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Mistmoore Catacombs

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Mistmoore Catacombs

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:43 pm

Mistmoore Catacombs

Vual Stoutest says 'Greetings. I've been sent here to keep watch over what transpires in Mistmoore's Catacombs. I'm sure you know already that the Wayfarers Brotherhood are spread far and wide across Norrath. Morden Rasp, our leader if you didn't know, asked me to be a bit wary of those we're not chums with. Sorry to say you don't look familiar to me. If you manage to do a few jobs for us, though, I may be able to provide you with some information I have about Mistmoore's Catacombs. Xyzelauna Tu`Valzir may have some work you can do.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Well, we still have not seen hide nor hair of Mayong Mistmoore. Still, he remains elusive. Some fancy that he is biding his time in the Underfoot. I find it strange that he would not return to protect the catacombs we have now discovered. Our very presence there threatens all he has built there.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Remember when I told you that Mayong Mistmoore is nowhere to be found? There is a reason for it. He doesn't wish to be found. We have found journals and notes that indicate that Mayong, the first vampire of Norrath, is so consumed with achieving perfection that he cares for no one else. Those he has left behind in that dark place don't know this or refuse to accept it, because they all seek his favor. Strange way to live, or not live as is the case with the undead.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Hello Nadia. You may be interested in this . . . We found a journal written by one of Mayong's servants who has long since disappeared. The suggestion is that Mayong's children are left in such disarray because his children, castle, and the catacombs were simply a whim; an experiment. Mayong surrounded his castle with the much-feared Tier'Dal whom he feels are suitable victims for what he feels is a gift. He felt that Norrathians would be more likely to keep their distance from the Teir'Dal. I can tell you after seeing the catacombs for myself that I too am fearful of the immortal blood which courses through him and his offspring.'

Vual Stoutest says 'I have to make this quick. So far, I've found out there are several different castes of vampires down there. I know there are Orphans, Sustainers, Loyals and Progeny. It also seems like those organizations of vampires are split. It's clear to me so far that the Orphans are the lowest and most filthy class of vampires in the catacombs. If you come back fairly soon, I will probably be able to learn more.'

Vual Stoutest says 'You sure are a budding adventurer, my friend. While you are not equipped to tumble the great immortal powers that fester within Mistmoore's Catacombs, you are certainly skilled enough to cause a rift between the scrambling beasts. There is more information about those denizens in the dark. I've heard whisperings about the class of vampires known as the Orphans. I think you might find there is a growing conflict between the two sects within the Orphans, called the Nightrage and the Savagefang. That's about all I know right now, I'm afraid.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Well, greetings again! While you were hunting in the dark caverns of Mistmoore's Catacombs we have learned a bit more about what is transpiring in that evil place. It seems that the Savagefang are at odds with the Nightrage. We are trying to learn more about them. We hear that the Savagefang find themselves superior to the other tribe. As I understand the rumors, the Savagefang are looking to rise above their lowly station having been shunned by the pure-blooded vampires. I'm not certain how they plan to gain power, but if you are able to spend more time amongst them, you may be the key that grants us the answer. Best of luck to you in thwarting this evil!'

Vual Stoutest says 'My how you have grown, fair Nadia. I have missed your visits. I have more to tell you about the Savagefang, finally. A traitor of Mistmoore came to us and squealed about the intentions of the Savagefang. It would seem that the only way that clan can improve its power in the catacombs is to lure more vampires into their chambers. It seems the Savagefang are cannibals and will eat nothing but others like them! Because you and your fellow adventurers have been so thorough with your assistance, the Savagefang are running out of food. Now may be the best time to strike at them and upset their immortal blood flow. Beware the Nightrage too though. While the Savagefang won't be interested in taking a bite of you, the others will. Have no doubt.'

Vual Stoutest says 'I see you have lost your Adventurer's Stone. Here is a new one.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Ah, the ways of the Nightrage is becoming more clear. They are a most savage ilk of vampire. After some observation, it's been confirmed that the Nightrage consume their victims whole. And, yes, as their name suggests, they most often feed at night. But it's always night in Mistmoore's Catacombs. Those varmints are always hungry. Ever on the hunt. Be on your guard of these creatures.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Nadia, it is indeed good to see you again! As you probably figured out for yourself, the Nightrage and Savagefang are caught in an eternal vicious cycle. Mayong Mistmoore continues to be absent and unconcerned with the ways of his catacombs. Consumed with his own importance, as long as his minions remain constant and in balance, it is likely Mayong won't appear here to solidify the pecking order. That means it's up to us to keep these foul creatures under control.'

Vual Stoutest says 'It's been somewhat slow here the past while. We've had to venture deeper to get more information. Henai Silentwalker, one of the Wayfarers Brotherhood's best rogues, has been able to get more information about the catacombs. He hasn't been back this way in a while, so you can probably catch him in Dagnor's Cauldron.'

Henai Silentwalker says 'Ah, Vual has sent you to me. Well met! I've been sent here by the Wayfarers Brotherhood to walk with the creatures in Mistmoore's Catacombs. It's been a very interesting experience so far. I was able to figure out how some of the more powerful vampires behave, but it's been mighty tricky. The class known as the Sustainers certainly has some appalling dynamics friend! Come back soon. I will no doubt have more information for you after my next foray into the catacombs.'

Henai Silentwalker says 'It's good to know I'm not the only one investigating Mistmoore's Catacombs. I am impressed! The numbers of foul beasts in there are somewhat under control. I discovered that the Sustainers occupations are, in general, to keep the catacombs maintained and protected. For some reason, there are disputes among them even though they perform different functions. I've got to get back in there to find out more about it.'

Henai Silentwalker wipes his fevered brow. 'Whew, I barely escaped my last trip to the catacombs. Have you noticed that there is a silent, well-mannered war between many of the vampires within the catacombs? The same holds true for the sects of the Sustainers. The ones that call themselves the Crimson Cabal are mostly magic users and those called the Harvesters are the undead that maintain the catacombs and keep it clean, so to speak. They have a strong dislike for each other, though they manage to be civil on the surface. Odd that. That's about all I know right now, sorry to say.'

Henai Silentwalker says 'Ah, welcome back Nadia! I see you have done well to help my friends, the Wayfarers Brotherhood. Remember the Crimson Cabal? I've heard that the Crimson Cabal continues the study of magic in the catacombs. They persist with their research and practicing magic that will best serve and protect their masters and Mayong Mistmoore. The problem is that the Harvesters are forced to live in close quarters and sometimes feel the brunt of the Crimson Cabal's magic as they experiment and practice. That, in part, is why the Harvesters tend to strike back.'

Henai Silentwalker says 'The Harvesters are certainly not the bright ones. I suppose as they are mostly unkempt dead, they wouldn't be too bright or organized. While that's true, I hear the Harvesters have been keeping a secret of their own. As they were pushed farther back into the catacombs by the painful magic of the Crimson Cabal, they found some rare and unusual ore. While none of us know what its purpose is, I believe it's significant.'

Henai Silentwalker says 'It seems that the strange ore found deep in Mistmoore's Catacombs is much like the other magical fragments we are finding deep under the crust of Norrath in the dungeons. It appears the material does indeed have a purpose. The Crimson Cabal and Harvesters will forever war with each other now that they believe the ore may improve their struggle to ascend from their lowly place in the catacombs. It is our job, thought, to be certain that the power amongst the two sects remains balanced. With your help, I think we can do it.'

Henai Silentwalker says 'Greetings Nadia. I hate to say it, but I fear I have become diseased. I have spent so much time in the catacombs that I've become infected. It will be some time before I will be well enough to return. I am expected to make a full recovery though! All the research and information we've been gathering has provided a cure for what ails me. Be careful you don't catch it! A new party was formed and is taking over for me. They have been reporting back to Vual. You may want to go back and talk to him.'

Henai Silentwalker says 'So many places to hide out here, among the undead though, it's not so easy. They can smell blood easy. I'd tell you more about Mistmoore's Catacombs, but you have to be working for the Wayfarers Brotherhood. I've been hired by them to do some research into the undead.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Well, Nadia. Welcome back! By the looks of you, I can tell you're ready to learn more about what is transpiring down in Mistmoore's Catacombs. Did you know that the horrid place is woven beneath all the lands of Faydwer? We here, this group of coarse explorers, have uncovered secret entrances into Mistmoore's Catacombs. The labyrinth of tunnels and tombs extends outward from the Mistmoore Castle foundations like an evil claw. It's going to take a long time to explore the entire network of evil that has burrowed underground.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Ah, you again. I'm going to assume you've become aware of some of what lurks in those dead-ridden halls of Mistmoore's Catacombs. I've done some research on the Loyals class of the vampires. I've determined that the Loyals are those vampires that are in the service of the most powerful and elite vampires, the Trueborn. Some of the members of the Loyals are older than the elite, or Mistmoore-borne, vampires themselves!'

Vual Stoutest says 'So Nadia, you wish to learn more? That is admirable! I've figured out that within the class of Loyals there are two sects. One is called the Bloodguard; the other, the Stewards. While the Bloodguard are tasked with protecting the catacombs and their own masters, they also ferociously guard the secrets and strength of the immortality granted by vampires. The Stewards are in the service of the elite vampires. Their duties range from advisors to tailors, satisfying all of the narcissistic whims of their masters.'

Vual Stoutest says 'The Bloodguard and the Stewards have been turning their eyes to each other lately. It looks like the Bloodguard is preparing an offensive attack that will all but decimate the Stewards. Words came to me on the wings of a bat about the Stewards trying to convince the elite vampires that the Bloodguard were no longer necessary and that a political power struggle may be on the horizon. There was some mention of some strange ore deep within the caverns too.'

Vual Stoutest says 'The Stewards have been collecting some strange ore that carries a strong aura of magic. It's clear that even the wise Stewards are not sure what the ore is for. The Bloodguard have also begun to collect the ore. The lower classes of Mistmoore's Catacombs also have orders to find more of the mysterious fragments.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Morden Rasp has advised us to continue collecting the treasures and gems from Mistmoore's Catacombs for the time being. At the same time, we are keeping a healthy balance between the two sects of power among the Loyals. I don't believe those creatures can exist without conflict with one another. Over this time, we have learned this much. It is our job to keep them in check, from now until the end of time, or the end of them. The Progeny are certainly a bigger problem as they are more intelligent and a great deal more devious.'

Vual Stoutest says 'The adventure party from the Wayfarers Brotherhood has been lost to the undead in Mistmoore's Catacombs. This has been terrible for us. We haven't received any new information in days. However, I hear that Elwinn Prelliaen has got himself a vampire that escaped the catacombs. The vampire was young and yearned for his mortal life. Elwinn was able to convince him to talk in exchange for some protection. I'm sure he's got access to secrets that I don't. He's deep in the Lesser Faydarks.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says 'Shhh, keep it down. There are many who would strongly disapprove of my protection of one of the vampires from Mistmoore's Catacombs. I've been keeping him safely hidden, so do not expect or attempt to usurp my efforts to learn ways to protect ourselves from the evil that lurks in those caves. There is much to learn about the Progeny. We know very little about them, other than they are the elite vampires. Some of them are even considered Mayong Mistmoore's children.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says 'Ah yes. Have you encountered Mayong Mistmoore's children yet? They call themselves the Progeny. But, there is some dispute about which of them should be the ruler in the catacombs. As a result, Mistmoore's children have aligned themselves in two ways: the Trueborn and the Scions.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says 'You may have learned that the Trueborn claim to have Mayong Mistmoore's immortal blood running through their blackened veins. The Scions are the most recent additions to vampire nobility. Most still have memories of their mortal lives. Both resent each other; both want to be in Mayong's highest favor. There is much more to learn, but I can tell you no more right now.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says 'It's rather peculiar that both the Trueborn and Scions war for Mayong's favor. Do they not understand that Mayong cares nothing for them? All Mayong desires is his own perfection, whatever that means. His narcissism is so complete it leaves him no room for his children. There appears to be no way to convince those pathetic undead in the catacombs of Mayong's indifference.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says 'I'm afraid I can tell you no more. The source of my information has disappeared. I'm not sure if he was found, or if he left of his own accord. During all this time though, Vual Stoutest was able to create another Wayfarers Brotherhood party to get to the still heart of the catacombs. You should go talk to him. Be well traveler. The world is becoming stranger by the hour.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Welcome once again, Nadia. It's been some time since I've seen you. You are indeed more powerful, I can see it in your eyes. I'm sure you are one of the great adventurers responsible for keeping the undead in Mistmoore's Catacombs under some control. The blood of the vampire is so foul, is it not? By the way, I've learned more. The pride and desire for power among the Trueborn and Scions is keeping their numbers relatively even, though it shifts from time to time. It's remarkable really.'

Vual Stoutest says 'I think I'm beginning to understand those vampires better. I always wondered why they seemed to coexist quietly while their hated was so palpable it weighed on the air. And there was always death everywhere. During one excursion to the catacombs, I was observing from the inside of a coffin and I saw a silent assassin end the existence of one of the Trueborn. I surmised that assassinations among them must be frequent.'

Vual Stoutest says 'The more time we spend down there Nadia, the more dangerous it becomes for us all. It just never seems to end! Unfortunately, Norrath's less experienced adventurers and friends in the Wayfarers Brotherhood have lost their mortal lives and now walk with the vampires and undead. If only there was a way to rescue them . . .'

Vual Stoutest says 'Back again, eh Nadia? Thankfully, many of the Wayfarers Brotherhood's adventurers have fed us information. Have you noticed that the Scions are restless? It turns out that memories of their mortal lives still haunt them. Did you know that some of the Scions have not fully succumbed to the life of a vampire? We just recently learned that ourselves! For some time, they are able to resist the full descent into one of Mayong's children. They also keep the company of the living at times. Very strange indeed.'

Vual Stoutest says 'The Trueborn and Scions spend so much time focusing on getting attention and praise they will never receive. Mayong Mistmoore has not been back here since the Wayfarers Brotherhood found his catacombs. We are fairly certain Mayong has no interest here other than keeping a sufficient force of vampires and undead. Some think Mayong aims to start a war. I do not. I simply believe he's trying to maintain the power of the numbers of his children and servants so that if he needs to war, he can. My view? I think he aims to become a deity of his own making.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Ever seen a vampire bare its fangs right in your face?! Darned excitin' I gotta say. But there's so much more to Mistmoore's Catacombs than just vampires. If you help the Wayfarers Brotherhood some, I'll fill ya in.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Both of the Progeny sects, the Trueborn and the Scions, have been collecting a strange ore from the lower classes in the catacombs. A deal was struck between the Progeny and the Orphans. The Orphans, the lowest rung on the ladder down there, have been supplying ore to the elites to learn what it is for. There are some among us who have made many educated guesses that I can't share with you unfortunately. We may have more for you a ways down the road of time.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Gracious me, Nadia! Just when I believed you couldn't gain more experience and skill you show up here even more powerful than before. By the way, even more intrigue haunts the halls of Mistmoore's Catacombs. The Trueborn and Scions are back at their petty and useless attempts to be acknowledged by Mayong. The assassinations in their ranks are now rampant. And, with the intervention of the Wayfarers Brotherhood, the vampires never seem to achieve strong organization. Oh, and that ore they are storing away is starting to hum with unnatural energy. Very peculiar.'

Vual Stoutest says 'My good friend, Nadia! I've been contemplating the constant replenishment of the vampires in Mistmoore's Catacombs. It has occurred to me that many fallen comrades and curious Norrathians have succumbed to the vampires' tainted blood. Who can say if the vampires lust for more than only power. Or, has Mayong been visiting his catacombs? I'm not sure, but I'm suspicious. Still, the vampires seek to steal the best and brightest from the mortal realm. For so long as they have depended on secrecy to hide their existence and actions, and now they must not just fight themselves, but us as well. Who is to say what will happen in the future?


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