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The Dark Amulet

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The Dark Amulet

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:45 pm

The dinner bell echoed across the decks of the Queen of Thorns, but Calliav Giniuar did not notice. He sat in bed with a tattered diary resting on his raised knees, penning some words of what had come to pass in the recent months. Each word became lengthened and scrawled as his eyelids begin to sink, sleep overcoming him. He put the pen down and closed his eyes, letting dreams wash over him.

But he didn't have a dream, he had a nightmare. It was the sort of nightmare that felt real, like you could reach out and touch the terror. Calliav was trapped in sleep and could not escape the scene that unfolded.

He saw himself walking through a temple with rotting corpses of fallen heroes and friends lying at his feet. He walked into a room where a withered Taelosian sat in prayer, ignoring Calliav's presence. In the darkness, he saw someone move. He turned and saw Morden Rasp creeping in the shadows, edging his way behind a terrifying creature and passing through a stone door.

Calliav yelled, but Morden didn't hear him. He ran after Morden, going unnoticed by all of the Muramites in the room.

Morden was crouched in the dark, his presence nearly undetectable. His stormy eyes searched everything in the room, mapping his path. Calliav saw where he planned to go and ran ahead through another stone door at the back of the room.

And there he saw it, the leader of the Muramites. It was a beast unlike anything he had seen. It was an oddity with a fierce chaotic energy. He saw the creature wrap its spindly fingers around an amulet on its neck. The amulet began to glow and the creature's eyes rolled back. He saw it murmur as though it was having a conversation with someone. Calliav could not discern the words and was too terrified to move closer, or his mind simply wouldn't allow it in this nightmare.

Then, the creature removed the amulet and placed it on an altar. The stone in the amulet was unlike anything Calliav had seen. It pulsed and gave off a sickly dark glow, absorbing the light around it.

The beast slowly walked through a door and it closed. Calliav found his feet broke free and he was able to move. He reached out for the amulet, but his hand passed through it. He was simply an observer in this scene.

The grating grumble of moving stone came from behind Calliav. He knew it was Morden. He turned and watched him take silent steps toward the altar, examine it, and check it for traps. Satisfied it was safe, Morden reached down and picked up the amulet by the chain, careful not to touch the stone. He took out a small leather bag and slipped it inside, pulling the bag's string taut to close it. As Morden turned to walk out of the room, the scenes of the nightmare began to fade to darkness -- but Calliav did not feel alone in his mind. He felt a presence like a parasite, burrowing and digging into his thoughts.

From the darkness, the image of the amulet glowed and spun in his mind. It had secrets, mysteries to unlock. Calliav didn't want more visions. He didn't want to feel compelled to put his friends into more danger, but the more the amulet's image filled his mind, the more his resolve turned. He must have it. Yes, he must get it as soon as possible. He saw Morden get it safely. It should go well, he thought.

With a start, Calliav awoke from the dream and sat up. He gathered his robes about him and set off to find Morden, who was happily seeing the remaining hours of the day out with some ale in the ship's mess.

"Ahoy there, me strange mage. What will ye have this fine eve of adventure?" Morden bellowed across the tavern as Calliav walked in.

Calliav, embarrassed, shuffled quickly to the table. He begged Morden to speak to him in a quiet corner.

"I don't like that look on yer face Calliav. I really 'ate it when get THAT look," Morden sighed, as they walked into a quiet room across from the rowdy bunch of wayfaring folk.

"I know I've asked a lot of you, but there is another thing I must ask. I will pay you and the brotherhood to do this," Calliav said, his voice quivering.

"I won't take yer coin, Calliav. You've done more for the minds and hearts of these adventurin' folk than ye'll ever fully know, no matter what the danger," Morden said with smooth, warming tones. In his mind, though, he wouldn't mind more money . . .

"The leader of the Muramites here holds an amulet . . . at least I think he does. It's important somehow. It comes directly from another realm and still may have ties there. I think it's used to communicate from this realm to another," Calliav said hastily. "I don't know why I must have it, I just know I need it. It has secrets, wonders . . ."

"Good grief. Slow down, eh? Fine. I've been stuck on this boat long enough. I'll leave soon and go get this . . . amulet. Where will I find it?" Morden asked.

"That's it? You'll do it?," Calliav said with a measure of disbelief.

"Of course. Ye still don't understand me, do ye? Me life revolves around attaining the impossible. Why wouldn't I do it? Now, where shall I find it?" Morden ask.

"It's in the highest temple at the farthest reach of Taelosia. There is a creature there -- a fierce one and it is very well protected. I get the feeling you will have no trouble there, but most others will. Don't ask me why," Calliav said and Morden detected some doubt.

"I'm going to ask why. I don't like yer tone," Morden said sternly.

"This vision I had wasn't like the others. It felt a little odd," Calliav replied.

"Ye've not been wrong yet, so I'm sure ye're right about this -- just like ye were right about all else," Morden said. "I'm going to pack me gear and start getting ready. I'll take Tondal with me."

Calliav left Morden to his drink and returned to his quarters. He felt a dark presence surround him and grew cold. He tightened his robes around him and closed his eyes for a moment.

He cried out as two dark glaring eyes stared back at him in his mind.


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