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Lair of Terris-Thule

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Lair of Terris-Thule

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:49 pm

The Fabled Planes of Power Lore - Part 8

Lair of Terris-Thule

In the far eastern corner of the Plane of Nightmares there stands a grand plateau of horror. On the surface of the plateau, stones appear to be arranged in a druid circle. If one can overcome the overwhelming feeling of dread inspired by this place, further inspection reveals that the stones pulse with life – and death. Merely gazing upon this unholy ground has been enough to reduce the bravest knights to their knees in the insufferable anguish of eternal, unbreakable nightmares.

The Fabled


This ghastly daughter of the Faceless, Cazic-thule, the demi-goddess Terris-Thule has proudly lived up to her father's expectation. She is a master of the subconscious and all who enter the state of slumber are at her mercy. She is opposed by her twin brother, Morell-Thule, Lord of Dreams. Though the minds of sleeping mortals may waver between the realm of nightmares and the realm of dreams, eventually all fall to Terris' grasp.

Terris is tall and alluring in a terrifying way. Her skin is smooth and pale and her boney hands reach out with long, black fingernails. She wears a silk and lace black and violet gown that compliments the twilight sky around her. Her face is smooth -- no features mar its sleek surface other than two empty eye sockets. Her black hair gracefully tumbles down and about two massive brass horns at her temples.

Many have tried to forge words to prevent The Dream Scorchers' touch from tainting their subconscious, but all such attempts have ultimately proven to be in vain.

Terris enjoys the torture she can inflict on people when they are dreaming. Her twisted plane houses many horrible creatures that do her bidding and aid in her power to bring terror to dreams.

Those that have died in their dreams remain in their nightmare and are never able to leave the plane.


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