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Plane of Justice

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Plane of Justice

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:47 pm

The Fabled Planes of Power Lore - Part 6

The Plane of Justice

The Plane of Justice is a somber, bleak realm consisting primarily of a large prison. Beings of all races are sent here for severe crimes against their society or against the gods. A council of six entities, known as The Tribunal, governs the plane. They act as judge and jury, deciding the guilt or innocence of the creatures brought before them and choosing the proper punishment. A warden controls the administrative side of the prison. Dark, axe-wielding guards maintain tight security and dispense executions with ruthless precision.

At the center of the prison is a large courtyard where a guillotine, a tree with a noose, and other instruments of executions are found. The cells nearest the courtyard house the inmates scheduled to be imminently executed. The halls of the prison are busy with the marching of guards who keep a constant vigil and the scurrying of rats and other vermin. Escape tunnels exist behind a hidden cell in the southeast corner, chiseled out over the years by prisoners seeking to flee, or at least hide. Recently, deadly creatures have entered the deeper tunnels effectively prevent any further work on them.

Prisoners in the Plane of Justice come from a wide range of backgrounds, places, and even eras. Those convicted are never punished purely for who they are in terms of mortal origin; rather device judgment is based on actions they have taken within the framework of the society and culture form whence they came. Time does not pass in the planes as it does in mortal realms, so there are beings here from civilizations that no longer exist upon Norrath.

Aside from personal vendettas, the prison population is generally divided into two camps – the humanoid and the bestial. In addition to the major Norrathian races, creatures like the aviaks and the ottermen are at odds with Akheva, froglok, ghouls, evil eyes, and other beings of fiendish origin. While exceptions do exist, it generally behooves one to take a side in this dispute – or life can become rather uncomfortable.

A number of spirits can also be found among the jails. Some are remnants of those who have died there; others are ghosts of prisoner's victims who have come haunt those who have wronged them.

The Tribunal

The Tribunal has existed for as long as there has been a semblance of order in the world. They remain neutral in almost every conflict, meting out justice as fairly as they can, without prejudice. Legends speak of a "Seventh Hammer," a powerful being who acts as The Tribunal's messenger and bailiff.

It is impossible to bribe the Tribunal to influence a verdict or sentence, but they are not immune to deception. True justice being their charge, they are not loathe to reverse a decision based on new and compelling evidence. They have also been known to grant leniency of even freedom to prisoners who have proven worthy.

A fundamental concept behind the justice of the Tribunal is cultural relativity. While a High Elf of Tunare may be condemned for practicing necromancy, a gnoll may be accused by his clan of excessive leniency towards prisoners. Sending someone before the Tribunal is usually reserved for serious crimes, as it can mean a virtual eternity of imprisonment and suffering. However, the definition of "serious crimes" can vary widely among societies. Some acts aimed against the gods themselves are considered under a broader scope, but The Tribunal looks primarily at the rules of particular civilizations.

The Warden

The current warden, Jacosh Steldenn, has a slightly different agenda than the pure justice of The Tribunal. Once a very fair-minded being, he slowly became frustrated with the limits of his position and power. He commands the loyalty of a subset of the guards who carry out his own judgment, rather than that of the council. He seeks ways to circumvent the rulings of his authorities when he does not agree, arranging a number of "accidental" escapes and secret torture sessions when he thinks it necessary. He has thus far been discrete enough that the Tribunal is not fully aware of his transgressions, but they have been watching him more carefully.


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