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Scholars of Refreshing Knowledge

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Scholars of Refreshing Knowledge

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:35 pm

Five scholars recently entered the Plane of Knowledge to pass along knowledge of the expanding world of Norrath and beyond to all returning travelers. These scholars hope that their guidance will assist these adventurers as they embark upon their journeys.

Scholar Berkin

Leader of this group of educators, Scholar Berkin can give adventurers an overview of the expertise of each of the other scholars.

Scholar Awerrin

Adventurers wishing to learn how to gain equipment from the spoils of war should speak to Scholar Awerrin. She can help find the greatest spoils that have been discovered over the years.

Scholar Jarvi

Over the past few years, Scholar Jarvi has collected information about incantations and disciplines. She can aid adventurers in locating more powerful abilities within their school of magic or combat arts across the expanding world.

Scholar Kiulo

Need to find the path to places you've never been to before? Scholar Kiulo loves exploration and can help you find the most beautiful areas found both on and off Norrath.

Scholar Werum

There have been vast improvements in numerous fields of science and innovation over the years. Some have allowed adventurers shortcuts to destinations that would take a great deal of time to traverse, whereas others help strengthen adventurers. Scholar Werum can help adventurers sort through all of the new advancements.


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