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Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:51 pm

Keras McArik grew up in Halas and began following the ways of a warrior as a young barbarian.

His trainer, Kylan O'Danos of the Wolves of the North, saw something in McArik's eyes that gave him great concern. He had never seen a look like that on anyone before when they practiced with a blade. One day, McArik sparred with a guild mate -- one he was not too fond of. His guildmate, Brinny Dorrinin, taunted him as they fought and made a remark about McArik's dead father being a coward and weakling.

To say McArik lost his temper understates what ensued. McArik went into a frenzy and in a flash of steel had severed both of Dorrinin's arms and pulled out his tongue and cut it off!

Dorrinin fell to the ground in a bloody heap. McArik fell on top of Dorrinin in exhaustion. When McArik awoke, he was cold, wet, and very confused. He looked down and saw the gore on the ground that was once Dorrinin and screamed for help. McArik recalled Dorrinin taunting him, but nothing else. He believed both of them were viciously attacked by an unseen enemy, but found no wounds on his body. O'Danos, the guildmaster, looked over the scene and turned to McArik. "It was ye who done this here, McArik," O'Danos said. "I can tell by the cut of the blade."

O'Danos now knew what lay deep behind McArik's cold blue eyes -- an uncontrollable rage. He knew his student wasn't aware of what he had done and that he had no control over it; making him sympathetic to this young student he was so fond of. "Leave now before anyone comes to see this mess McArik," O'Danos said. "And don't come back -- until ye have bested your own rage."

McArik, young and full of fear and confusion, grabbed a bag of supplies from his home in Halas and ran as long and as far as he could. When he could run no more, he settled down for the night under a polar bear skin in a copse in the Qeynos Hills. In his dreams, he saw a whir of steel
cross in front of him and a blade slice the flesh of Dorrinin. Then, he saw his own hand reach out and grab Dorrinin's tongue while his mouth was agape. He watched his own sword fall near Dorrinin's face and take the tongue off as it passed.

McArik awoke from his nightmare with a scream. He understood what O'Danos said now. On that brisk morning, McArik swore to himself that he would master his rage so that he could return home and pay for his crime, and perhaps guide others with the same innate ability he had -- that if left untamed is the greatest curse any could know.

His journey began and he vowed that he would help others master their rage with a series of trials -- the same he would face himself -- even at the risk of his own death. He would push his limits and learn new skills that would make him a fighter that would aid, not kill, his friends. Over time, he did learn to master his rage and did meet others like him.
They all went through great trials to master their abilities -- not all of them succeeded. Those that did called themselves "berserkers." There are some living and dead that guide those that want to test their abilities and truly master them in order to become a true berserker.

What is a Berserker?

A berserker possesses inordinate amounts of strength and bravery. They are seen lunging into battle with large two-handed axes or by hurtling throwing axes or other large objects at their enemies. They use huge axes for the fear that a heavy axe blade can instill in their enemies.

With their astute weapon skills and incredible anger, a berserker is a frightening enemy to face. They are also skilled in the use of thrown weapons. As they become more powerful, they can infuse their rage into these thrown weapons, causing unpleasant effects when they strike a foe.

Berserkers feel strongly tied to the world of spirits, as death is often very near to them. Their fellows and ancestors aid them when they can, and this is how a berserker learns to channel their anger. Their signature is their ability to go berserk, which causes them to do a greater amount of damage and swing their weapons more rapidly, but makes them more vulnerable to enemy attacks. Berserkers do not fear death and they value speed and agility over personal defence. They wear light armour of leather and chain, and use only two-handed weapons.

Only barbarians, dwarves, ogres, trolls, and vah shir can follow the path of the berserker.


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