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The Nine Treasures of Jebbiki

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The Nine Treasures of Jebbiki

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:22 pm

From the Library of Norrath

In the past, legendary adventurers joined Hooroo Karoo in an epic rescue and search for treasure that took place over the course of thirteen days. Ten legendary items were created for this series. Here's their story...

The Nine Treasures of Jebbiki

A few years ago, a halfling named Jebbiki Karoo, started out on a journey across the continent of Kunark in search of rare treasures. Jebbiki had often gone away for about a year without returning home. However, he usually contacts his family at least once during the year's time. Because he hadn't contacted anyone, the family recently sent his younger brother, Hooroo Karoo, to Kunark to search for Jebbiki.

Jebbiki had often gone away for about a year without returning home. However, he usually contacts his family at least once during the year's time. Because he hadn't contacted anyone, the family recently sent his younger brother, Hooroo Karoo, to Kunark to search for Jebbiki.

+++Part 1+++

The Treasure Map

When Hooroo Karoo made it to the outpost of Firiona Vie, he quickly began questioning the residents about his brother. As he explored, he came across several travelers who were willing to assist him. After a lengthy search, they came across Malu Treespirit, a druid merchant. Malu didn't know anything about Jebbiki's disappearance, but did tell them that over the last couple of years, several residents and travelers have disappeared without a trace. She said that many people suspected an Iksar necromancer named Terskikan Ret of being connected to the disappearances.

Hooroo and his companions found Terskikan Ret hidden in a cave on the outskirts of the outpost. Undead spectral guardians surrounded him. As they attempted to question Terskikan Ret, the guardians quickly attacked them. It was obvious that they would not be able to get any information from him. After killing the guardians, they were forced to battle the necromancer as well. Once they defeated Terskikan Ret, they found that he had a leather book in his possession.

When Hooroo opened the leather book he discovered that it was a map of Kunark. This map had several markings on it and faded words written in Lizardman Speech. Because he could not clearly read the map, Hooroo told his companions that he would need to study it further.

+++Part 2+++

The Limestone Rock

Hooroo Karoo returned to the elven outpost on Kunark to meet back up with his companions. After studying the writing and map in the leather book he retrieved from Terskikan Ret, he uncovered some of what happened to his brother Jebbiki. Some of the pages of the leather book seem to have a log of what took place.

It appears that Jebbiki's journey ceased abruptly when he attempted to acquire a fine staff that belonged to Terskikan Ret. Angered and annoyed with the halfling, Terskikan Ret decided that killing him would be too easy. Instead, he froze Jebbiki and cursed him by turning him into a froglok. Terskikan Ret was unable to open the treasure chests that were in Jebbiki Karoo's possession. He realized that he would need to search for the keys for them if he wanted to open them. Before beginning his search for the keys, Terskikan Ret buried the treasure chests across the Kunark. The map depicts the locations of where the treasure chests were buried.

Hooroo knows where the keys are but he needs assistance with finding the treasure chests. After his companions agreed to help him, he told them what Terskikan Ret did with the first treasure chest. The necromancer placed the treasure chest inside a hollow mold and filled the mold with cement. Once hardened, he placed the rock somewhere on the land that surrounds the Firiona outpost. In order to retrieve it, Hooroo and the others needed to find the rock and break it open.

Using Terskikan Ret's map, Hooroo was able to find the rock. He and the others broke it open and found the silver treasure chest. Hooroo and his companions then took a journey on the Maidens Voyage to Timorous Deep where Hooroo told them his brother hid the scuffed silver key to open the chest.

After a long swim, they finally reached their destination, however, Hooroo was unable to dig up the key. They feared that one of the alligators must have eaten it. As they attempted to slay the fire gators, they felt a slight rumbling and heard as forceful waves rushing with the flow of a shadowed figure. The temperamental waves tumbled onto the shore as a great water dragon known as Faydedar submerged within the oasis of the Timorous Deep. After a deadly battle, they finally defeated the dragon and discovered that it had the key there were looking for.

Hooroo used the scuffed silver key to open the treasure chest. Inside he found great treasures that his brother had collected. For their assistance, he rewarded one of them to the person that assisted him the most and promised to inscribe it for them once he had the time.

Breal was reward the Recherche` Bangle of Breal from Jebbiki's Treasures.

+++Part 3+++

The Decrepit Statue

After he rested up from his encounter with Faydedar, Hooroo Karoo traveled to the next point marked on the map of the journal. He made the short trip from the outpost over to the Lake of Ill Omen where he gathered support of others who offered their assistance with retrieving the second treasure chest and its key. Based on what he learned from Terskikan Ret's journal, Hooroo determined that the next Jebbiki's treasure chest was hidden in a statue somewhere surrounding the Lake of Ill Omen. He and the others searched for quite some time until they finally found a decrepit statue lying on its side. They broke open the statue and retrieved a brass treasure chest.

With the treasure chest in hand, Hooroo appeared a bit concerned. He told his new friends that the metal treasure chest originally belonged to the Frogloks of Guk. When Jebbiki found the treasure chest, he didn't find a key with it. To open the metal treasure chest, they needed to journey deep within the ruins of Old Guk.

When they enter Lower Guk, the trackers immediately start searching for clues as to where the key could be. As they fought their way downward, the trackers disclosed something evil on tracking. This creature, known as the Keeper, was found behind the throne room of the Froglok King. Once they defeated the Frogloks that protected the Keeper, they discovered that he had a polished brass key. Hooroo used the key to open the treasure chest and revealed a few more of his brother's treasure collection. He then rewarded one of them to the person that assisted him the most and promised to inscribe it for them once he had the time.

Curwin was reward the Recherche` Belt of Curwin from Jebbiki's Treasures

+++Part 4+++

A Sunken Bahut

After much rest, Hooroo Karoo left the outpost once again and met up with a few adventurers near the Swamp of No Hope. He informed them that third treasure chest, the brass one, was hidden in a sunken bahut deep in the swamp. He and the adventurers muddled through the swamp searching for the bureau. Once they finally found it, they

Once Hooroo has the treasure chest, he told them that Jebbiki found the brass deep within the Permafrost Keep when he stumbled across Lady Vox's lair. After realizing where he was he immediately rushed out of there but lost brass key in the process. However, this did not scare Hooroo's companions. They happily followed him to Permafrost.

Soon after they managed to make their way down to the lair, they found a beautiful visionary genie surrounded by several visionary eyes. This Vision of Vox seemed to be prepared for the intruders' arrival. Hooroo and the others were forced to battle against them.

Hooroo's battle was successful. He retrieved the polished brass key from the genie and used it to open the treasure chest. Inside more great treasures from his brother's collection. He rewarded a few trinkets his companions for assisting and gave one of Jebbiki's treasures to the person that assisted him the most.

Kindrad was rewarded the Recherche` Mask of Kindrad from Jebbiki's Treasures.

+++Part 5+++

The Spirit of Terskikan Ret

With hopes of retrieving the fourth treasure, Hooroo Karoo traveled to the Emerald Jungle. He learned that Jebbiki's glass treasure chest was hidden within the City of Mist. He and his companions quickly made them way into the city.

As the adventurers prepared to search the city of ruins, a spirit quickly flowed pass them heading through the gates and toward a tall statue. The spirit opened up a compartment at the base of the statue and removed a glass treasure chest. He then glided away from the City of Mist as quickly as he came carrying the chest.

Hooroo hurried everyone back to the jungle so that they could track down the spirit. Once outside the City of Mist, the trackers sensed a strange spirit in the air. As they moved closer to the direction they were tracking to, they realized, the spirit was that of Terskikan Ret, the necromancer who hid the treasures in the first place.

As Hooroo and the others made their way through to Terskikan Ret's Spirit, they defeated the reavers and skeletons of Torsis that surrounded him. They used all the force they could pull together to defeat the evil spirit of Terskikan Ret and retrieve the glass treasure chest.

Hooroo Karoo, already having the glass key in his possession used it to open the treasure chest and revealed more of his brother's treasures. He then rewarded a few of the heroes including giving one of Jebbiki's Treasures to the adventurer that helped him the most.

Aknanook was rewarded the Recherche` Orb of Aknanook from Jebbiki's Treasures.

+++Part 6+++

A Stone Torch

Once again, Hooroo Karoo met up with his companions to search for the next treasure chest. Jebbiki's charred treasure chest was hidden within a stone torch in the Combine City of the Dreadlands. They immediately began searching for it.

When they found charred treasure chest, Hooroo told them that only a charred key could open it. He informed them that the fire giants sometimes use summoned keymasters to keep hold of keys. In order to retrieve the charred key, they would need to delve into a fiery dungeon off the Lavastorm Mountains.

The trackers brought them to a Charred Keeper that was surrounded by gargoyles. They quickly cleared their way to the keeper of the key. When they defeated the Charred keeper, they found the needed key and Hooroo used it to open the chest containing more of Jebbiki's relics and treasures.

Phaed was rewarded the Recherche` Band of Phaed from Jebbiki's Treasures.

+++Part 7+++

A Burning Crate

Hooroo traveled to the Burning Woods and gathered assistance once again to retrieve the stone treasure chest. It was hidden in a crate and placed over a burning power source.

As they searched the area, trackers got sense of a burning crate. Hooroo retrieved the Treasure Chest from the crate and examined it. He then told his companions that it required a special stone key to open it. This key could only be found within the Howling Stone.

They traveled to the Howling Stone and determined that the Crypt Keymaster was in possession of the key they needed for the chest. This spirited-being put up a good fight against the adventurers but was defeated regardless of its power. Hooroo retrieved the stone key and used it to open the stone Treasure Chest.

Ultimus was rewarded the Recherche` Choker of Ultimus from Jebbiki's Treasures.

+++Part 8+++

The Vault

Hooroo Karoo traveled to Trakanon's Teeth and gathered assistance to retrieve the seventh treasure chest. Based on what he learned from Terskikan Ret's journal, he told them that Jebbiki's stone treasure chest was placed in a vault and hidden in the cemetery in Trakanon's Teeth.

After a vigorous search they tracked down the vault and obtained the treasure chest. Hooroo informed everyone that it was a lizard scaled treasure chest and that it can only be opened with a lizard man femur. In order to get the femur, they needed to go to Accursed Temple of Cazic-Thule and find A Thulian Seer.

Hooroo had the trackers find the elusive lizard. They tracked it to the pyramid beyond the maze. It was a tough fight for the adventures but they managed to acquire the femur for Hooroo to open the chest.

Auralee was rewarded the Recherche` Boots of Jebbiki from Jebbiki's Treasures.

+++Part 9+++

The Muddy Crate

Hooroo Karoo traveled to the Overthere and gathered assistance to retrieve the eighth treasure chest. Based on what he learned from Terskikan Ret's journal, Jebbiki's wooden treasure chest was placed in a crate and hidden somewhere in the Overthere region.

They found the crate hidden amongst one of the swampy ponds. Hooroo discovered that it was a magical wooden treasure chest that once belonged to the Di`Zok of Chardok and it could not be broken to open. It can only be opened using a magical wooden key.

This led them to Chardok where they would find a Royal Claviger of the Di`Zok who kept the keys of the city. They fought their way through Chardok and defeated the Royal Claviger. Hooroo was then able to open the wooden treasure chest.

Therion was rewarded the Recherche` Wrap of Therion from Jebbiki's Treasures.

+++Part 10+++

Jebbiki Karoo

Hooroo Karoo travels to Skyfire Mountains to meet up with his companions once again. Based on what he learned from Terskikan Ret's journal, Jebbiki's last treasure chest was hidden inside dragon bone deep within a lava pit.

As Hooroo studied the journal further, the adventures searched for the dragon bone, and finally found it deep within a lava pit. They also discovered a small piece of green dragon scales on the bone. They brought their findings back to Hooroo.

After studying the decaying green scales, Hooroo appeared to be a bit puzzled. He said that the necromancer hid this treasure chest last so it may have clues as to where Jebbiki is.

Hooroo then asked them where they could find a dragon with green scales. As soon as they mentioned Sebilis Hooroo told them that it all made sense. Terskikan Ret had turned his brother into a froglok and that must be where he sent him to afterwards.

Before they traveled to such a creep old place, Hooroo explained that they needed to create a tonic to give to Jebbiki to remove his curse. He asked them to retrieve 3 Halfling Stouters, 1 Pot, 1 Potion of Negation, 1 Lucky Cabbage, 1 Pickled Froglok, 1 Torch, and 1 Misty Thicket Picnic.

When they brought him the supplies, Hooroo first ate the Misty Thicket Picnic and thank them because he was hungry. He then dumped the ingredients into a pot and used the torch to heat it up.

With the potion made, he gave it to someone to hold for Jebbiki. Hooroo was worried about carrying it himself because he had a bad habit of losing things. They then headed to Sebilis to find Jebbiki.

Once in Sebilis the trackers got straight to work. They tracked him down to a jail cell, freed him from captivity and gave him the tonic. Hooroo showed the treasure chest to his brother and asked him for the key. Jebbiki informed them that the dragon had the key. It was stolen by one of the frogs and then Trakanon ate the frog.

Hooroo gathered up his small army and they headed to Trakanon's lair. It took brute force but they managed to slay the dragon and retrieve the key to open the chest.

Hooroo then told Jebbiki that they found all of his treasure chests for him where Terskikan Ret hid them across Kunark. He also let Jebbiki know that from each treasure chest, he rewarded one of the treasures to those that helped. He also told him that hey found the Silver, Shiny Metal, Brass, Glass, Charred, Stone, Lizard Scale, and Wooden Treasure Chests.

Jebbiki appeared to be surprised from hearing the news. He had a confused look on his face and then asked about the velium treasure chest. Hooroo opened Terskikan Ret's journal and looked at the map and said that he did not see any other hidden treasure chests on it.

Jebbiki shook his head and said that he didn't have the Velium Treasure Chest on him when Terskikan Ret cursed him. The brothers then told the adventurers that they would meet up with them next day to retrieve the final treasure chest.

Lucyler was rewarded the Recherche` Cloak of Lucyler from Jebbiki's Treasures.

+++Part 11+++

Terskikan Ret

Hooroo and Jebbiki Karoo traveled to the continent of Velious to get Jebbiki's Velium Treasure Chest. They met up with adventurers in the Cobalt Scar.

When Hooroo asked him where the Treasure Chest was, Jebbiki told them that he hid it underwater to keep it away from the Othmir. They dove into the water and swam to where he hid the chest. Unfortunately, they found the chest smashed open. There was a mark of a white dragon on it.

Jebbiki thought that the dragon might not have gotten too far so they headed over to the Western Wastes and asked the trackers to search for anything unusual. They soon were able to track down Terskikan Ret.

Terskikan Ret was surrounded by drakes, wyverns and wurms. In order to get to him the adventurers had to fight their way through the guardians that protected him. It was a long battle but victory was theirs. They defeated Terskikan Ret.

Unfortunately, all they found a Case of Jumjum Juice. Jebbiki however did not that it was unfortunate. He was very excited and thanked everyone for getting back his most prized treasure. He let them know that he had been using a special totem to summon drinks but it just wasn't the same.

Hooroo and Jebbiki then gave out some Jumjum and everyone celebrated their adventure.

Kettlebelly was rewarded the Recherche` Totem of Kettlebelly from Jebbiki's Treasures.

The legendary hero Garbomm the Treasure Hunter was awarded his title with this series.


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