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Dark Elf Enchanter Quest Walkthroughs Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Dominary K'Jartan, the Guildmaster
K'Jartan asks you to go buy a Black Sash. You can get it for free at Merchant Kalosk; return to K'Jartan.
Receive 430xp

Level 2
Starting NPC: Dominary K'Jartan, the Guildmaster
K'Jartan will send you to talk to Spiritmaster Rendor, who binds you and sends you off to see Coachman Lothi.
To find the coach: Leave through the archway to the south. Turn east from the Blind Fish Tavern. continue east through two archways until you come to a north/south junction. Follow the hall south. Continue south from there until you are outside the city and on a path. Follow that path. Find coachman Lothi on the path's south side, standing outside a tent.
Return to K'Jartan.
Receive 2,200xp

Level 3
Starting NPC: Enchanter T'Crit
Find T'Crit downstairs, behind the ramp and in the back room to the right.
T'Crit wants you to go outside and kill bats. Return with two pieces of bat meat as proof of your deed to Enchanter T'Crit.
*Note, while you are outside, also collect the required item from a firefly for your lvl 4 quest (bible says: fractured thorax, but I thought it was a leg segment? - someone let me know)
Receive 6,900xp and the Crawling Skin scroll

Level 4
Starting NPC: Enchanter T'Crit
T'Crit asks you to get a few items in order to enchant you a new robe:
-Buy a cloth yard and a spool of common thread from Merchant Kertal, across from the Blue Flame Forge.
-kill fireflies until you can loot a fractured firefly thorax - or a leg segment (not sure which, READ YOUR QUEST LOG).
Return to T'Crit with these supplies and receive:
17,000xp and the Yellow Robe

Level 5
Starting NPC: Enchanter T'Crit
You are next asked to kill a fire bat and return with a torn fire bat wing. The Fire Bats are found in the hills outside north of Neriak. Some classes will find it hard to solo a firebat at lvl 5 (CON yel@lvl5), get help or level a bit first. Find, slay, and loot the torn bat wing from the Fire bat and return to Enchanter T'Crit.
Receive 36,500xp and the Heavy Arms scroll

Level 7
Starting NPC: Dominary K'Jartan
1. K'Jartan needs you to retrieve a scroll from an operative working at the Hazinak Outpost. The operative's name is Counselor Du'Klot, and she works for the House of D'Eleth. Talk to Waysender T'Thox, who is outside of the Blind Fish Tavern (you will need 100 tunar to get to FP, and another 100 tunar to hire the waysender to get back) and he will teleport you to Freeport to talk to Dockmaster Endol.

2. Endol is at the end of the dock - he will teleport you to the Hazinak Outpost. Sign the coach!

3. Retrieve the scroll from Counselor Du'Klot at the Hazinak Outpost.

4. Return to Dockmaster D'Eleth at the Hazninak docks, he'll send you to FP. In Freeport, hire Waysender Abodai to teleport you back to Neriak (or, after retrieving the scroll from Du'Klot, just RH and save yourself the waysender fee).

5. Return the scroll to Dominary K'Jartan
Receive 157,474xp
Receive the Endure Arcane scroll and the Apprentice Boots.

Level 10: The Burnished Staff
Starting NPC: Dominary K'Jartan
1. Talk to K'Jartan. He tells you that Xeruin Du'Klot has beomce a traitor to the cause. Find Xeruin Du'Klot and retrieve the ring given to her by Dominary K'Jartan. To find her, K'Jartan first sends you to speak with Dragoon X'Talin. To find him, go west to the river and follow it north (it's a long swim). His tower will be on the north side of the river (on your right). Collinridge Cemetary (N).

2. X'Talin sends you to kill Tomb Rats until you can loot an arcane undead sigil. (Just follow the river back south and it will be on your right, almost near the bridge crossing at Neriak). Kill tomb rats, loot the sigil, and bring it back to X'Talin.

3. X'Talin explains that the rats that attacked the tower came from the north. You are now to kill Arzen (CONs wht@lvl10). To find Arzen, look directly north of the Dragoon's tower, there is a hill with rocks on top. When you go to the top of this hill, you'll get a popup. Kill Arzen, loot papers, return to X'Talin.

4. X'Talin will now sned you, with the page you looted from Arzen, to Dominary K'Jartan.

5. K'Jartan will now send you to kill Guryon and Xeruin, in a tent to the west along the River Saren. From Neriak, go west until you hit the river, follow it north until it turns west. You will see, on your left, an encampment of tents. The encampment may be empty, but as you wait there, eventually 3 mobs will spawn. Outside the ten will be a dog named Grim (Cons Wht). Kill Grim and Guryon (CONs Yel) first, then kill Xeruin, loot the ring, and return to Dominary K'Jartan.
Receive 556,753xp and the Burnished Staff

Level 13: Assassination
Starting NPC: Dominary K'Jartan
1. Talk to K'Jartan, he sends you to Durinex U'Dedne in the House of U'Dedne.

2. Durinex U'Dedne sends you to Forgun E'Phet, he is the owner of the Double Dagger Inn. (Found on main floor in a room to the north)

3. Forgun E'Phet sends you to kill a Tavern Rat Breeder (CONs LB). When you go downstairs, you have to farm the Tavern Rats until you spawn a breeder. The placeholder can most commonly be found just outside the entrance to the second room. Kill the breeder when it spawns, loot tail, return to Forgun E'Phet. You will receive Forgun's note, return to U'Dedne.

4. Durinex U'Dedne sends you to buy (250 tunar) a "Sea of Chains" from Merchant Gilgash at the Smiling Serpent Inn while in Freeport. The Inn is near the docks.

5. Return to U'Dedne with the Sea of Chains. He then sends you to find someone named Efran (CONs Wht@lvl13). Efram is a merchant from Freeport and you can find him at the Pilgrim's Inn.
NOTE: To find the Pilgrims Inn, exit Freeport by the back door (where the banker/blacksmith are - like you're going to HP) and follow this road as it winds around; shortly after you cross into the Tomb of Kings zone, you will find the Pilgrim's Inn.
Merchant Efram will be on the second floor of inn, near Tharn. Slay Efram and return to Dominary K'Jartan.
Receive 550,698xp and the Lumbering Arms scroll

Level 15: The Mindbend Robe
Starting NPC: Enchanter T'Crit
1. T'Crit will send you to speak to Zelthil J'Narus (north of the blacksmith), who wishes to acquire the hatestone dust. Zethil sends you to talk to the Ghostly Mage over in collonridge cemetery.
Lore on Ghostly Mage: Zelthil J'Narus utterly annihilated a mage called Surxal, and Surxal's spirits roams the duelers crest in Collonridge Cemetary. Known as the "Ghostly Mage" this spirit is bound to do the will of J'Narus.
To get there: Travel west and cross the River Saren. When you reach the scorched mound of earth called the Dueler's Crest, look for the Ghostly Mage and speak with it. Or, more plainly, from the ramp at Neriak, head west. Cross the river, when you spot Jarek N'Toxis in his tent, keep going north - the mage is up on that flat hill where all the undead roam.

2. Ghostly Mage sends you to Croc Island by Freeport to find his Hatestone Dust. From Freeport, head south down the coast until you get to the whale bones. Swim out to the island just off the coast. Wander around on the coast until a message pops up (Can be found near a large stone on the s/w side of the island.) It will tell you that Croc, the dwarven hermit, is on the island.

3. Now, you must travel to Grobb to hire trolls. Head back to FP, and speak with dockmaster Endol to secure a boatride to Hazinak, then work your way down to Grobb (take some tunar with you). Enter the Basher camp just outside of Grobb and find Underlord Burgrish.

4. Pay Burgrish to hire some trolls (you may be able to talk him down in price). Now you must go back to the whale bones by Freeport. Wait there until Grebarg shows up. When Grebarg and his friends finally show up, talk to Grebarg, he and the other trolls will begin to head towards Croc Island.
Note: The trolls will only kill crocodiles, not Croc, so wait until the various crocodiles are engaged and sneak into the shack and kill Croc. Loot the hatestone dust, return to Zethil J'Narus.

5. Zethil sends you to Enchanter T'Crit for your reward.
Receive 883,791xp
Receive the Mindbend Robe and Arcane Beckon

Level 20
Starting NPC: Dominary K'Jartan
1. Talk to Dominary K'Jartan in Neriak, who sends you to Denouncer T'Crit in Fort Seriak, located in the Collenridge Cemetary zone. T'Crit is located at the top of the main tower in the middle of the fort.

2. Denouncer T'Crit sends you to kill Ghoul Captains (CONs DB) located where the dock meets the land. Kill, Loot what your quest log says to loot. You may need to kill a few till your item drops. Return to Denouncer T'Crit.

3. Denouncer T'Crit sends you to Elder Grott in Collenridge Cemetary, he is found at the top of the tower located in the first area as you enter the cemetary. There are two rats, which guard the lower floor of the tower. At the top of the tower, there are four (4) spawn points, these can be occupied by Skeletons (CONs DB). Kill all until Elder Grott spawns in the middle location. Talk to Elder Grott.

4. Elder Grott sends you to kill an Elder (CONs Yel) in Hodstock, the Elder is in a house guarded by a Guard (take tunar with you). Hodstock is located west of the river Saren as you travel south from Neriak. You will pass through the Bobble-by-Water zone along the way. As an enchanter, you can take the form of human and speak to the Elder; pay for the book - when you have it return to Elder Grott (or, just kill him and loot the book and save yourself the tunar).

5. Elder Grott will now send you to kill Captain Thender (CONS db@lvl20) back on the island near Castle Felstar; Thender roams near the docks of the island. He will spawn in place of a ghoul captain as you approach. Kill him, loot the ring, and return to Denouncer T'Crit.
Receive 2,814,929xp
Path choice: Spacious Mind or Power boon. Spacious mind grants you a greater ability to hold mana within. Power boon allows you to channel mana into others.


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