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Path to the Peaks

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Path to the Peaks

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:46 pm

Morden Rasp lifted himself up and peered over the edge of the sewage pipe in Barindu, waiting for an opportunity to climb out and move into the shadows of a corner. He and Tondal Di'Xevar had been waiting for hours to get out of the sewer, but it was surrounded by grunting and lumbering Muramites.

Morden saw a young Nihil shuffle into the building, his body covered in scars and bruises. He knelt down to tend to a trampled plant. The ra'tuk brute standing nearby shoved the weary slave a few times and laughed as he fell over. Then as the Nihil struggled back to his feet, Morden moved slightly to get his attention. The Nihil did indeed catch Morden's eye, but quickly limped out of the building.

Disappointed, Morden lowered himself back down into the sludge and grimaced as slurping grime swirled around his feet. He wasn't sure what the slave could have done to help, but felt he had to do something. He was starting to feel anxious.

"Tondal, why do we always find ourselves in filth some'ow?" he looked to his trusted dark elf companion.

"Don't you dare blame me. You picked this route. You always pick these ones. I can barely breathe it's so foul. This one is all your fault, friend. Bleh . . . now . . . how are we going to get out of here?" Tondal asked.

"Not sure, to tell ye the truth. Those Muramites aren't budgin' and them poor Taelosians just don't 'ave it in 'em to 'elp. We need some sort of distraction or we'll 'ave to 'ead back to the shore and find another way through," Morden said.

A scream suddenly pierced the air and there was a thunderous explosion from above. Morden and Tondal looked at each other and both looked up to the sewer grate. They scrambled to the lip and saw the Muramites running outside the building. Quickly, Morden and Tondal jumped out and ducked in the shadows near the door. They saw the Muramites heading for a large building covered in plants and trees.

Morden and Tondal took the opportunity to sneak along a mountain's edge unseen and rounded a corner. It seemed as safe as place as any in Taelosia, which meant that with a few fights now and then, they could remain there as they scouted out the path into the mountains.

"We need to find out what 'appened out there," Morden said after they had a few minutes to relax. "I suspect the young Nihil I saw may 'ave sacrificed 'is life to get us out o' that filthy sewer."

"What?! You let one of those poor creatures see you? How could you, Morden? I would rather have fought them all and died myself than see another of those creatures tortured and killed. I have just about seen enough!" Tondal said in anger, his violet eyes glowing menacingly.

Morden sat in silence, his head down. His guilty heart choked his mind.

"Stay 'ere. I will return. We 'ave to keep movin'," Morden said as he got up. He carefully made his way around the city until he found a short passage of dirt and stone. He saw a pale figure alone in the distance. As he got closer, the Nihil beckoned to him.

"Greetings, I am Udranda. You must be the one that was hidden in the sewer, yes?" she asked. Morden felt another pang of guilt as he nodded.

"Gamesh is fine. He used a potion and some fine acting to gather the attention of the Muramites. He is quite a fast runner and was able to hide himself in a barrel near the gardens," she said.

Morden's expression softened and his heart lightened.

"What is this place? Me and me friend are tryin' to get to the temples to find a magical amulet for our companion, Calliav, and we can't find a way through," he said.

"You have not found the way through because I guard it with my stone guardian. The Muramites believe I am aiding them in containing the slaves, but I have been letting all manner of Norrathian through here to help thin out this evil horde. I can give you passage," she said. "This part of the city holds our Hanging Gardens. Once this place was teeming with life and laughter as our people grew and harvested fruits and vegetables, but now it's nearly barren. The only food we grow now is for the Muramites. We manage to get some food for ourselves, but not a lot."

"I'm so very sorry Udranda. I can't even imagine the plight o' yer people, but we're 'oping we can 'elp bring an end to the torture for many o' ya. I think the mission we're on might be part o' that," Morden said. "I'll return soon. I 'ave a friend I must bring with me."

Morden found Tondal and brought him to where Udranda stood. She commanded her stone guardian to move a boulder that blocked the passage to the mountain. Morden and Tondal slipped through.

A small voice whispered to them between the rocks.

"Watch where you step and beware. You are about to trespass into the thick of the Muramite army," Udranda said.

Tondal put his hand on Morden's shoulder.

"If I'm to meet my end up there, I can think of few others I'd rather be with," Tondal said.

Morden patted Tondal's hand.

"Stop being so darned dramatic, elf."

Just then, a dark and menacing growl rumbled from up ahead.


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