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Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:10 pm

Fahlia silently sat on the ocean's edge. The aurora danced with its reflection, giving the horizon a mesmerizing effect. The rhythmic sounds of the shore and the smooth whir of the windmill's gears gave the aurora the music it needed to make the scene complete. Yet, even with a scene as meditative as the one that moved before her, Fahlia's mind continued to race.

Conflict and conspiracy have always existed. However, the scale and nature of what was transpiring proved to be very unsettling. There was some reassurance in the knowledge that their efforts had paid off so far. Other than the trip to Kaesora and the assault on the Libraries of Chardok, they had experienced very little opposition while collecting materials for the elders. This was partially due to the fact that so many people were collaborating with them. Fahlia found it hard to fathom that so many people were looking for the same answers. It was even harder to believe that these people were willing to risk the same punishment should they be discovered.

The elders and scholars were working at that moment to decipher the documents that had been gathered. Perhaps those tomes and texts would give them some insight, some clue about what they should do next. For now, she could only wait for her next assignment and hope that destiny had some plan for them. Fahlia couldn't help but wonder if he was out there, watching them with some understanding of the tale that was about to unfold.

Just as that final thought filled her mind, a voice disrupted the peaceful scene.

"Fahlia, the elders have called for us again. It seems they have located the last four. We must move to meet them at once."

The speaker's voice was unnaturally deep for someone with such a diminutive stature. He reached out to help her to her feet and added, "You'll be needing some extra cover to take with you, lass. It's quite cold where we're heading."


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