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The Benevolent Knight

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The Benevolent Knight

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:26 pm

The Investigation

The Investigation regarding the disappearance of the Benevolent Knight begins.

Kamkirk Glaive, a paladin of Tunare from Felwithe, was recently assigned by King Tearis Thex to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one the noblest members of the paladin guild, Milton Senjonsmith, otherwise known as The Benevolent Knight.

Milton Senjonsmith, an elder paladin of Tunare, received knighthood long ago for discovery of an assassination attempt on the King's life. He discovered the plan before it could be played out. The troublemaker was caught and executed immediately by the King himself. Throughout the years, Milton has continuously served the city and its citizens well. He was last seen heading to the Lesser Faydark to follow up on reports of an evil presence that had been lingering there. He was expected to return to Felwithe before nightfall but did not returned. A few guardsmen were sent to the forest to search for him but were unable to find a trace. And the evil presence was no longer lingering.

Milton Senjonsmith was once a mentor to Kamkirk Glaive. After hearing about the disappearance, Kamkirk asked to be assigned to the investigation. Once receiving the order, Kamkirk traveled to the Lesser Faydark to check for clues. When he arrived in the Lesser Faydark, he came across several highly experienced travelers Akanook, Auein, Axercis, Bizup, Bokus, Draico, Eredril, Fadya, Frorin, Gromlin, Jaygas, Kareana, Kenshyro, Kettlebelly, Kothos, Kourin, Lillyana, Maldain, Nazgul, Rezvius, Scatt, Sharmira, Sound, Sparkles, Tharkis, Velandra, Wangfu, Wizmo, Zentar and others. Realizing that he would need assistance, Kamkirk immediately requested the assistance of these travelers and hired them as investigators.

"I am a follower of Tunare and I will do anything I have to do to find her most Noblest Priest" Lillyana stated as she accepted the role of an investigator. Kaid then sent them to meet up with his contacts.

The investigators first spoke to Taylaen Geoffy, a paladin of Tunare from Felwithe. Taylaen glanced around as she heard all the greeting voices.

"What is this regarding please?" She asked. She appeared to be startled hearing all the voices replying to her at once.

"We are in search of the Benevolent Knight!"

Taylaen listened further as Wizmo continued, "We are sent here to ask you for more information you might know about his disappearance."

"Guards had been dispatched but no sight of the knight has been found." Maldian added.

Taylaen, assured of the investigators authenticity, informed them that Milton Senjonsmith was suppose to be accompanied by a dwarven paladin, Kaid Bladestorm, when going to the Lesser Faydark but the dwarf got delayed on the way there. The investigators immediately traveled to Kaladim to find Kaid.

Once they arrived in Kaladim, they searched for the paladin and found him at meeting room at the paladin guild. They begin questioning him about Milton Senjonsmith but he appeared to be pre-occupied with something.

"What do ya want?" he demanded.

"We were told that you were with Milton and may have information that may assist us locating Sir Milton" Axercis replied.

Lillyanna quickly added, "The Benevolent Knight is missing. We where hired by Kamkirk Glaive to help find him."

When Zentar asked the dwarf if he got lost on the way, Kaid told them that he was running there on schedule but as he was leaving the mountain paths heading to the Faydark, several lizard man warders ambushed him. After some time, he managed to fight them off and continued heading to meet up with Sir Milton. However, by the time he got to the Lesser Faydark, there was no sign of the Benevolent Knight. He had assumed that the high elf couldn't make the meeting and in high elven usual snobbery way, didn't bother letting him know.

Sparkles stood silently in awe then questioned the dwarf's sanity, "Lizard men in these parts? You been drinking?"

Kettlebelly turned toward Kaid and pondered the matter at hand. "There is more to your adventure than meets the eye methinks... The lizard men were sent to slow you down."

The investigators continued to ask him questions. When they asked him about the meeting he was planning, he told them that he was expecting a visit from Utora Bedinni, a gnome cleric. Utora had been investigating the evil presence in the Faydark as well. She had planned on coming to the meeting after he and Milton had finished inspecting things in the Lesser Faydark. Kaid then asked them to let her know the meeting was still on.

Following up on what Kaid Bladestorm had told them, the investigators met up Utora Bedinni in Ak`Anon. After Frorin informed her about the meeting's continuance, they asked her what the meeting was about.

She told them that the meeting was to discuss the evil presence in Lesser Faydark. It appears that only priests could only feel the presence. Because of that, priests have had trouble trying to get support from guards of Ak'Anon, Felwithe or Kaladim. The guards feel that they can't fight what's not there. She, Kaid and other priests from these cities planned to meet up to discuss what could be done to detect what the cause of the presence could be. After Sparkles assured her that she could be trusted, Utora gave her a Locked Box to take back to Kamkirk. She told them that the contents might be able to assist him with his investigations.

As Lillyanna, Axercis and Nazgul informed Kamkirk of everything the investigators had learned about the evil presence and the disappearance of the Benevolent Knight, Sparkles gave him the Locked Box from Utora. When he opened the box, Kamkirk found that it contained a scroll. The scroll appeared to be a diagram of some sort. Kamkirk needed to study it further to determine what its purpose was. He asked the investigators to continue seeking out those who may know of the disappearance while he studied the diagram on the scroll. Nazgul assured him that they would get to the root of the evil.

Crafting of the Golden Idol

Continuing efforts to find the Benevolent Knight, several crafters met up with priests across Norrath in order to construct the Golden Idol.

The investigators met back up with Kamkirk Glaive as promised. Maldian and Tharkis immediately inquired about the diagram on the scroll. After studying the diagram, Kamkirk Glaive was able to determine that it was depicting a magical idol that would help find the location the Benevolent Knight is being held. He explained what needed to be done.

In order to construct the magical golden idol, he sent skillful crafters to meet up with the priests in various locations. The crafters and investigators were Aknanook, Axercis, Bokus, Eddie, Frorin, Gromlin, Jaygos, Kenshyro, Lillyana, Lythari, Maldian, Margana, Nazgul, Simul, Sunmoon, Tharkis, Valori, Velandra, Wizmo, Zekkov, Ztily and others. He gave Maldian a sealed note to deliver to Marten Dryghton in Freeport.

In addition to his duties at the Temple of Marr, Marten Dryghton is a blacksmith and was assigned to create tools that would be used for making the idol. He informed the crafters that he has already begun work some of the tools but needed them to assist him with making files, skewers, scalers and a tool box. As Wizmo and Velandra rushed to craft these tools, others assisted with gathering of supplies. When the tools were finished, Marten asked Velandra and the others to deliver the tools to priest Ebbe Tekkiskin, the potter, in Rivervale.

Upon entering Rivervale, Jaygos informed Ebbe Tekkiskin that Velandra was bringing him the tools that were needed. Soon after Velandra arrived and delivered the tools to him, Ebbe began crafting the idol. Unfortunately, his crafting was put to a halt when he realized that he still needed supplies to finish it. He was still in need of an idol sketch, celestial essence, a pot, some bricks and blocks of clay, a large block of magic clay, a smoker, and firing sheets. Velandra, Wizmo, Maldian, Sunmoon, Frorin, Tharkis, and Jaygos each offered to assist him with gathering of the supplies.

As the crafters waited for Wizmo to finish crafting the smoker and pot, Lillyanna, Eddie, Sunmoon, Simul, and Ebbe ate fruit and consumed White wine, Ginesh, and Brell's Blessed stout while conversing about stature of gnomes, dwarves, and halflings.

Once he had the rest of the supplies, Ebbe quickly continued crafting the idol. He watered the clay and molded it using the idol sketch. He then fired up the smoker and filled the pot with water. Next, he poured the celestial essence in the pot and dipped the idol form inside. Finally he covered the idol form with firing sheets and placed it over the smoker to a Bronze Idol. After giving the Bronze Idol to Wizmo, he informed everyone that it needed to be taken to priest Jamea Dungemion, a jewel crafter.

As Jamea Dungemion bartered with Katha Firespinner over a few gems, Axercis approached her and informed her that Ebbe Tekkiskin sent them. They informed her that they have the Bronze Idol and needed her to place the gems on it. Fearing that she would not be able to make the gems for the idol in time, Jamea had the crafters assist her with making several lacquered gems. While Axercis and Tharkis assisted with crafting the gems, Wizmo entertained everyone with a delightful fireworks display. Jamea then glazed the gems onto the idol; giving it a gold presence. She then asked Axercis to deliver it to Kamkirk Glaive.

When the investigators and crafters returned to Kamkirk Glaive in the Lesser Faydark, they informed him of the crafting that was done. "Seems like we were blessed with such skillful adventurers" Lillyana exclaimed.

Very pleased with everyone's performance in obtaining the Golden Idol, he rewarded them for their services. In addition, he informed them that the idol would still require more work on it in order to use it to find the Benevolent Knight and that he would meet back up with them in order to finish it.

As they departed, Kamkirk turned toward Eddie as he felt the evil presence briefly appear again. Eddie assured Kamkirk that the evil presence still existed and could not be stopped.

The Cartographers

Kamkirk Glaive and his investigators traveled deep within the caverns of the Sarnak city to retrieve an eyepiece and telescope for the completion of the Golden Idol.

With the magical idol's construction underway, Kamkirk Glaive discovered that they would not be able to finish it without an eyepiece and a telescope. The eyepiece would be used for viewing and the telescope will be used to focus in on the location.

Axercis appearing to be puzzled said, 'It's quite different than the other golden idols I have made."

"As the purpose of the idol is to search out for the Benevolent Knight, we need to secure devices that will help in finding and locating him. As a paladin, I am not used to doing such research. I'd rather have an honest fight than looking into libraries for clues," Kamkirk said in a low-key tone.

Kiraas glanced over at the paladin and exclaimed in agreement, "Here here!"

Kamkirk continued, "But I finally discovered where such pieces are in this wide world of Norrath."

"Wherever we shall have to go to obtain the information you seek, we can get it for you," said Maldian

As Kamkirk continued to warn them of the danger, those who surrounded him showed signs of their thoughts of the danger. "I'm afraid I am sending you into danger, and I am loathe to let you be on your own."

Meryddian makes a face that, on a high elf, passes for a sneer and says, "We sneer at danger!"

Garbomm laughed at danger.

Lythari said, "A life worth the risk."

"We are brave adventurers," Maldian added.

"'We are all seasoned explorers here," said Axercis.

"Aye that we are," Gromlin stated agreeing with Maldian and Axercis.

Redstormx, showing the excitement in his eyes, then said, "Without danger where would be the fun?"

"I can assure you that danger does not hold any of us back," spoke the voice of Wizmo, the smallest one of them all."

Tharkis turned toward Kamkirk Glaive and exclaimed, "I'm sure the Benevolent Knight is in danger as well, nothing risked nothing gained."

Lillyanna then turned toward Tharkis and nodded in agreement, "There is nothing to dangerous for the needs of the rescue of Sir Milton."

Kamkirk then continued to tell them where he has found the needed parts. He told them that within the Sarnak Fortress is their underground city. There they would find a mapmaker with an eyepiece and a cartographer with a telescope. Kamkirk requested that his investigators escort him to obtain the eyepiece and telescope at all cost - Aknanook, Allizar, Axercis, Chafed, Cyssa, Draztlin, Ganweianie, Garbomm, Goochious, Gromlin, Kenshyro, Kiraas, Latro, Lillyanna, Lythari, Maldian, Meryddian, Redstormx, Tharkis, Valori, Wizmo and other supporters.

As they made it to the depths of the cavernous city, Maldian immediately began tracking the mapmaker and cartographer. "Sire I have detected remains of where the mapmaker has tread. I can track him now. We are getting close sire!" he said.

Making their way through to the Mapmaker, Allizar did his best to separate the guards that where attempting to stop them.

Redstormx, Latro, Goochious, Maldian, attempted to speak the Mapmaker, he twitched his tail and attacked them. All of the forces gathered together to defeat him. Kamkirk Glaive then retrieved the eyepiece.

Once Lythari tracked Cartographer Ki, Allizar, an expert on the Sarnak city, was sent to scout the area. He found that the Cartographer had nestled himself within the protection of some of the elitists of the Sarnak.

Aknanook shouted, "Cartographer Ki come talk to us please to end this unnecessary Violence."

Goochious then attempted to draw Ki out, "He is watching us destroy his fellow Sarnak, I don't think he is gonna talk."

Kenshyro attempted to trick the cartographer by trying to lure him into the grasp of the raiders, but to no avail. It was obvious to them that they would need to remove the protection from which he stood behind.

Tharkis turns toward his fellow raiders and speaks briefly, "Cartographer Ki may not want to talk but once he's alone he may be forced to."

Meryddian stated, "They are unclean and their arisen corpses are abominations."

"Cartographer Ki you can not win, now surrender peacefully and we will let you leave after we have what we came for," Tharkis added.

Maldian said, "You have no where to run Cartographer!"

With the Cartographer not willing to negotiate with the raiders, he quickly found himself under extreme attack. The battle was long and furious but successful for the raiders. Ganweianie was the last to draw blood from his body.

They painfully fought their way out of the fortress.

With the eyepiece and telescope in hand, Kamkirk was able to complete the creation of the idol. When using it he saw visions of the Feerrott Jungle. He was unable to make out clearly what else was being displayed though. He asked his investigators to meet him there so that they could determine what course to next take.

The Sacrifice

After using the Golden Idol to find the Benevolent Knight, Kamkirk Glaive, rushed his investigators to the Accursed Temple of Cazic Thule.

Kamkirk Glaive traveled to the Feerrott Jungle to meet up with his investigators. Once he met up with them, he used the Golden Idol once again. After using telescope to focus in on the location needed, he couldn't quite make out where the coordinates were. He asked his investigators to supply him with a compass.

Cyssa turned toward the paladin and said, "I can purchase one Sir Glaive." She then quickly dashed off.

Once Cyssa brought the compass to Kamkirk, he used the idol to see where the Benevolent Knight was being held. Kamkirk Glaive gasped, as he saw images of The Benevolent Knight in the Accursed Temple of Cazic Thule.

Tharkis said, "It is good that he's so close, but bad in that the Accursed Temple is not a good place to find anyone."

Maldian stood proud and said, "I will come with you Sire Kamkirk Glaive." Others quickly agreed to journey with him for the Benevolent Knight must be rescued. Amongst those were Allizar, Aknanook, Atrophy, Axercis, Bladak, Calbone, Calicar, Carbomm, Chafed, Complexx, Cyssa, Eeeks, Ellaar, Ganweanie, Gromlin, Kenshyro, Kheo, Kiraas, Lanaden, Latro, Lillyanna, Lythari, Maldian, Moolio, Nedise, Pagon, Silverleaf, Skarsnik, Skyliner, Solekeeper, Stichx, Stronghold, Subato, Tharkis, Uelr, Uman, Valori, Velandra, Ventx, Vestia, Wadlof, Wizmo, Zartac, Zatalia Zexna, Ztily, and others.

As they ventured into the Accursed Temple, Lillyana immediately attempted to track Sir Milton but to no avail. "I have been tracking Kamkirk, I do not see any trace of him."

"Perhaps further in we will find a sign of him," Cyssa pondered.

Axercis said, "I will attempt to locate him."

Battling their way through the defenders of the temple, the raiders hoped to find signs of the whereabouts of the knight. Then suddenly, Lythari motioned for everyone to stop as she lifted a hand up in the air and said, "I track something strange!"

Lillyanna agreed and said, "I too have something strange, maybe we should track that. I am certain that it is something, I just cannot tell what it is."

Tharkis quickly asked, "What is it you see Lythari?"

"A acidic mass," she replied.

Kamkirk turned toward the druid and said, "If he is a acidic mass, then we are a bit too late...'"

Wizmo stated, "My guess is that they would take him to their temple."

Lillyanna, tracking something odd said, '"Head this way" as she led them through the twisting passages.

After he scouted the area toward where the trackers were leading them, Allizar came back toward the raiders and said, "I found what we are tracking, but I'm not sure if it's what we want."

Lythari turned toward Kamkirk and asked, "I'm wondering could he have been changed in something else like a enchanter spell can?"

"No, Lythari," Kamkirk replied. "I see him clearly, in his natural form."

Cyssa then suggested, "Perhaps you should have the trackers peer through the telescope so they might have a better idea of the surrounding area to track for."

As they traveled back to the main courtyard of the temple so that Kamkirk Glaive could attempt to view the images once again, the raiders were quickly startled by sounds echoing throughout the temple.

A thunderous presence slowly shadowed over the Temple of Thule. Several guardsmen formed an unbreakable barrier around the temple as two Thul Tae Ew Ritualist dragged a pale skin elven man up the stairs of sacrifice.

Holding an elegant crystal-tipped staff wrapped in flames, the Grand Ritualist followed close behind. He then walked out in front of them, turned toward the man and placed a slime-covered cloth over the elf's head.

Struggling to speak through the cloth, the paladin called out for assistance in a manner only a true knight would. "A Call to Arms! I am in dire need of assistance."

The Grand Ritualist continued with the ceremony, "Oh holy Faceless one! We give to you a noble kindred of thine enemy. Take this, the spirit of the Benevolent Knight, and imprison it within your plane. Let the spirit roam your plane to strengthen the fear you hold over the weak mortals that oppose you."

An eerie choking wind quickly smothered the air as the Benevolent Knight became engulfed within a cloud of smoke. With his spirit ripped from out of him, his body dissipated into nothingness.

With the sacrifice completed, The Grand Ritualist and his entourage then quickly intercepted the intruders. Kamkirk Glaive and his investigators defeated the foul beast but with great cost.

Wizmo then exclaimed, "His spirit was taken by Cazic Thule... Is there still hope Kamkirk?"

Kamkirk turned toward the gnome and replied, "The foul lizard not only killed the noble Knight, but sent his soul to roam in the Faceless One's realm. And then destroyed his body, making it impossible for us to bring him back."

Lanaden kneels before Kamkirk Glaive in humility and reverence and said, "A fate not fitting him."

"Is he doomed to roam there forever?" Cyssa asked.

Kamkirk replied, "There is only one thing we can do now, we must release the Benevolent Knight's spirit. This will take a massive effort, to free him. I must consult with several priests before we make the attempt. I would not want to go there, unprepared. The loss of life would be... great."

After mourning the lost of the Benevolent Knight, Lythari raised her head said, '"We will save his soul and Tunare will receive her knight."

Tharkis, agreeing with Lythari then stated, "I will bring what forces I am able to raise to assist."

Eeeks says, "Aye, the knight will be saved as I can feel it for the will of those to slay the beasts that have him imprisoned is greater then the enemies to be faced."

The Benevolent Knight: Releasing the Spirit Kamkirk Glaive and his brave investigators journeyed to the Plane of Fear to release the spirit of Sir Milton Senjonsmith.

Once again, Kamkirk Glaive traveled to meet up with his investigators. He told them that he met up with a congregation of priests from across Norrath. After hearing of the sacrifice of Sir Milton Senjonsmith, these high priests decided that all efforts must be made in order to release his spirit from the grasp of evil. In order to do so, Kamkirk and his mercenaries needed to venture to the Plane of Fear where the Benevolent Knight's soul was painfully lingering.

As he pondered what steps needed to be taken, Kamkirk Glaive motioned across the crowd with a wave of a hand and asked, "Is there anyone brave enough to lead this band of hero's through the gates of fear?"

Upon the wishes of several voices, Kamkirk Glaive appointed Maldian Thornbow as leader of the raid. The other investigators and supporters vowed to follow Maldian each step of the way - Acelf, Aknanook, Aplastador, Astaris, Axercis, Ayumiko, Chafed, Claver, Craggo, Cyssa, Durga, Ebina, Ellaar, Fandaor, Garbomm, Genevac, Gerlac, Gromlin, Grunex, Habeus, Iceni, Kenshyro, Ketlin, Kindiian, Kinu, Kitare, Larss, Lascivia, Lillyanna, Lourdin, Lythari, Maldian, Melechi, Mitukichi, Moolio, Naamah, Nedise, Nulana, Olidaan, Patito, Pattosi, Phares, Piggseye, Rashenal, Redcloud, Rolox, Seidil, Shamash, Silverback, Skarsnik, Stimmcasta, Stormguard, Subato, Tharkis, Uelr, Urken, Valori, Velandra, Venader, Verenia, Wizmo, Xlanx, Zartac, and Ztily. In addition, Kamkirk also offered to stand by Maldian as he led this fearless group of raiders.

Maldian turned toward Kamkirk Glaive and said, ''Sire, I will do my best. With these here, we will not fail." He then turned toward those who stood before him and began organizing the invasion. He appointed Kenshyro as the lure for the creatures and Skarsnik as the main attacker.

The raiders prepared for what was sure to be the deadliest battle they had encountered since the disappearance of the Benevolent Knight. Once everyone was ready, Maldian gave the word for them to charge the gates.

Their entry into the realm of Cazic-Thule was difficult and deadly. Many lives were lost, but once they gained control over the situation, the high priests managed to resurrect the fallen. Once they were ready for battle again, Aknanook attempted to track down Sir Milton but not was successful. As the search effort continued, the minions of fear attacked the raiders in waves, each battle proving more deadly than the next.

"Tunare lend me your power to heal," cried out a wood elven wanderer name Kinu.

They joined in a fierce battle against the Amygdalan warriors and knights who, unbeknownst to the invaders, seemed to be extra protective of something. Once these beasts were defeated, the search continued. After many battles, Kamkirk and his companions seemed to be still standing strong. However, they grew concerned over not finding Sir Milton as of yet.

"Sir?" Lythari asked as she turned toward Kamkirk Glaive. "Is the idol still working to locate the knight?" Kamkirk informed her that he could not use the Golden Idol within the Plane.

At that moment, acidic rain poured down quickly onto the invaders. The ground shook vigorously as they sunk into the cracks and were tossed back to Norrath. However, they quickly regrouped and forced their way back into the Plane of Fear. Upon re-entry, they discovered a strange phenomenon. The few remaining denizens of fear had vanished. Aknanook could sense just one creature, Vzak the Unholy. It was pondered that perhaps Cazic-Thule himself forced them out of his realm, but it was also questioned whether or not Vzak the Unholy was the cause, or perhaps it was an act beyond anyone's control. Whatever the cause, Kamkirk and his investigators were forced to deal with the situation at hand.

Maldian pointed through the fiery wall and said, "Sire, Vzak the Unholy has tracked through here and I sense a spirit with him."

Suddenly, screams of terror could be heard echoing across the Plane of Fear as Vzak the Unholy tormented a holy spirit. Filled with heart rending pain, the spirit of the holy knight began wandering the tainted realm in spectral form, anguished from the pain of his soul being stretched in several directions.

"We must make haste if we wish Sir Milton not to be tortured anymore," Lillyana warned them all. "As every second passes, Sir Milton takes another second of pain. It is time now brothers and sisters to free his spirit from this fearful place."

As several of the mortals attempted to speak to Sir Milton, he did not respond. It was obvious that the pain had hold of his sanity.

Maldian shouted as he held his sword to the sky, "Mother Tunare be with us now and guide our swords and spells against the vile Vzak the Unholy." He then addressed his fellowship, "Our fate is here! Let us kill this vile beast."

As they approached the unholy priest, Tharkis shouted toward him, "Vzak, I shall deliver your soul to the Seventh Hammer myself, if only I could bring you before the Tribunal for judgment on my own, I would."

The raiders charged against Vzak the Unholy, quickly defeating him with all their might. "That was too easy," they pondered suspiciously. They retrieved a key from the fallen Vzak as his corpse faded away.

Speaking to Kamkirk Glaive, Axercis said, "Sir Milton is on track. Shall we go release him from his torment?"

"Yes, Axercis" he replied. "Take this key and use it to free Sir Milton's soul from the bonds that it is entombed in."

Axercis quickly ran off to find Sir Milton. As he encountered him, he could feel the anguish the holy knight was encountering. Axercis then unlocked the binds of pain from Sir Milton and said, "May your soul be freed."

The spectral form that trapped Sir Milton's spirit vanished presenting nothing more than spirit. Free from his pain, Sir Milton was able to speak to his releasers, "Greetings and well met."

Maldian bowed before him and said, "Sire you are now freed from the vile terror that held you."

"In the name of Tunare we free you," Aknanook added.

"Aye, was it Tunare who sent you to me?" Sir Milton asked.

Cyssa replied, "Yes, this is Tunare's work M'lord."

"As well as Sir Kamkirk Glaive," said Maldian. "The knights of Felwithe were in search of you."

"Many mighty adventurers joined together to defeat the evil that has imprisoned you here," Axercis said as he pointed around toward everyone that surrounded them.

"We heard your screams last night, they were... so frightful," Cyssa said as she stepped closer. "But alas, we were too late to save you."

Sir Milton said, "Yes Cyssa, I'm afraid what happened to me was something that couldn't be stopped, not even by Tunare. Perhaps she intended this to happen though."

"Why would Tunare allow you to be captured?" Maldian asked trying to make sense of it all.

Tharkis turned toward Maldian and suggested, "The struggles of the gods are many times above the comprehension of us mere mortals."

Sir Milton said, "I was in the Lesser Faydark investigating the evil presence that hovered when I was ambushed..."

"By lizards?" Axercis asked.

"Dozens of large Thulian lizardman, yes," Sir Milton replied.

Wizmo approached the knight, "Your dwarven friend that you were to meet there was ambushed as well, Sir Milton."

"That much we were able to surmise by the clues left behind. It's what happened after the ambush that is not clear," Tharkis added.

"They attacked me. I managed to defeat as many as I could, but there were too many,'' Sir Milton continued. "And once they brought me to the Temple of Cazic-Thule, I realized I would be sacrificed."

Tharkis then said, "I'm sorry that we were not fast enough to prevent your sacrifice, but it gladdens my heart to know we were not too late to save your soul from eternal torment at the hands of the Faceless One."

As several high priests stepped forward and offered to bring him back to life, Sir Milton spoke to them. "It is too late. I cannot be resurrected. My mortal body dissipated when my spirit was removed. However, I believe Tunare must have plans for me beyond what my mortal soul could offer. I thank you all for freeing me so that I might continue to serve her even in spirit."

"I can travel to Tunare's plane and ask her," Axercis said as he continued to offer his assistance.

Tharkis then said, "Perhaps it was meant for you to be able to be a mentor in the spirit world as you were a mentor to Kamkirk in this world."

Sir Milton's spirit then disappeared, leaving nothing but an ivory urn, which was placed into the hands of Axercis. Kamkirk Glaive was about to explain the urn to Axercis but paused when it began to rain blood. As the blood poured down from the tainted sky, they could feel an evil presence return to the realm.

Wizmo turned toward Axercis and demanded, "Make sure the urn stays intact."

As the blood rain drenched the raiders, Cazic-Thule shouted, "Denizens of Fear, your master commands you to come forth to his aid!!"

Maldian quickly rushed to re-organize everyone. "Stand Guard!" he said. He then gave the order to attack. "Attack with everything you've got."

They quickly charged for the Faceless One. As he went on a rampage, Cazic-Thule shouted, "You will not evade me Kamkirk Glaive!"

"Clerics make sure to heal Kamkirk," Maldian shouted.

After many losses, they defeated the Faceless One. Or did they merely defeat him this one battle?

Kamkirk then addressed his mercenaries. "You all have fought very well today and over the past few days. Some of you have gone out of your way to assist me in this investigation." He called forward Kenshyro, Lillyana, Skarsnik, Velandra, and Wizmo and praised them for their valiant efforts in locating and releasing the Benevolent Knight.

He then asked Maldian and Tharkis to stand beside him.

He then turned toward the shaman and said, "For your dedication and willingness to be there for those in need, you shall be granted a title. Your assistance to myself is greatly appreciated and the accounts of selfless acts you have performed shall not go unrewarded." As the barbarian stood there exhausted from performing many alteration and abjuration spells, he was unable to speak. Kamkirk faced the other investigators as he motioned toward Tharkis and said, "I ask you, what title would you grant this brave man?" After some thought, they made their decision. "So be it," Kamkirk said. "I present to you Tharkis the Paragon."

Kamkirk then turned toward the ranger and said, "Throughout the investigation of the disappearance of the Benevolent Knight, you have proven to yourself to be a great solider and noble leader. Maldian, I grant you the title of Sword Bearer."

"Holy Tunare! Thank you sire," Maldian replied.

"Axercis, stand beside me," Kamkirk said as he called for druid. Pointing at the urn in the Axercis's hands, Kamkirk continued to speak. "The spirit of the Benevolent Knight became tainted when it was brought to the Plane of Fear," he said. "When the spirit moved on, the tainted aura remained and was encased in the urn. Before removing the aura from the urn, they will need to wait until it can be untainted." He then explained that once cleansing of the aura was ready to be preformed, Axercis would be summoned to appear before King Tearis Thex.

Kamkirk then warned them that they must hurry to leave the realm to avoid the summoning of more of Cazic-Thule's denizens and before the Faceless One returned from the beyond.

Aura of the Benevolent Knight

Kamkirk Glaive traveled back to Felwithe to deliver the news of Sir Milton to a council of priests from across Norrath. He has not spoken directly to the King yet.

As Kamkirk greeted everyone, he instructed them on the proper behavior when appearing before the King. He told them that they should not speak to the King until spoken to first. They should keep a distance; they should not attempt to approach the King unless the King himself has granted permission.

The powerful sounds of brass trumpets were heard throughout the city as their song echoes through the marble halls.

A royal herald shouted, "Hear ye, Hear ye! His Royal Highness King Tearis Thex doth approaches."

Kamkirk then lead everyone into the paladin guild hall. As they entered the hall, Kamkirk motioned everyone to take a seat away from the stairs.

King Tearis Thex entered the hall and everyone stood to honor him as he nodded a greeting to the crowd.

Once the greetings are done, Kamkirk motioned everyone to take their seats again.

The King first addressed Kamkirk Glaive. "Sir Kamkirk, step forward." Kamkirk stepped forward and kneeled before the King, "Sire."

"I have heard some news of Sir Milton Senjonsmith from my high priests. What more information can you give me?" the King asked.

Kamkirk told the King that spirit of the Benevolent Knight was released and his aura was embodied in an ivory urn, which was placed into the hands of Axercis.

The King turned toward Axercis and called him forward. Kamkirk took a step backwards and Axercis walked forward and kneeled before the King.

The King asked to see the Ivory Urn. Axercis should give him the urn at this point.

After examining the Urn, the King handed it off to Kamkirk. He then asked Axercis what it took to find the Benevolent Knight.

Axercis informed him that Kamkirk hired investigators, including himself, to track down information, construct a magical idol with the help of priests across Norrath to focus in on the location of the missing knight. He also told him how the worshippers of Cazic-Thule sacrificed the knight and how they found the tormented spirit in the Plane of Fear where they released it to preserve the aura.

Once the King was satisfied with what he heard, he turned toward Kamkirk and asked him about the state of the Aura of the Benevolent Knight.

Kamkirk examined the Urn and exclaimed that the Aura of the Benevolent Knight was no longer tainted.

Upon the request of The King, Kamkirk Glaive released the aura. The Aura of the Benevolent Knight emerged from out of the Ivory Urn hovered over the mighty hierophant Axercis.

King Tearis Thex spoke once again saying, "Axercis, Sir Milton Senjonsmith served Felwithe well. More importantly, he was responsible for saving my life. It now appears that he wishes you to continue on with his work of defending Felwithe and its territories. His aura shall remain with you until the time of your passing. For this, I shall transfer the title, the Benevolent, over to you."

The King then called Kamkirk Glaive forward and granted him the title the Holy Knight. He turned toward everyone thanking them for their efforts and then departed.

Kamkirk congratulated Axercis and said, "We should not mourn the loss of Sir Milton, we should instead celebrate his life."


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