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Return to Felwithe

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Return to Felwithe

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:16 pm

At the shores of the Lake of Ill Omen, Firiona dressed the deep wound on her shoulder with a salve that Al`Kabor made for her. The disease that spread through her from a tainted blade was slowly being cured. But, it was not healing well and she was still dizzy and weak.

"Let me do that for you, Firiona," Galeth Veredeth, her father, said. "Sit down."

He crouched next to her and lovingly wrapped her shoulder with bandages.

"Father, I know this may not please you, but I must return to Felwithe. I must see the king. There is much to tell him and I also must ask for his aid," Firiona said in a raspy voice, her throat constantly dry and cracked from her illness.

Galeth handed her his flask and she sipped the water carefully, wincing with each swallow.

"I do understand and do not begrudge him. He was your father for most of your life and I accept that. I only hope he is as understanding. This news will not be easy for him to hear. I will journey there with you, but as soon as we see the gates and it appears safe, I will let you walk through alone," Galeth sighed as he looked across the water. "He has been angry with me for years, and rightfully so. It will be best for me to stay behind."

"Thank you, father. I think it best if I go alone and deliver this news, but I do want you by my side for the journey, and afterward. Can we leave soon?" she asked.

"You are not well, but perhaps your wounds would be better tended to within Felwithe and you may be safer," Galeth said. "Ognit, Dabner and Dagda, Sionachie and Lyirae can continue to watch your city and kill what dark creatures they can."

"I resent that!" Al`Kabor said as he wandered down the beach, catching the tail end of their conversation on the light breeze. "I've wandered in the mud, brush and shrubs for hours trying to find what was needed for that salve. And let's not forget that I can turn just about anything that comes this way into cinders, or whatever I choose. High elves. So hopeless."

"Really, wizard. Did you not notice we were overrun and that we lost our city of Firiona Vie to Lanys? Where were your powers then? Or were you too busy with your nose in a book?" Galeth jibed.

"Ha ha, very funny. I had two choices, save your feeble bones, or fight an army by myself. I chose to protect you, though perhaps I made the wrong choice," he said sternly.

"Stop it, you two. I don't have the energy to laugh, but you do always manage to lift my spirits," Firiona said.

And with that they gathered their supplies and Al'Kabor opened a portal to Greater Faydark. When the city gates came into view, Galeth paused.

"Al`Kabor, go with her and watch over her. I will remain here in the woods. Should it take hours or days, do not worry. Take your time and do what needs to be done. I love you, my daughter, and hope that all goes well," Galeth said.

Firiona thanked her father, embraced him tightly, and then left with the wizard to Felwithe.

Upon arriving at Felwithe, there was much fanfare, but there was a constant hiss of whispers. Firiona was given a mount to ride through the city and she did not look well. Her golden hair was dingy and matted and her armor and clothing were ruined. It was not the homecoming most had hoped for.

As soon as King Tearis Thex heard word that Firiona had returned, he raced to meet her in the dining hall. He watched as she was escorted inside and noted Al`Kabor was with her, not Galeth.

But when he saw her closer, if his high elven skin could pale, it would have.

"Call upon all the clerics at once!" Tearis yelled as he approached Firiona. Two guards immediately ran to carry out the order.

"My poor girl, what has happened? Who did this to you? Did Galeth have a hand in this?" Tearis said.

"Your majesty, I am fine, and no, Galeth has stayed behind for now. I have much to discuss if we may, but I'm tired," Firiona said, sitting in a chair at an unfathomably long table. "If I could rest a while, maybe we can talk this evening?"

"Anything you wish, my dear. I'm just delighted you are home. I will allow a celebration in the city in your honor, but you and I will dine tonight," Tearis said, ignoring Al`Kabor, who was now quite irritated with being treated with such disregard and cleared his throat.

"Al`Kabor will join us for dinner, but I will speak to you alone before that. He will spin a fine tale of our battle, but I will tell you, it wasn't good," Firiona said.

"Fine, then you will see our clerics and then rest until you are ready. Welcome home, my dear," the king said.


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