

Before our first passage into the Plane of Earth, the noble House Dromrek sent a guide to me, the gifted Loreseeker Hadengard. He beheld the Prophecy of The Tears, which simply stated:

"And from great sorrow one tear from nine. A tear of ruin."

There was much interpretation and debate around those simple words. Many days. Some felt the word "tear" would mean the ground would be ripped open to swallow the Rathe Council as the Rallosians overcame them. Others felt it meant a wet tear from the eyes of the Rathe Council would fall across the realms to Norrath and our giants to see our ruin. There was no settling of the debate, so I made a decision.

In the event the Rathe Council and its minions defeated the Rallosian Army and sought to ruin us, our House Wulfnor and you, my son, would need protection to carry on the lineage of the throne and attempt to rebuild. I will admit I sought to preserve my family, but it was also the most logical and wise choice. And so it was decreed: the majority of our Wulfnor House would remain in Krithgor while the rest of our good giants fought onward in the war alongside our Warlord maker.

It was with a great, heavy heart that I watched the throngs of faithful, courageous Krithgorian giants leave that day. My sword arm ached to join them. How the power of the Rallosians had grown in our time on Norrath. The giants showed no fear, only the pride and fellowship we had always known. There is but one prouder moment in this life - the one where you were shown to me as my son.

Heed well this lesson, my son. You can only act on the information you are given, because not all is known. Sometimes, you must choose with your heart and those acts can have consequences you did not expect, but it is your reaction and resolve with the outcome that will make you a great leader. Against all odds and those that hunt us always, we remain.

One day, we may be free and I believe it will be your reign that will see it.

Your father,

King Beltron Wulfnor

Wulfnor Crown Gem -- Suspicion of a Krithgor Noble

Librarian Hemfar's Notations of the Wulfnor Gem:

As I read the crown gem, it became evident that an enchantment exists upon it that might obscure my vision of its past. That said the core of it does not appear to be betraying me. The visions are clear. It is worth remarking this artifact for cultural significance.

The gem reveals a matter of great importance that still plagues the integrity and respect of the royal Wulfnor House to this day. It is a question of blasphemy among the lineage of the kings of the giants. My visions show a recent recurrence in murmurs of blame and discontent about one of their own giants who might have brought them what would seem to be an eternal misery, refusing to lay blame on one of their heroic kings, Beltron Wulfnor.

The crown gem tells a tale that is simply that, however, a tale. The one who wore the crown with this gem was filled with the knowledge of the accusations, but the enchantment seems to be obscuring the actual truth of them.

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