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Plane of Storms

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Plane of Storms

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:53 pm

The Fabled Planes of Power Lore - Part 11

The Plane of Storms

The Plane of Storms, governed and manifested by the will and consciousness of Karana, The Rainkeeper, is primarily inhabited by a large humanoid race of Storm Giants that inhabit every area of the plane with the exception of Mount Grenidor. The various tribes of Storm Giants are constantly warring with each other and can be distinguished by visible physical attributes that relate to the local terrain. Likewise, their dwellings also reflect their environment.

When Norrathians first enter the Plane of Storms, they are greeted by a shipwreck and fallen adventurers on the shores of Larquin. Passing further into the plane, an elaborate system of caves beneath Mount Grenidor greets travelers that lead to several wondrous locales in the plane.

Mount Grenidor sits in the middle of a vast expanse open wilderness and is the site of the Bastion of Thunder, home to the plane's residing deity. The other three areas of the plane are divided by impassible ridges that extend down from the peaks of Grenidor.

Krendic, Sands of Chaos

To the north of Grenidor lies Krendic, the Desert of Chaos, a sea of hard, dark brown stones polished smooth by the ever-blowing wind. Large obelisks of rock crop up in places where the stone has managed to withstand the constant pounding of the sand storms. A few straggly, cactus-type plants dot the landscape, rising from the comprised of small tents and one large head tent, can be spotted. In the eastern section of the desert, there stands a circle of large stones that look as if they were place intentionally long ago.

Kelek`Vor, Forest of Tears

East of Grenidor lies Kelek`Vor, Forest of Tears. The forest stretches far north to the far south of the mountain. The massive branches of the forests trees form a natural bridge, allowing creatures as large as the storm giants to swiftly move through the forest. As one traverses the entwined branches, the tops and bottoms of the trees seem to extend indefinitely and disappear into a haze of fog. In one cleaning there is an enormous stump, evidence of a huge tree that was cut down long ago, farther north, destroyed trees are strewn about in chaotic wreckage, the forest itself having fallen victim to the plane's elements of lighting and ferocious wing gusts. Creatures know as stormriders inhabit the canopy of the Forest of Tears. On the southern tip of the forest, a small encampment of giants can be found.

Srerendi, Shores of the Lost

To the west of the great Mount Grenidor lies Srerendi, Shores of the Lost. Several large rivers flow from the mountain across the plains until finally emptying into a great lake along the southwest border. There are a few smaller lakes within the plains where the water collects temporarily on its journey toward the southwestern lake. At the very southern point of the lakeshore there is an area with several shipwrecks along the shoreline. This is also where the graveyard of lost souls is located.

Askr the Lost

Askr the Lost has been stranded in the Plane of Storms for quite some time and has come to know the depth of a cavern he now calls home. Over time, others have been cast away into the cave, lost from civilization and alone. Askr is often aloof and not eager to share any information with them on the Bastion of Thunder. After some prodding though, he will offer that the key is in besting the leaders of the different areas of Storms.

The Fabled

The three factions within the Plane of Storms are at odds with the each other; however, they usually keep to their respective areas.

Gurebk, Lord of Krendic

Gurebk is a powerful war lord who keeps all but those who are worthy out of his domain. Of course, those who are worthy are simply those who swear fealty to him, and any others are slain on sight.

Neffiken, Lord of Kelek`Vor

Neffiken has taken a grasp on the final triumvirate of climates in the Plane of Storms. He controls a wood fort and keeps guards posted so that no outsiders are allowed to breach its security.

Jeplak, Lord of Srerendi

Jeplak oversees all that goes on in his domain. For quite some time, Jeplak has been trying to rid his province of stragglers that have been unfortunate enough to crash upon the shores of Srerendi.


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