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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:21 am

Moradhim Dwarf Rogue Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC: Foreman Druza
Druza asks you to go to Merchant Erfila and buy a Mining Cap. It's free.

Level 2
Quest NPC: Foreman Stolgo
Stolgo sends you to talk to Spiritmaster Lesha who binds you and sends you to Coachman Doba.

Level 3
Quest NPC: Foreman Stolga
Stolgo wants you to head to the quarry and hunt rats and return to him with three smithing stones.

Level 4
Quest NPC: Miner Tarnin
Quest Area: Moradhim

Tarnin will make you a new weapon if you bring him the following items:
block of ore - Purchase from Armorer Origson
Crafted Handle - Purchase from Merchant Erfila
Cracked Snake Fang
Smashed Badger Eye

Level 5
Quest NPC: Foreman Stolga
Stolga wants you to slay the frosteye shamen that are in the area.

Level 7
Quest NPC: Foreman Druza
1. Talk to Druza, she sends you to Logger Kripp outside the city. He's found in a house on the road.

2. Logger Kripp sends you to kill The Red Eyed Monster(CONs Wht-Red), which is found northwest of town, right across the river. Kill, loot his eye, return to Logger Kripp.

Level 10
Quest NPC: Foreman Druza
Quest Area: Moradhim
1. Talk to Druza, who sends you to Bren Raven, who is located west of Moradhim, in Diren's Hold, inside the fort, go all way back, on the second floor of the tower.

2. Bren Raven sends you to disable all 3 mines along the river. Start at the dam, and make your way up the small river. At each encounter your quest will update and tell you that you must stay in the area you found the mine for 30 seconds. A level 10 goblin will attack you each encounter during the 30 seconds, kill em and move along. After disabling all 3 mines return their springs to Bren.

3. Bren Raven sends you to Jarvan Tember, who can be found way up on top of that tall hill next to Diren's Hold Fort.

4. Jarvan Tember sends you to kill some Marauders, the Marauders are very near Diren's Hold, head eastish, look for a dark tower/spire, the Marauders are inside. There are 3 of them! You may need a group for this part. Kill, loot key!

5. With the key set Amber free, she's the little wolf. Return to Jargon for your rewards.

Level 13
Quest NPC: Foreman Druza
1. Talk to Druza, who sends you to Baga Village to kill guards. From Mordadhim, head south to Baga Village zone, Find the village and kill guards till one drops an Oversized Claw. Loot, return to Druza.

2. Druza sends you to a Named-human-NPC in the Enclave of the Bear. From Baga Village, follow the south mountain (from the back-side of Baga). It will wind West and East a little. It's in the SOUTH part of the Baga Village zone. You will see a ranger tree-tower outside the cave entrance. -OR- To find the Enclave run straight through Baga and follow the mountains to your left all the way. At the end of the mountains is the cave entrance to the Enclave.

3. Talk to the Named-human-NPC, he sends you to a halfling held prisoner in his cave.

4. The Halfling Prisoner wants to make a bet, do so, if you lose you will need to pay him 225 tunar. He tells something about Sensei Monks.

5. Return to Druza for your rewards.

Level 15
Quest NPC: Foreman Druza
1. Druza sends you to Kairan in the hidden village due east of Moradhim, which is Shon-to Monastery zone. Head out to the coach, and then turn directly East and follow that path until you come to a lake. You will be in the Shon To Monastery Zone. Across the lake, you will see a tunnel that you have to go through. on the other side of the tunnel is the village Chiasta. From the tunnel entrance on the other side, you will want to bear south, and look for an oriental-looking building. Kaiaren will be on the left side.

2. Kairan says you must retrieve a Seisen Gi from a Voidfist or Ironskin, before he will trust you. These monks are found in the lower level of the Seisen Monastery a little East of Moradhim. Return to Kairan with the Sensei Gi.

3. Kairan gives you a key to the arcane chest located at the bottom of the Monastery where you got the Gi. Return to the Monastery and retrieve the contents of the chest, (Talk to the chest and open it) bringing them back to Kaiaren.

4. Kairan will then give you a letter to give to Druza.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Foreman Druza
1. Foreman Druza sends you to Elder Joram in Halas. Joram is in the bank.

2. Joram sends you to destroy the Orb of Parathior that is in the Freezeblood Goblin's underwater caves, due west of Halas. The Orb is located in Ikcil's throne room in a locked chest. Make your way to the throne room, and keep killing mobs until a Treasurer appears. Kill him and loot his key, then CON/TALK to the locked chest to open it, get the Orb. Return to Joram.

***NOTE*** To find the Freezeblood Goblin's underwater caves, due west of Halas: Head west until you get to a frozen lake that has two (2) igloos on it. Ahead and a little to your right, you will see a pair of Guard Towers. Ahead and to your left, you will see a cleft in the mountains. Turn towards the cleft, keeping the igloos on your left, and the guard towers on your right. After a short run, you will come to a little lake that has a lot of floating ice on it. If you look to the left side of the lake, at the bottom of the lake, you will see a white dot. The cave entrance is underwater in a river.

***NOTE*** To find the throne room: Swim underwater and go in the entrance. Go through the little entrance, then turn right and go through the short ice tunnel. You will be in a room with 2 Berserkers, there will also be a small pond in the middle of the room. Kill the Beserkers, and go down the passageway they are guarding. This leads to another room full of Goblins, that should con white or yellow to you at level 20. Kill them, but do not loot the bodies, as they have a fast respawn rate. Go through the very short tunnel to the left as you enter the room, to another room; where you must again kill the mobs, without looting. To the left, is a tunnel leading down into a room. In this room, you will find the Goblin King and his chest, as well as multiple goblin Clerics, and Mystics, all of which are casters.

3. Joram sends you to Belgar Karakson, who is in Moradhim. This Belgar Karakson sends you to kill Orc Acolytes and Orc Prophets at the bottom of the caves in The Druk (C ). Keep killing till you get two (2) pages of Karak's Research (Pages 1 and 2) to drop! Return to Joram.

***NOTE*** To find This Belgar Karakson: In Moradhim, go into the city. Make your way to the mushroom room, then follow the path in the North side of the wall, leading you into the Residential District in Moradhim. Belgar Karakson is in the last house to the right.

***NOTE*** To find the Orc Acolytes and Orc Prophets to kill: Enter the cave, turn right at the first passage and follow it down to the bottom. You should come to a room that has 2 Orc Prophets, and a Prophet named Grug in it. This is the area.

4. Joram sends you to kill a Goldfeather Aviak (CONs Yel), From Moradhim coach, run along the mountains north, soon you will see Aviaks and their city (Goldfeather Erie (C )). Kill, loot a goldfeather, return to Joram.

5. Joram now knows how to destroy the orb, he gives you a teleport gem (for the return trip) and teleports you into Mt. Hatespike. Go to the lava tubes and CON/TALK to the tubes, crush the feather over the orb then drop the Orb into the lava. Teleport back to Joram.

6. Joram sends you back to that Belgar Karakson in Moradhim. Give to Belgar Karakson the pages you got in the mines and he gives you your reward.


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