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The Nest Revealed

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The Nest Revealed

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:02 pm

Over 4000 years ago when Veeshan's brood was beginning its days on Norrath, the dragons determined, among other things, that the Nest would be the breeding grounds for their kind. It was also where five chosen dragons closest to the pure blood of Veeshan would carry on the Nest for all time and pass down their knowledge. And thus, the dragons of the Nest became known as Veeshan's Children and those that serve them, the Servants of the Children.

The dragons and creatures of the Nest began to build the foundations for this sacred area and found a way to hide it from meddling mortals. Through their mastery of magic, the dragons took part in creating a veil of magic that draped over the land. One dragon, Yar`Lir, a master of weather, obscured the veil of magic by storms.

The laying of eggs and birth of new dragons in the Nest -- the ones that will carry on the Nest for all time -- are governed by a cycle. Every thousand years, Veeshan's Children choose the eggs of the dragons that will replace them and acquire their knowledge. And for 1000 years those eggs must be protected until they hatch, a time known as the Brood Dawn. If the cycle is disturbed, the eggs of the metallic, storm, lava and shadow dragons, could become corrupted or worse. The Brood Dawn must be allowed to take place, undisturbed. Until now, the Nest has remained safe, but for a few intruders that found it in error -- and they quickly learned their mistake.

On a day of ill fate, Norrathians' greed overtook their good sense and they unknowingly aided a dark and evil messenger -- the one who paid the miners of the Solusek Mining Company -- to dig deeper and farther to the north with the promise of untold riches.

The Solusek Mining Company did break through the stone to the north with the help of Norrathians. They broke through to the Nest and the veil of magic that protected it from view was breeched. Tirranun, the dragon that lived in the fires of a volcano, brought rains of fire and destruction in Lavastorm, beating back those that attempted to disturb the Nest. And while all of this occurred, a shadowy figure in long black robes slipped past the commotion and into the Broodlands.

Now, the dragons are filled with rage and waiting for any who would dare approach them. No one is safe from their wrath.


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