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A Grim Reunion

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A Grim Reunion

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:57 pm

There was still no word from Firiona Vie. Her mentor, Galeth Veredeth, felt his spirit grow heavy with fear and his mind ache with hours of contemplation as he passed through the Faydarks on his way to Ak'Anon, the gnome city.

For many days he searched for Firiona alone and had no luck. A darkening dread in his heart urged him to seek the aide of the best and brightest Norrathians he'd ever known.

As he left the Faydarks, Galeth came upon Dreezil Pocketdip, a runt of a rogue halfling and a long-time companion of Firiona. Dreezil left Rivervale to find Galeth as soon as he'd heard the news of Firiona's disappearance. Galeth immediately bade Dreezil to visit Al`Kabor to ask if he would join in their search. Dreezil was mildly irritated by Galeth's abruptness, but took on the task without question. He soon disappeared into the shadows, making his way to the continent of Odus to find the old wizard.

In the Steamfont Mountains, Galeth could finally see the entrance of the great gnome city. And when Galeth passed through its gates, there were stares and whispers as all of the citizens watched him. Farther into the city, gnomes were pouring out of every path and whirring building in droves as word traveled as fast as clockwork gears that the legendary paladin had arrived.

With some difficulty moving around the small streets and walkways, Galeth came upon the humble home of Dabner Drednever. He knocked and opened the door, crouching to peek inside.

Galeth's gaze was confronted by the sorrowful visages of three familiar faces. There before him stood Dabner and his lifelong gnomish friend, Ognit Eznertob. And sitting awkwardly in the corner was Dagda Icefury, the striking barbarian who had long considered herself a protector of the gnomes. Galeth cleared his throat.

"Greetings, my friends. It has been too long since we've set eyes upon each other. I only wish we could have been brought together by a less worrisome occasion," he said gravely.

It had been a long time since they had all stood together, side-by-side, and faced dark forces. They fought together in Kithicor Forest against Innoruuk's Child of Hate and against the dark powers of Danak Dhorentath, the iksar shaman who abducted Firiona when Kunark was discovered.

Since Firiona's rescue from the clutches of Danak, the world turned to other matters and the close companions went their separate ways to resume their lives. But for all of them, something was missing. And for each one, it was difficult to adjust from lives burning with purpose to ones that seemed to have none.

Galeth settled in on the floor and grabbed the small mug of ale that Dabner had ready for him. They all began to talk, sharing their views, theories, and fears about Firiona, and catching up on where they'd been.

There came a knock at the door. A round, gruff face with shaggy brown hair appeared and smiled.

"Ah! So we're not too late! Thank Bristlebane for me good humour with this sack of flour draggin' behind me," Dreezil said as he rolled his eyes and motioned behind him.

"This has -- without a doubt -- been the most trying journey of my life . . . and not because of the physical strain," Al`Kabor groaned as he entered the room, ducking and shoving Dreezil aside. "I have never in my days on Norrath heard someone natter so much about so bloody little."

The mood in the room was brightened by the harmless ribbing the halfling and erudite afforded each other. As they all shuffled to make room for the new arrivals, a melodic voice rose above the chatter and caught their ears.

"I do hope you planned to wait for us," Sionachie Heartsinger, the half-elf troubadour, said with an alluring smirk. Just over her slender shoulders, a set of bright eyes in dark skin peered into the room. It was Lyirae Oakwynd, the brave wood elf ranger and twin sister of Firiona's fallen companion Lorisyn.

"Now then, we are all here. Let's get to the matter at hand," Galeth said with an air of confidence as they began to shape their plan to find their beloved Firiona.


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