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From Neriak

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From Neriak

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:05 pm

An uncharacteristic silence descended across the Imperial District of Neriak, city of the Prince of Hate's children. Not so much an absence of sound, more the oppression of pure silence; an almost tangible potential crackling in the air itself, as a quiet before a tumultuous storm.

Nobles and commoners alike stood motionless in the streets, a look of confused expectation upon their upturned faces. The ghouls guarding the entrance of the Dark Academy chittered briefly to one another before melting into the shadows.

All eyes looked upon the Dark Tower of Sorcery, it's smooth stone walls seeming to almost pulse with a power from within. Darkened windows and oriels looked out upon the silent city of the Tier'dal, imparting an impression of amused malice.

Silence... interminable, suffocating silence... instantly broken by a deafening, mind-rending thundercrack, reverberating from the cavernous walls of the city, shaking the very foundation of every building with immense force. Blinding luminance, lancing forth from every aperture in the
tower, burning the eyes of those foolish enough to look on, whilst the thundercrack pained each listener's ears. Then, as soon as the cataclysmic burst had come, it vanished. The ringing in the ears of every dark elf within the streets below slowly subsided, to be replaced by a lone, maniacal stream of laughter echoing throughout the city from the Dark Tower's summit...


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