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The Hidden Passage

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The Hidden Passage Empty The Hidden Passage

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:32 pm

As Morden Rasp's camp of adventurers grew and readied for an expedition, the Overking Bathezid Di`Zok in Chardok called a secret council to his chambers. Those closest to the Overking were suspicious of Korucust's actions of late.

Over the past decade, Korucust ascended the ranks to become a trusted member of the Overking's security forces and had been rampantly making accusations of treachery within the brood. He pointed his finger at some of the most powerful Di`Zok and those he charged disappeared into his interrogation chambers.

The Overking observed that Korucust often vanished for days at a time with no explanation and it concerned him.

This night, the Overking's assembled council planned to pool its magic for a spell of powerful vision that would allow them to see into Korucust's rooms without detection.

The dozen members of the secret council filtered into the chambers and sat in a loose circle around the Overking.

One of the mages began to mutter an incantation. Then, another began. And another. Soon, the echoes of the chanting voices took an airy form, a window of sight, which the Overking controlled with his own mind. He willed the magic eye through the deep caverns of Chardok to Korucust's rooms.

He inched the eye through a wall where faint squeals emanated.

Gasps stole the air in the Overking's chamber as horror robbed the mages of their breath.

The Overking's own blood chilled and his heart darkened as he watched Korucust torture Gimliox Ran`Ti, one of the palace's master healers.

The only words Korucust uttered were in a necromantic language. His blood-coated arms were ablaze with a dark red magical energy.

Gimliox's screams began to ebb and his eyes slowly rolled under his scaled lids. Calm washed over his reptilian features.

The Overking immediately understood the extremity of the sinister arts that Korucust practiced.

Gimliox wandered mindlessly into a dark hall after Korucust unshackled him. He could be heard muttering phrases of nonsense drawn from his shattered mind.

"I am Shai`Din. The Brood of Di`Zok is my enemy. I am Shai`Din. I am Shai`Din. Enemies are close."


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