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Jaggedpine Forest

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Jaggedpine Forest

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:04 pm

*** News from Faydwer ***

It is rumoured that the major cities of Faydwer have announced a call to arms for all young adventurers. News of mysterious bloodthirsty goblins to the west setting up encampments has prompted all residents of Kaladim, Kelethin and Felwithe to all begin preparing themselves for what they think may be a momentous battle. Intelligence originating from the Scouts of Kaladim and Kelethin has informed their respective leaders of a possible alliance between a mysterious aqua goblin tribe and the Orcs of Clan Crushbone. Due to the possibility of an attack by either or both of these powerful tribes, guildmasters of all cities have begun the training of young soldiers brave enough to heed the call to defend their homeland against all unknown creatures and new inhabitants.

*** Call to Arms ***

Tarlain moved along through the tunnel at a brisk pace, a wistful smile
painting his weathered features. His arm reached out from under his travel
stained greatcloak so that his hand could traced the side wall of granite while his mind recalled the many times he had passed through this tunnel in his youth.
It had been many years since and the memories of his training in the woodland ways within the environs of Surefall glade filled him with a peaceful nostalgia.

This nostalgia all but vanished as Tarlain rounded the final curve and broke
into the tree filtered sunlight of Surefall Glade and beheld a most unexpected sight - a line of Qeynos foot soldiers marching past the Ranger hall and on toward the far end of the Glade. What could bring the forces of Qeynos here?
Knowing this could not bode well, Tarlain strode quickly to the Ranger hall, his eyes on the receding backs of the footmen.

Reaching the main hall entrance, Tarlain's sight latched on to a proclamation inked in the flowing hand of a Qeynos scribe and bearing the seal of Antonius IV. It outlined the rising threat of Blackburrow Gnolls invading and despoiling the previously sequestered Jaggedpine Forest. Because of this danger Antonius has lifted his father's ruling to protect those forests and now calls for able-bodied men and militia to join in quelling the expansion of the vile Gnolls.

Gritting his teeth at the thought of Gnolls invading the pristine woodlands,
Tarlain turned and with a hand on his longsword, set off to catch up with the
guardsmen and throw in his lot against the dogs of Blackburrow.


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