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Solusek's Ro Tower

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Solusek's Ro Tower

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:59 pm

The Fabled Planes of Power Lore - Part 16

Solusek's Ro Tower

This realm's divine consciousness and ruler is Solusek Ro, The Burning Prince and Lord of the Sun and Flame.

Solusek Ro, the Prince of Flame and son of Fennin Ro, formed an alliance with Rallos Zek and began to siphon the power from his father's realm, the Plane of Fire. He is using that power and channeling and amplifying it through his artifacts of power with all of the energies converging onto one small orb, a seemingly harmless orb. The orb, however, is the very thing that Solusek Ro and the Zeks plan to use to destroy the face of Norrath. The orb would be carried by a mechanical behemoth created from the factories in the Plane of Innovation. And if the behemoth is able to plant this orb on Norrath is will scar Norrath and destroy most civilization. The artifacts are kept protected within the tower.

Solusek Ro's great tower rises up from the inferno of this realm like a single pillar of solidified flame. The tower is located near an island upon a sea of eternal flame in the Plane of Fire. The island, which hoses a graveyard in the guises of a flaming pool, is connected to the temple by a burning bridge.

To approach the temple, one must make the perilous trek across the bridge starting from the island side. To make matters worse, Solusek's faithful and deadly minions are ever-present during the crossing and will oppose any mortal who dares to trespass on their divine master's domain.

If one is lucky enough to make it to the tower, one will discover a large entryway with vaulted ceilings containing various arcane runes, glyphs, and symbols. There are also five burning cauldrons that act as teleports to various dungeons located inside the tower. In the middle of the room, a large transparent fire well can be seen descending into the depths. In the back of the room, a small stairway ascends to a separate chamber that contains a single burning cauldron.

Crystalline Basement

Using the cauldrons, one might transport down to the underground Crystalline Basement of the tower. The basement becomes a series of translucent tunnels that are smoke black in color and filled with jagged obsidian crystals that jut out from all sides. Lava flows can be seen through the walls while the see-through floor reveals fiery pools of burning magma. The tunnels twist and turn, leading to a chamber housing a powerful, magical artifact. The chamber is protected by an arch mage who guards the artifact on the orders of Solusek Ro himself.

The Chamber of Arylyxir

The Chamber of Arylyxir, a place that appears to be of mortal design, can also be accessed from the burning cauldrons. This is the home of Arylyxir, the fiery phoenix wizard of the prime who attracted Solusek's Ro's attentions through achieving a level of power over the element of fire never before seen by mortal sorcerers.

The Chamber of Rizlona

The Chamber of Rizlona is home to a demi-god who was half elven bard in her mortal years upon the prime. She was a fierce combatant, lending her song to battle. Her songs always included praise to Solusek and the power that he granter her through song. Rizlona earned the recognition of Solusek Ro by invoking his name to give her power and strength on the battlefield. She ascended to his service countless years past.

This Chamber of Lava

This Chamber of Lava is a series of chambers and stairways that are leading upwards. The walls, ceiling, and floor seemed to be made up of recently cooled lava. In various places glowing molten lava can be seen on the walls. The main chamber is found after ascending the stairways and passing through the various chambers on the way here. The main chamber has in it the artifact of power called the Shard of Molten Lava it is suspended above a fountain of lava. The fountain is surrounded by moat of lava itself.

Chamber of the Sun

The Chamber of the Sun can be accessed from a burning cauldron found in the entryway of the tower. This area is the largest of the sub dungeons in the tower. This area has a sun theme to it with many symbols resembling the sun and the power that it holds. After going through a series of hallways, stairs, and chambers the main chamber will be reached. This chamber holds the artifact of power known as the Ring of Ro.

Solusek Ro's Chamber

The chamber that olds Solusek Ro himself is in the furthest reaches of the tower, beyond the chambers of his wards and appointed guardians and beyond the maze-like structures that reflect his infinite role within the cosmos. Very few who have ventured into Solusek's chamber have returned to speak of it.

The Fabled

Solusek Ro, The Burning Price

As the manifested consciousness of the sub-element of flame and the primal power of the sun, Solusek Ro is perhaps one of the best known divine presences, and holds a great influence upon the primal world of Norrath. His followers are those devoted to the acquisition of power; often used in destruction ways, but not intrinsically so.

In this era, Solusek Ro has manifested himself as a male humanoid of great beauty. Within his hand, he carries the fabled Spear of Fire, a powerful artifact rumored to be forged of fire itself from within the realm of his own patron ruler, Fennin Ro.

Solusek Ro is not a deity to be trifled with, for he is a true model for his followers; a being of immense, raw power. His mastery of flame is not to be underestimated, for it is a pure, primal element that manifests a power unlike anything encountered upon the primal worlds.


Rivaled only by Solusek Ro and Fennin Ro, Arlyxir defends his patron deity's realm vigilant and with his very life.

The Protector of Dresolik

A Lava Giant that protects Dresolik, the Shard of Molten Lava.


Rizlona guards an artifact sacred to Solusek Ro and the element of fire.


Jiva is Solusek's noble Efreeti that protects the Ring of Ro artifact.


Xuzl is the fiend that protects the artifact within the Crystalline Basement of the tower.


Galremos is a lava golem who protects the tower and one of its well known treasures.


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