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The Reef of Coirnav

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The Reef of Coirnav

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 9:01 pm

The Fabled Planes of Power Lore - Part 20

The Reef of Coirnav

The Reef of Coirnav is a manifested, material presentation of the Plane of Water. It represents a miniscule subsection of the Greater elemental Plane of Water chosen by Triumvirate of Water as their contribution to the mortal's breaching of the astral barrier.

The uppers section of the reef is sprawling with brilliant coral, among which vibrate sea life such as tropical fish, sponges and anemones thrive. Beyond the coast shelf is the vast ocean, where the dangerous predator oddities of the deep lurk.

The Hraquis and Regrua Tribes

Deep within the Reef of Coirnav there is a tribe of fishmen called the Hraquis. The Hraquis are a tribal society ruled over by Ofossaa, a great shaman chieftain. The society is protected by a specially bred race of warrior crustaceans. These creatures, known as the Regrua, are giant crab valued for their brute strength and their ferocious protective nature. They safeguard the Hraquis from danger when they are threatened. The most powerful of the Regrua is Krziik, who has taken the leadership role among the warrior crabs.

The Sash of Irzolis

The mighty crab warrior Irzolis once led the protectors of the Hraquis, the Regrua. There have been tales of powerful artifact that he once used in defending the Hraquis from the encroachment of pillagers during the time of the elemental wars long ago. This artifact is now known as the Sash of Irzolis and it is a belt of extreme power. It is said to grant its wearer legendary combat prowess. Rumors have that when Irzolis first wore the belt during the elemental wars, he slew untold number of his enemies. He was tireless in battle seemingly being everywhere at once during the fighting. Unfortunately even the belt could not save Irzolis.

During one particular nasty round of fighting Irzolis and his crab warriors were outnumbered greatly. Irzolis and his men fought on until only Irzolis was left. He fought on for hours against the innumerable horde of his enemies laying waste to all that came before him. Unfortunately during this he took numerous minor wounds that took their toll upon him. In the end he gave way to a swarm of creatures and thus the sash was lost. There are many faint rumors and legends on the current whereabouts of the sash but at this time they are just that rumors and legends.

The Triloun

Found deeper within the Reef of Coirnav are the Triloun who are servants of the Avatar of Water, Coirnav. They serve their lord by watching over the reef's hatchlings, protecting them from the more aggressive creatures of the sea. Grioihon, an ancient and wise water mephit, is rumored to lead the Triloun.

The Fabled

Coirnav - Avatar of Water

In a timeless past, the Triumvirate of Water had a meeting to discuss the rise and influence of the domain of water. During this meeting, the three greater elemental gods agreed upon the creation of an avatar that would embody the three of them in unity. The creation of a pure, untainted being to represent them equally proved to be an arduous task. A great and demanding ritual was required - one that would be ale to leech a part of each of their essences and combine them into the mind, body and soul of an avatar.

To begin the ritual they used an onzolan crystal, through which they would each poured a small portion of their respective essences. Povar was the first to give his essence, infusing the crystal with the power of vapor - the light, delicate and near intangible state of the pure element. E'ci, the Wintry Guardian, contributed the essence of ice - the absolute solidified state of the pure element. Tarew Marr, the leader of the Triumvirate and Lord of Water and Fathom Lord, was the last contributor, infusing the crystal with the power of water - the most abundant state of the true element. With that part the ritual completed, in unison, they each let loose an awesome display of their divine powers. Through the combined might of these deities, The Avatar of Water, Coirnav was forged.

Coirnav came into being as a small marine creature and was at first very weak. The Triumvirate constructed a special domain of its own to grow in and one day rule. In time, Coirnav developed special powers based on the three forms of water - vapor, ice, and liquid - that was his birthright. More time passed and Coirnav grew to his full form, yet still he laid dormant within his domain, waiting for the time that he would be called upon to fully embody the three.

Ofossaa the Enlightened

Ofossaa is a great shaman chieftain and leader of the Hraquis tribe.

Krziik the Mighty

Krziik is the most powerful of the Regrua and has taken the leadership role among the warrior crabs.

Grioihin the Wise

Grioihon, an ancient and wise water mephit, is rumored to lead the Triloun.


Hydrotha is a large kraken sea monster.


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