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Western Wastes

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Western Wastes

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:37 pm

Overview of the Western Wastes

Western Wastes confers quite a challenge, with its enormous expanse of snowy and icy desolation. Many powerful creatures roam this land and present exciting opportunities for even the most experienced adventurers.

Background Lore

These grounds are considered holy lands by the most devout followers of Veeshan. The Wastes are inhospitable to all but dragonkind, holding nothing but objects of worship to the Wurmqueen. The lesser races found on Velious do not dare traverse these hallowed grounds. The dragons have made these lands sacred and breed exclusively in the flatlands, protected by the Iceclad Ocean to the North, South, and West. Watched over by the sheer, jutting mountains to the East, they have nothing to fear in that direction, for no manner of creature would even attempt such a climb. The only entrance to the Wastes lies at a small cavern met leading from the Siren’s Grotto. Believing this to be holy ground, dragons have erected a temple in the north side of the north-most scar. Dragons believe in guarding the remains of the departed as well. The Dragon Necropolis was slowly constructed over the course of time to honor and protect those that have passed on to Veeshan. The Necropolis lies in the southern scar, protected from the elements.


Powerful dragons guard this territory aggressively, attacking any who dare to intrude upon their most holy of grounds. The Western Wastes can be deadly for slow and deliberate explorers who are not quick on their feet and constantly on the move, for those who linger too long in one place will find themselves overrun by these vicious guardians.

Areas of Note

The entrance from the Siren’s Grotto inclines steeply, met by the first scar housing the Necropolis. The northern scar holds the Temple of Veeshan, lined with a row of statues on each side of the arched entry. Sculpted from the scar itself, the Temple is at once beautiful and awe inspiring. The southwestern corner of the scar holds a path leading down to the floor of the scar. Treacherous at best, the path allows a beautiful view of the chasm, as there is no wall on the north side of the path (similar to Highpass). The scars hold the mighty columns showing images of Veeshan in all her glory. Dragons can often be found in prayer at the columns, though few are brave enough to interfere with their prayers. The dragons that reside in the chasms have been granted the greatest powers of all dragons in Velious, excluding those that have been granted residence in the Temple. Scattered throughout the flatlands you can find the breeding grounds of the dragons. Small holes have been dug out of the ground to hold their eggs. If any young were to be found alone, you can be sure their screeches can be heard for miles. Be wary of approaching the breeding pits, as the parents are never far away. Also found in the flatlands are the Monoliths. The Monoliths tell the tale of the creation of life on Norrath as passed down through dragon history. Illegible to all but the children of Veeshan, these tablets are considered sacred and are guarded at all times. Recently the giants of Kael have arrived in this area to expand their realm, provoking the ire of the dragons.


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