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Dragonscale Hills

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Dragonscale Hills

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:33 pm

Secrets of Faydwer - Unfolding the Lore: Part 10

Dragonscale Hills

Exposed to Norrath by the launch of Meldrath's Fortress Mechanotus, the Dragonscale Hills rise up to the south of the Steamfont Mountains. Though seemingly a peaceful vista, the Dragonscale Hills are rife with danger from the native inhabitants, many of whom are not happy about the intrusion of adventurers into their lands.

Kirkoten Fortress

Carved out of the rocky hillside, the home of the Kirkoten Minotaurs serves as the last line of defense against would-be invaders. From the outside you would never know they were at war, but they most certainly are. For many years these minotaurs have struggled to defend themselves from the night-crawling wereorcs and exploitive gnomes. Led by Overseer Gakkor Deepscar, the Kirkoten Minotaurs are regarded as the oldest and fiercest of their kind.

Nightmare Grove

In a grove of withering trees and diseased plants is a nightmare grove where haunted by a dark spirit. Long ago, a wealthy horse owner named Lelluran was cursed when he tried to capture and breed Equestrielle the Corrupted -- the unicorn whose horn was broken by Firiona Vie in order to defeat Cazic-Thule. Having Equestrielle in his stable corrupted all his horses and him as well. He went mad, becoming more animal than wood elf and now can be seen on occasion among his corrupted stable.

Prismatic Valley

Far to the south stretches a wide path into the steep mountain range. As early explorers progressed deeper into the valleys and canyons found here, the earth took on a sheen that danced before their eyes. Deeper still, crystalline and metallic outcroppings formed, until they entered a labyrinth that had become more crystalline than natural. In the deepest reaches of the labyrinth, Kerafyrm has created great prismatic pools to serve as magical wells, drawing upon the power within Norrath to bolster his power.


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