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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:27 am

Dark Elf Cleric Quest Walkthroughs Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Theologist S'Tai
S'Tai asks you to go buy a Nektulos Buckler. You can get it for free at Merchant Diziria.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Theologist S'Tai
S'Tai will send you to talk to Spiritmaster Sharun, who binds you and sends you off to see Coachman Lothi.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Denouncer V'Thoth
V'Thoth wants you to train your fighting skills. Head out of town and kill snakes and return with two ruined snake scales.

Level 4
Starting NPC: Denouncer V'Thoth
Denouncer V'Thoth asks you to get a LEATHER STRIP and IRON ORE from MERCHANT ROKER at the Blue Flame Forge. She is the merchant located in the Blacksmith forge.

You also need a ruined bat wing. ((If you are reading this ahead of time get it while you are out on you 3 quest getting your snake scales)).


Level 5
Starting NPC: Denouncer T'Vhoth
You are next asked to kill a fire bat and return with a torn fire bat wing. The Fire Bats are found in the hills north of Neriak. At level 5, you will need help to kill them.

Level 7
Starting NPC: Theologist S'Tai
1. Talk to Theologist S'Tai, he sends you to Waysender T'Thox, who is outside of the Blind Fish Tavern. Give the note to Waysender T'Thox and he will teleport you to Freeport to talk to Dockmaster Endol.

2. Endol is at the end of the dock you teleport to. He teleports you to the Hazinak Outpost.

3. Find Denouncer R'Noxt, who is upstairs in a building, in the large courtyard. Denouncer R'Noxt gives you a report to take back to S'Tai.

4. Dockmaster D'Eleth will teleport back to Freeport. He is at the end of the dock.

5. Waysender Abodai will teleport back to Neriak. He is on the dock.

6. Back in Neriak talk to S'Tai.

Level 10
Starting NPC: Theologist S'Tal
1. Talk to Theologist S'Tal, he sends you to Dragoon X'Talin. To find him, go west to the river and follow it north. His tower will be on the right side of the river.

2. X'Talin sends you to kill a Tomb Rat, and get an undead sigil. (Just follow the river back south and it will be on your right.) Bring the sigil back to X'Talin.

3. X'Talin sends you to kill Arzen. To find Arzen, look directly north of the Dragoon's tower, there is a hill with rocks on top. When you go to the top of this hill, you'll get a popup. Kill, loot papers, return to X'Talin.

4. X'Talin sends you back to Theologist S'Tal.

5. Theologist S'Tal sends you to kill Xeruin(CONs Yel). From Neriak, go west until you hit the river, follow it north until it turns west. You will see an encampment of tents. Outside the tent will be a dog named Grim(CONs Wht). Kill Grim and Garyuon(CONs Yel) first, then kill Xeruin, loot ring, return to Theologist S'Tal.

Level 13
Starting NPC: Denouncer V'Thoth
1. Talk to Denouncer V'Thoth, he sends you to Durinex U'Dedne.

2. Durinex U'Dedne sends you to Forgun E'Phet, he is in the Double Dagger.

3. Forgun E'Phet sends you to kill a Tavern Rat Breeder(CONs Wht to Yel?). Kill, loot tail.

4. Durinex U'Dedne sends you to kill Thrun at Pilgrim's Inn, and to buy a Chalice of the Fallen from Merchant Gilgash at the Smiling Serpent Inn while in Freeport.

***NOTE*** To find Pilgrims Inn, go around the outside of Freeport until you see a road that starts heading north. Follow this road as it winds aroud and you will eventually come to the inn. This road will eventually lead you to Highpass, keep running to sign coach.

5. Bring all this back to Durinex. Return to Denouncer V'Thoth.

Level 15
Starting NPC: Denouncer V'Thoth
1. Talk to Denouncer V'Thoth, he sends you to Zethil N'Jarus north of the blacksmith. Take some tunar with you, you will need it in step 4.

2. Zethil sends you to talk to the Ghostly Mage over in collonridge cemetary.
Lore on Ghostly Mage: Zelthil J'Narus utterly annihilated a mage called Surxal, and Surxal's spirits roams the duelers crest in Collonridge Cemetary. Known as the "Ghostly Mage" this spirit is bound to do the will of J'Narus.

To find the Ghostly mage head west from ramp at Neriak. When you get to Jarek N'Toxis, head a bit north.

3. Ghostly Mage sends you to Croc Island by Freeport to find his Hatestone Dust. From Freeport, head south down the coast until you get to the whale bones. Swim out to the island just off the coast (Freeport Croc island). Wander around on the coast near the little shack until you get a popup (It can usually be found directly S, S/W of the hut, in the centre of a rock pillar and 3 trees (Northern Ro (SE)). It will tell you Croc is on the island. From here, you must travel to Grobb to hire trolls. In Grobb, find the troll camp right outside.

4. Talk to Underlord Bugrish. Pay him to hire some trolls (I think you talk to him twice). Now you must go back to the whale bones by Freeport. Wait there until Grebarg shows up.

5. Talk to Grebarg, he and the other trolls will beging to head towards Croc Island.

***NOTE*** The trolls will ONLY KILL CROCODILES. They will not kill Croc himself.

6. Kill Croc, loot hatestone dust, return to Zethil.

7. Zethil will give you faction. Return to Denouncer V'Thoth.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Theologist S'Tai
1. Talk to Theologist S'Tai in Neriak, who sends you to Denouncer T'Crit in Fort Seriak, located in the Collenridge Cemetary zone. T'Crit is located at the top of the main tower in the middle of the fort.

2. Denouncer T'Crit sends you to kill Ghoul Captains (CONs DB) located where the dock meets the land. Kill, Loot what your quest log says to loot. You may need to kill a few till your item drops. Return to Denouncer T'Crit.

3. Denouncer T'Crit sends you to Elder Jerlusk in Collenridge Cemetary, he is found at the top of the tower located in the first area as you enter the cemetary. There are two rats, which guards the lower floor of the tower. At the top of the tower, there are four (4) spawn points, these can be occupied by Skeletons (CONs DB). Kill all until Elder Jerlusk spawns in the middle location. Talk to Elder Jerlusk.

4. Elder Jerlusk sends you to kill an Elder (CONs Yel) in Hodstock, the Elder in a house guarded by a Guard. Hodstock is located west of the river Saren as you travel south from Neriak. You will pass through Bobble-by-Water zone along the way. You must wait until the guard walks away before attacking the Elder. This could take some time. Kill, loot book, return to Elder Jerlusk.

5. Elder Jerlusk sends you to kill a named Captain back to the docks of the island. He will spawn in place of a ghoul captain as you approach. Kill and loot him, and return to Denouncer T'Crit for your reward.


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