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An Ancient Arises

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An Ancient Arises

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:06 pm

Deep within the recesses of a cave yet unknown to the world at large, a dark,
menacing figure parts with the slumber that has kept him silent for ages.

The eyes of a magnificently ominous beast pierce through the darkness, his memories flowing freely once more. In the depths of this beast's mind sparks the knowledge that his prophetic saviour has been released from the ancient magiks of time, let loose upon an unsuspecting world where the kin shall once again reign supreme.

"My master's shackles have been trounced, and so it is written that in this
world that has been so deftly overrun by pitiful mortals, he shall bring power
back to those of the scale." The deep rumbling voice of the beast lingers
throughout the cavernous hideaway, the barely distinguishable figure of a mighty lizard moves through the stone and dirt and dust as if to leave the gloomy surroundings and find his place once again upon Norrath proper.

"For far too long have I been a prisoner to the overwhelming might that kept
me in a state of secluded sleep; for far too long have I been victim to the
ancestral elemental forces keeping my master at bay. Now I awaken and bring life back to the disciples; now shall the lifeblood of the Four once again spread the word of prophecy!" The footsteps of this great beast are slow but sure, moving through the depths of the gaping mountain retreat towards the surface. Along the walls, pebbles and stones that have remained dormant for years crumble and crack, falling to the ground as the immense beast walks past.

A maze of dead ends and broken paths twists and turns in the expanse beyond the figure's resting place. The skeletons of those who had tried - and failed - to make their way to him in the years he spent in forced slumber remain, tumbled landmarks of heroes long lost. Slowly he moves, his reptilian eyes darting back and forth looking for any meagre meals that may still be available. As he proceeds, he steps atop a mighty echelon, overlooking the bodies that could not defy the magical properties of the cave; fools of mortal thought, incapable of fathoming the power that lay beyond them. "Time has been good to you, my faithful warren... let us both pray that I no longer need you. The time for the revival is at hand."


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