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Ruanya Windleaf says 'I must tell you, I'm a little saddened by the fate of the elves in Takish-Hiz. By all accounts, that city once held such great splendor and beauty. Now it is a such a menacing place. It does torment me some that I cannot walk amongst the echoes of my ancestors without fear. I'm so glad that you've come to hear the story though. I'm feeling somewhat morose at the moment, but I'd be glad to start this long tale another time.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'I apologize for my depressed mood the last time we spoke Nadia. I am ready to begin the story of my ancestors now. The tale begins soon after the planet of Norrath began its journey around the sun, called Sol. Our fair mother of the Plane of Growth, Tunare, put the first intelligent beings on Norrath, the elves. About the same time, Brell Serilis of the Plane of Underfoot created the dwarves who dwelled inside the very crust of Norrath. Then, Prexus, the Ocean Lord, created the Kedge to rule the oceanic depths of the world. Around that time, Veeshan claimed the skies, Tunare the surface lands, Brell the underground and Prexus the seas. It wasn't that simple really, but it will have to wait. I must practice my archery now, friend. I need to be prepared for exploration and battle at all times.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'You have returned in good time, Nadia. I am between tasks at the moment, but I will need to do more scouting of Takish-Hiz shortly. I wanted to tell you about a critical turning point earlier in our history. There was a time when the lands of Norrath were split amongst the gods so they would have true homes for their creations. Tunare and Solusek Ro, the Prince of Flame, both wanted to claim the Elddar Forest as their own. There was no settlement though, Tunare simply acted more quickly. As I will tell you soon, Solusek Ro took exception to Tunare's hasty creation of the elves. I must continue with my scouting now.'

Ruanya Windleaf beams with pride, her upturned eyes brightly greeting you. 'Ha, I beat my companion Escon Quickbow in an archery competition. Grand day! Yes, I have more information for you about Solusek Ro. The Prince of Flame watched the elves quietly build and live without conflict for thousands of years. Takish-Hiz was built out of wood and marble with much skill and beauty. It was so striking and bright the gods could see it glow from a great distance. Solusek Ro became envious and angry at Tunare and her creations. In fact, his vengeful acts brought ruin to the elves of Takish-Hiz.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'Quickly now, Nadia. I have spotted some tracks nearby I do not want to lose. I just came back to the camp for supplies. Solusek Ro reached down to Antonica with his fiery touch and arched the spine of the world. The geographical act would be slow and not draw attention to his actions. He then called upon the power of the Ro, the sun. The sun began to dry the forest. Now, I really must go. I don't want to lose the tracks I found.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'The tale gets somewhat sad at this juncture. The elves watched the outer edges of the Elddar Forest wither and die and it was progressing faster. The druids of Takish-Hiz used their most powerful magic to try to stop the advance of the drought. They would call for rain and protection from Tunare. They received neither. Solusek Ro's grip was too strong. That's all I know about that part of the story. I think you should go talk to Farwein Windrun in the south deserts of Ro. He can tell you more.'

Farwein Windrun says 'Hail Nadia. I'm certain that Ruanya sent you to me. That must mean you want to learn more about Takish-Hiz and the elves. I do have an interesting tale about that. Some call it folklore, but I say it is true. The story was passed amongst the wood elves for centuries. Give me some time to organize and we will talk, friend.'

Farwein Windrun says 'So glad you're here. I've been aching to tell my story. Soon after Takish-Hiz was built, not only did Solusek Ro become angry, Innoruuk did as well. He abhorred the sickly sweet and lovely elves and wanted to disrupt the peaceful city and cut into Tunare's heart. Sorry to stop here Nadia, but I must practice. Don't tell anyone, but I've been learning the geomantic arts!'

Farwein Windrun says 'So good to receive you again, Nadia. We can continue without interruption for a short time. When the Prince of Hate, Innoruuk, saw how happily and peacefully the elves lived, his ire burned like an inferno. He stole the king and queen right from their thrones in Takish-Hiz without any warning and imprisoned them in the Plane of Hate, his terrible home. Oh, I am afraid I must now return to the Faydarks for a short spell and visit my family. I have just remembered they talked about an artifact of the old elves they keep hidden. I am yearning to see it!'

Farwein Windrun says 'I had a wonderful visit with my family, Nadia. Where were we? Hm. Ah, yes. Innoruuk tortured the elven king and queen of Takish-Hiz for 300 years. He twisted their minds and tortured their bodies until they were no longer beautiful and bright. He rebuilt them as he saw fit until they became the first of Innoruuk's intelligent abominations on Norrath. They became known as the dark elves, or Teir'Dal. Speaking of frightful, I must return to Takish-Hiz. My friends are signaling me to hurry our discussion. I'll see you soon.'

Farwein Windrun says 'The story of the elves and Takish-Hiz is becoming more familiar to me the more I tell it. I must say though, it is heartbreaking to learn that the Elddar Forest used to stretch across the entire southeastern quarter of Antonica. I am sure we would have found it magnificent! It is even sadder that some of the gods had such a hatred of the elves. Anyway, I must go cook my friends a meal. I would suggest that you return to Ruanya Windleaf to discuss more about the fate of Takish-Hiz and the elves.'

Farwein Windrun says 'Have you been to the ruins of Takish-Hiz? What a sad place. It really tears at my heart. I remember when I was a young elf, my mother told me stories. I've learned much about the sand elves since then, but I'm afraid I can't tell you any more. I have a strict policy of only sharing my knowledge with those that help the Wayfarers Brotherhood.'

Ruanya Windleaf looks over a strange piece of blue ore and hides it when she sees you approach. 'Hail Nadia. These are certainly interesting times. We are seeing all sorts of new things these days. I do need to tell you what happened in Takish-Hiz that led to the demise of many of my elven ancestors. I must ask you to remember that Solusek Ro called upon the power of sun we call Ro that would ultimately be the end of the first elven city. I must continue my fletching right now, but when you return, I can tell you more.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'How nice to set eyes upon you again Nadia. Like I had said, the destructive heat of the sun called upon by Solusek Ro brought the Elddar Forest to its end. As the trees withered and became petrified and the soil lost all of its nourishment, sands began to close in on Takish-Hiz. King and Queen Tak'Yaliz, who replaced the first King and Queen Tak'Hiz that were stolen by Innoruuk, commanded all of the elves to protect their city from the encroaching sands. Can we talk another time? Patchka Ceorvra needs my assistance with gathering some shrubs for her alchemy practice.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'Let's begin again, Nadia! All of the elves of Takish-Hiz brought their strongest magic outside the city to protect it from the heat of sun. They fashioned aqueducts and resurrected trees and planted new ones to try to force the sands backward. As the natural resources needed to perform their magic dwindled, the elves had to look elsewhere. King and Queen Tak'Yaliz and their advisors called a grand assembly with the druids to propose an alternative that would be a massive undertaking. That's all I have time for right now. So much to do!'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'Lend me your ear again, Nadia and we'll continue where we left off. During the assembly of the druids of Takish-Hiz, the king and queen pointed their faithful citizens toward a new magic art . . . geomancy. All of the citizens of Takish-Hiz were then given specific duties that would save the city. Some citizens were sent out to maintain the forest with shovels and seeds, and others were sent to the great libraries to learn and improve upon geomantic arts. I have to meet a fellow wood elf for more information on the story, but I'll be back soon.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'I have more detail to give you Nadia. As the sands continued to pour in around the elves of Takish-Hiz like a merciless sea, parts of the city began to fall to the pressure of the failing earth. But the elves did not falter in their resolve and desire to save their home. The geomancers used the sands to form new walls where the stone crumbled. All the wood that cracked and split under the advancing sands were also replaced by reformed earth. Soon, large parts of the city were replaced with sandy architecture. Each day the elves fought to maintain their city, but it would be a battle that would seemingly never end. I must make an entry in my journal now, friend. Return soon!'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'That Calliav certainly is an interesting sort. From time to time, he has visions about Takish-Hiz and tells me what he sees. Lucky for us, I suppose! Anyway, let us continue with the story. The king and queen of Takish-Hiz came to accept that much of their city was buried under the scorching sands and what remained was fast becoming unlivable. They saw some of their most faithful and powerful geomancers trapped in ruins of the city as some of the structures failed. It was time to make a decision. I'll tell you more about that later. I have to do some foraging. We're running low on supplies.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'More about the elves? Good! King and Queen Tak'Yaliz used a great horn to signal to all of their citizens that it was time to flee their failing city. They decided it could not be saved. The elves, weary and worn, left the scorched earth that came to be known as the deserts of Ro and made their way across the Ocean of Tears to a new and fertile land. They began to settle in a forest named the Faydarks that was much like the Elddar Forest once was. What they did not know is that some of their ancestors did survive deep beneath the sands in Takish-Hiz. We must discuss this another time, friend. I have a guest coming soon and I need to prepare.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'Hail, Nadia. I would recommend you go inquire about the decrepit state of Takish-Hiz and the elves with Niflel Faliwae in the Greater Faydarks. She has been doing a lot of research on the elves of Takish-Hiz and has quite a tale to tell. She can provide you with more insight than me. Safe journey!'

Niflel Faliwae says 'Ah, you've come to learn of the fate of the elves of Takish-Hiz. Well, as the elves of the Elddar Forest fled to Faydwer, some that were trapped under the sands within the city of Takish-Hiz continued their efforts to prevent the sand from completely taking over the city. There were many of them and they were completely unaware that the city was abandoned and expended all of their energy trying to rebuild the city and free themselves. It is the hour for me to meditate friend, but I would be pleased if you returned to hear more.'

Niflel Faliwae says 'I am happy you have returned. The fate of my ancestors is significant in my opinion. The elves buried in Takish-Hiz began to get desperate over time. Food supplies and natural resources were dwindling at an alarming rate. They needed to buy time for their rescue. Then, the masters of geomancy agreed to conduct a most unusual experiment, mostly out of curiosity, but all quietly recognizing it may be useful in the future. They gathered a number of insects and began to reconstruct their biology with sand using the geomantic arts. It took many attempts before the first insect survived with legs made of sand. Once they had mastered the recreation of limbs, they turned their focus to organs and brains of the lowest forms of living creature in the sand-filled city. Sorry, Nadia. This is a long tale and I must break it into digestible portions. Return soon and I will tell you more.'

Niflel Faliwae says 'I keep finding more information on the elves, the more time I spend in Takish-Hiz. Yes, back to the geomancers endeavors. While the insects they experimented with had no brains to speak of, the geomancers were able to recreate the insects entirely and the resulting sandy beings behaved normally in their eyes. With what they had learned from those experiments, the elves were able to summon a variety of creatures that could assist them with keeping the city repaired. More another time then, Nadia? I do hope so.'

Niflel Faliwae says 'I've found a journal with the most thrilling story! It says that when the remaining food was nearly all consumed in Takish-Hiz, the surviving elves had to consider alternatives on how they would live. Collectively, they had some ideas with implications that were horrific to the geomancers. But then, one brave elf, Cirwea Strongbow, overlooked the geomancers discomfort and begged them to use his body for a most dangerous experiment. As Cirwea's arm was crushed when part of a great stone wall fell on him, he hoped the geomancers could replace it with their magic. His arm was turning black quickly and he feared he would die anyway. He was also hoping he might be the first elf that would be completely turned to sand. Find me soon Nadia and we'll go further on the path of this story. I need to read more myself.'

Niflel Faliwae says 'Hello Nadia. I've spent much time reading and piecing the story of the elves together. As it happens, the geomancers were reluctant and afraid that Cirwea could lose his young life altogether if they experimented on his arm. However, Cirwea urged them on. He convinced them he would die anyway as there was nearly no food left and his arm was rife with disease. The geomancers acquiesced and worked for many days to prepare, practicing on several creatures that were available to them. When the geomancers were more confident, they coaxed the last wolf of Takish-Hiz into their special summoning chambers. They managed to completely replace the wolf's flesh with sand. Together they decided they were satisfied with the results as the dog behaved as it usually had. That is when they turned their attention to Cirwea. We must end this for now, Nadia. We will both know more by the time we see each other again.'

Niflel Faliwae says 'This is a most unusual story, Nadia. I read that the day finally came for Cirwea and he was prepared for the test. He was rested on a bed of sand with his arms and legs were outstretched. The geomancers put him into a trance, gathered around him, and joined hands. Together they all crouched to the floor and buried their fingers in the sands. They began to chant and their arms glowed blue, yellow, and green with their summoning gifts. The sand underneath Cirwea shook and undulated in ripples around him. They were upon the moment of truth. With more time, I can continue. This is as far as I've gotten in the tale myself.'

Niflel Faliwae says 'This journal about Takish-Hiz has me mesmerized! It says that as the geomancers stood around Cirwea, chanting, one of the geomancers leaned forward on her knees and began sculpting sand into the shape of an arm. She lifted the sculpture and it remained bound by the magic. She laid it on top of Cirwea's bruised and broken arm and pushed lightly downward. Sparks of blue magic danced around the sculpture of the arm as it worked its way into Cirwea's flesh and bone. In a moment, the magic dissipated. Cirwea blinked and opened his eyes. They all waited, barely breathing. With a smile, Cirwea turned his eyes to each one of the geomancers that stood above him. Then, he wiggled the fingers on the hand of his sandy arm. Fantastic, is it not? You must go now so I can read more!'

Niflel Faliwae says 'How terrible it must have been in Takish-Hiz, hm? In my last reading, I learned that as food became extinct, the geomancers all began to replace their living bodies with sand. The one part of the body they did not dare replace was their brains. While the wolf they had transformed into a sand creature long ago still lived, it was not as rambunctious as it once was. It was a cause for concern, but all of the remaining elves knew they would have to abandon their natural biology or they would die. All of their efforts would be for naught if they were not able to survive with their skills and spirits in tact. They wouldn't be able to protect the city. I'm aching to read more, Nadia. When I see you again, we'll carry on.'

Niflel Faliwae says 'The bravery of my ancestors really makes my heart proud. Again, Cirwea offered his head and mind for the first experiment the geomancers would perform. His bravery and faith in his fellow geomancers was unequaled. With his usual persuasiveness, Cirwea told his fellow fading elves that they had to try or none of them would survive. Once again, they prepared the summoning room. The tension in the air felt as heavy as the sand bearing down on them. I'm afraid that's all I know at this point. I plan to read more soon.'

Niflel Faliwae says 'I was able to steal a few minutes with the journal left by some of the Takish-Hiz elves and read some eerie details around the grand experiment they conducted. The geomancers all gathered around Cirwea once more, but this time his eyes were lifeless. Ahead of time, the geomancers created a unique sculpture that was a totem. They were able to trap Cirwea's spirit within it. It was hoped that the spirit within the totem would be released within Cirwea's completely earthen form. Their eyes shone more keenly this day because they knew they faced the answer to the question they had all been asking themselves . . . would they be able to survive as sand creatures? And so, the summoning ceremony began. That's as far as I was able to read! I must get back to it!'

Niflel Faliwae says 'This journal is the most fascinating text I have ever read. To continue, dear Nadia, the summoning ceremony finished and once again Cirwea opened his eyes. The elves were all somewhat taken aback as his eyes did shine once again, but now his eyes were made of gems. Once more, he smiled. In a gravelly voice, he said 'My name is Cirwea and I am your first sand elf!' From that moment, the elves began their feverish transformation to becoming sand elves. But, they should have waited longer to see how this new form would affect them over time. I'm not sure why, because I haven't read that far. When I find spare time, I will read more, I promise!'

Niflel Faliwae says 'Goodness! I have been anxious for you to return so I can tell you more! Cirwea, the first sand elf, was also the first to show an alarming change. He talked to his fellow geomancers less and less as the days passed. He was consumed with constantly repairing and rebuilding the city. While his fellow elves would take time to talk and share their lives, he would continue to manipulate the sands. Then, the other elves began talking less and less. I'm afraid there are some pages missing in the journal. I plan to return to Takish-Hiz to find them.'

Niflel Faliwae says 'I found most of the missing pages! It seems that there was a desperate attempt by the youngest sand elves to restore all of the spirits of the sand elves into new totems so they would be protected. In the process, they lost several elves completely as their spirits were all but gone and could not be trapped into the totems. Some of the elves toyed with ending their lives, but hoped that someday that if they were rescued they could be restored to their formal physical beauty and intelligence. But it was not to be. I must read the final pages, dear Nadia. Come back soon and we'll end this tale together!'

Niflel Faliwae says 'I should have been prepared for the sad ending of the elves, but I was not. My heart is troubled. The final pages of the journal ends as all of the elves succumbed to their sandy hosts and all lost their love for life. The journal became hazy because there were no elves to finish it. The sand elves you see now are just echoes of the elves they once were. They are not really the ancestors of the elves because they have become something else. They still see the continuing threat of the sands burying their city and continue to rebuild it with the sands. Now that we have discovered them, they fight even harder to protect all that they have sought to rebuild. That is all the information I have on Takish-Hiz right now, I'm afraid. You should go visit Ruanya Windleaf. I believe she may have more to tell you.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'The story of the sand elves is sad, is it not? While you were away, we were able to learn more about the sand elves as they move about Takish-Hiz now. The elves do retain a faint memory of what their professions used to be. The Flowkeepers oversee the movement of the sands in the city. They are somewhat like advisors to the elves and indicate when the tides of the sands are in the best position to perform summoning ceremonies. They patrol the city looking for impending damage. With a bit more time, I can tell you more, dear Nadia.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'We've just returned from another expedition into Takish-Hiz. We discovered that the Geomantic Compact compliments the Flowkeepers. The compact is comprised of priests that are the primary force behind the summoning ceremonies. The Geomantic Compact is also responsible for making sure the hourglass that remains in the city is constantly turned, so the sands still indicate time. The Geomantic Compact holds the masters of geomancy. There is more study required before we continue, my friend.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'Greetings Nadia! While we were exploring, we came upon the Royal attendants. They are all that is remaining of the advisors and guards of King and Queen Tak'Yaliz who had long-since abandoned the city. They became quiet workers, but they are very skilled with weapons due to their former professions. They were the warriors of the realm. Now they are just faint semblances of their former heroics. Extremely sad that there were so many survivors left behind, isn't it?'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'It is indeed unfortunate that we lost one of our best during a jaunt to Takish-Hiz. The Jeweled Guard, remnants of the most fearsome of the elves, were the warriors and masters of battle in the city. Even in their spirit-drained state, they continue to train and behave with great discipline as they play out the habits they used to have when their spirits lived within them. While they are only shades of their former selves, they are still ferocious in a fight. In fact, I got a few scars myself from them that need attention. See you soon, Nadia.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'I've discovered a bit of madness in Takish-Hiz, dear Nadia. The Cave Dwellers in the city are the outcasts of Takish-Hiz. Many are frail and appear crazy and unable to function. These are the most faded of the sand elves that had the weakest spirits to begin with. It's very upsetting to see the glow completely gone from their eyes, though. No matter, they are just shades of their former splendor. I must go visit with Nedaria Debeian and tell her what I've learned too.'

Ruanya Windleaf says 'I was hoping you had come to tell me something Nadia! I am out of information to relay to you. I suppose this means we're on equal footing! I'm fairly sure the Wayfarers Brotherhood considers you an ally by now! I've much enjoyed bending your ear with my story. I hope maybe someday you will do the same for me!'


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